Field Trips to search for specific target species during 2016

A small group of SMG members met recently to arrange a number of field trips to search for the various stages of scarce or very local micro-moth species that have been either seldom recorded or not recorded in the VC5/6.

These field trips are open to anyone interested in micro-moths and in particular the searching for larval food-plants and the early stages in the field.

The various sites have been chosen to match the habitat and food-plants for each target species.

All field trips will begin at 12 Noon

Wednesday 30th March at Webbers Post, Exmoor.  Map Ref: SS904 439

Target species include:

Glyphipterix haworthana, Caryocolum tricolorella, Ocnerostoma friesei,

Monday 9th May at Berrow Dunes.  Map Ref. ST294 524

Target species include:

Bucculatrix cristatella, Crombrugghia distans, Caryocolum alsinella,

Monday 20th June at Priddy Mineries.  Map Ref. ST548 514

Target species include:

Epermenia aequidentellus, Carpatolechia alburnella, Acompsia schmidtiellus, Scythris crassiuscula,

Sunday 18th September at Shapwick Heath.  Map Ref.  ST 449 397

Target species include:

Ethmia quadrilella, Thiotricha subocellea,

Members should note that the above dates will be subject to the prevailing weather conditions at the time and any changes to these will be highlighted on the 'Latest sightings' page closer to the proposed date.

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