How to add to Latest Sightings

This topic explains how you can add to the Latest sightings weblog.  The basic concept being introduced by our website here is that anyone can contribute.  Rather than put all the pressure on one individual to collate information and present it, we'd like to encourage everyone to do it yourself!  What's more, you can do everything from your web browser and on any computer.

Identity first

In order to post to the website you must first get a log-on identity.  If you are a Group Member then follow the Register link on the Logon page.  If we don't have your email address or details on file then just contact - see contacts for details..  Let us know that you would like a logon identity for the website.

Logging on

With your identity you can now logon.  Just click the 'Logon' button at the top of the page and enter your User Name and Password.

If you wish to change your password after issue then:

  • Logon
  • Click the 'show my pages' button
  • Click the 'Change Password' link in 'My Preferences'

Ok, I'm logged on, what now

When logged on you will see a toolbar of buttons - these are the basic controls.  The buttons and their functions are explained here:

add new page - adds a new web page to the site

edit this page - edits the current web page

view/cancel - cancels editing or other actions and views the current page

picture upload - use to upload pictures to the website from your computer.  See Picture upload guidelines for more details.

show my pages - lists your details and web pages you have created together with useful links.

and, optionally on the far right:

add blog here - click to add a post to the page that is currently in view.  Note this button is only available when you can add a post to the current page.

Once logged on, you should go to the page you wish to post to.  As you navigate the site you will remain logged on until you choose to log off by clicking the 'Logoff' button at the top.

Use any method you like to get to the 'Latest Sightings' page.  A good idea is to go to that page first, and then logon: so you are ready to post.

Post your sightings

To post to the page just click the 'add blog here' button.

You are presented with an entry box to type in and a 'Submit' button.  Just type in the box and click Submit.

Some tips:

  • To try this out - just type and submit!  Anything is better than nothing: keep it simple to start with
  • If you wish to include pictures in your post it is best to upload these first
  • You can draft your post in something like Word, Edit > Copy this and then right-click and 'Paste' into the edit window.  This allows you to check spelling etc before hand.  Also, if you use the new Firefox web browser this will automatically provide spell-checking in the edit window.
  • For more on how to format posts see Markup Tutorial
  • When done, remember to click 'Logoff'

Oops - made a mistake

It is quite common to submit your post and then spot a mistake, or perhaps you may need to re-format or amend it.

To edit your post simply scroll to the end of that particular entry and click the Edit link.  This will open the post for editing.  Make your changes and then click 'Save changes'.  If you change you mind, after opening up for editing, just click the 'view/cancel' button.

Note: it is tempting to click the 'edit this page' button.  This is for editing the content of conventional web pages.  If you do this on any of the weblog pages you will see this isn't permitted.

That wasn't so bad

If feeling really adventurous you have the capability from your logon toolbar to create new web pages to add to the site.  If you have an idea for a page then why not start one off.

I need help!

If you have any problems or need help please get in touch - see contacts for details.

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