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Welcome to the home of the Somerset Moth Group, a website all about the moths of Somerset, UK.

The Somerset Moth Group was formed in 1989 by a band of local enthusiasts and recently made more formal with a constitution and member subscriptions.

Our aims are to record and study the moths of this area and to promote interest in these fascinating creatures.
The group caters for all levels of expertise, from the beginner to the expert.

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Our recording area

Somerset Location UK 1 The map on the left shows our UK location and on the right is detail from this area with Somerset in highlight.  Somerset is divided into two: VC5 (South Somerset) and VC6 (North Somerset).

'Vice Counties' (or VC's) are used in many UK recording schemes.
We try to resolve all records to their VC and this determines if a record is a 'Somerset' one.  See VC5 and 6 for more detail of coverage and how the VC boundaries are defined.

Somerset VC's (small)

Our data

Small Distribution Map See distribution data for all our species:
Macro-moths (the big ones)
Micro-moths (the little ones)
  Download spreadsheet recording form (xls)  

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