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current posts

Sun 31st August 2014 22:25 by Paul Newman
Chris - I'm quite sure it's a Buff-tip moth caterpillar - usually found en masse, unless all the others have been predated !  Birch is one of their favourite foodplants, but they can be found on a wide range of trees.
Sun 31st August 2014 22:08 by Sue Davies
Hi Jenny- I have been trying out a 20w Wemlite all summer alternating with my MV. Bulb-it is a black- light UVC bulb that just plugs into the mains without any need for complicated choking electrics and fits a domestic screw socket. I have been very impressed with the results and also works well on my battery with a small cheap inverter from Maplins. If you google this you will find plenty of Wemlite suppliers, costs about £10. Wemlite 20W TL20WX-W E27 Blacklight 350 Mini-Lynx. Hope this helps.
Sun 31st August 2014 21:40 by Chris Iles
Hi All - can anyone advise what this caterpillar is?  Found yesterday feeding on birch, very roughly 1" long.  I've looked through a number of appropriate families without coming up with anything, but it is colourful enough that it should be identifiable!

birch larva

Sun 31st August 2014 20:20 by Jenny Vickers
That's great thanks Sue. I've bookmarked a website that sells them. I should hopefully be ordering a Skinner moth trap sometime this week. Like you, I think I will aim to alternate between a 125W MV and a Blacklight bulb.
Sun 31st August 2014 18:27 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
95 moths of 19 species last night; temperature minimum was 14C and there were long, clear spells. FFY were Six-striped Rustic and Common Wainscot. Not long ago I lamented the lack of Large Yellow Underwings. Perhaps I spoke too soon - 45 last night, almost half of the catch! One moth of interest was a pristine Heart and Dart, presumably 2nd generation. Year list to date is 247 species, 39 down on the same time last year (which was a good year).
Sun 31st August 2014 10:05 by Sue Davies
Hi Jenny- I have been trying out a 20w Wemlite all summer alternating with my MV. Bulb-it is a black- light UVC bulb that just plugs into the mains without any need for complicated choking electrics and fits a domestic screw socket. I have been very impressed with the results and also works well on my battery with a small cheap inverter from Maplins. If you google this you will find plenty of Wemlite suppliers, costs about £10. Wemlite 20W TL20WX-W E27 Blacklight 350 Mini-Lynx. Hope this helps.
Sun 31st August 2014 09:31 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 30/8/14
Another quiet night, with only 71 moths, and 19 species, including a very fresh second generation Burnished Brass, and (a first for this site) an Old Lady.  Also a solitary Heart & Dart, which I think is likely to be yet another second generation species, as I haven't seen one for almost a month.
Sat 30th August 2014 19:24 by Jenny Vickers
Frome 28/08/2014
Rob Many thanks for the welcome and info on black lights. I'm gradually narrowing down what equipment I think will be best for me to get.
Sat 30th August 2014 16:14 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 11.3 degrees and very wet.

24 species and one FFY - a September Thorn.

Fri 29th August 2014 14:01 by Paul Bowyer
Mendip moths
3 MV's run near the Charterhouse last night till mid-night:
  • 8 Anomalous
  • 10 Feathered Gothic
  • 20+ Antler
  • 1 Dusky Thorn
  • 1 Small Rufous
  • 2 Hedge Rustic
  • 2 Six-striped Rustic
  • 1 Rosy Rustic
  • 1 Agonopterix kaekeritziana Gen Det
  • 1 Depressaria pulcherrimella Gen Det
  • 1 Cydia ulicetana
  • 2 Fox Moth larvae
  • 3 Broom Moth larvae
  • 1 Galium Carpet
Nothing new came into the traps after the first couple of hours and plenty were seen at rest on grass stalks. We did also see lots of moths feeding on the fruit of a Wayfaring Tree.

Moths on Wayfaring Tree

Fri 29th August 2014 10:36 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 28/8/14
Much better conditions last night, and a lot more moths - 105 altogether, but only 21 species.  30 Small Square-spots, 10 Brimstones, and 16 Large Yellow U/Wings were the most numerous.  Second generation species seem to be quite common this year, Light Emerald, Small Dusty Wave and Straw Dot (2) appearing this time.  The only FFY was a Rusty-dot Pearl (Udea ferrugalis), the first here for 3 years.
Thu 28th August 2014 20:42 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 14.1 d3egrees and wet.

43 species including FFY -a Parsnip Moth, We also had a second brood White Ermine which we only get in occasional years and a Tawny-barred Angle.

Thu 28th August 2014 19:45 by Nigel Cottle
Bishop's Hull 27.8.14
T Min 15.5°C. The best night in the garden for quite some time: 64 moths of 25 species. 1309 Agriphila geniculea was FFY.
Thu 28th August 2014 18:15 by Rob Grimmond
Black Bulbs
Hello Jenny, welcome to the Group,.

I use 15 actinic blacklight or greenlight tubes. I have neighbours on three sides so MV bulbs are inappropriate. I'm not familiar with black bulbs but if they are like my black light then you should still get good results.

Thu 28th August 2014 15:46 by Jenny Vickers
Black bulbs
Hi, I'm new to the group and also new to mothing. I will be hoping to buy my own moth trap shortly (I have a Skinner on loan from someone else for a month).  I live in Frome with neighbours either side. Both sides have said they would be fine with me doing regular moth trapping, but I'd be interested to know if other members use Black bulbs and whether these are effective or not? Any help gratefully received.
Thu 28th August 2014 12:52 by Liz Marsden
Staple Plain, Quantocks, 22.8.14
July’s Staple Plain visit had to be abandoned due to rain and a last minute decision was made to do it last Friday. The weather was not ideal – windy then cold, but 3 MV traps in the woodland and 1 actinic on the heath ( that Robin had to build a ‘cairn’ around to keep from blowing away!) produced 53 macro and 13 micro species (with one more from Mike to be identified). The actinic on the heath had the more unusual moths; Hedge Rustic (2), Heath Rustic (1), Chevron (1) and Anomalous (1) and Antler (8). Among the woodland area moths were; Barred Hook-tip (1), Clay Triple-lines (2), Dark Marbled Carpet (4), Dotted Clay (2), Jersey Tiger (2), Latticed Heath (1), Maiden's Blush (3), Mocha (1), Red Underwing (1), Six-striped Rustic (2).

Hedge Rustic 2177 Anaomalous 2394

Thu 28th August 2014 10:23 by John Bebbington
Langport, VC6, 27 August 2014
A single White-point Mythimna unipuncta in the trap last night (2 x 28w Sylvania blacklight) - first for garden. Also more than 50 Large Yellow Underwing.

2194 White-point
2194 White-point Mythimna unipuncta Langport (VC6) 27 August 2014
©John Bebbington FRPS 2014

Wed 27th August 2014 22:03 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 12.3 degrees

32 species with FFY - Feathered Gothic (2).

Wed 27th August 2014 19:30 by Nigel Cottle
Bishop's Hull 26.8.14
This Hummingbird Hawkmoth nectaring on the buddleia yesterday morning was FFG.

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Wed 27th August 2014 18:12 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
As soon as the rain stopped last night the trap went out! Results were not too bad, with 142 moths of 36 species. FFY was Copper Underwing. Large Yellow Underwings are now in the ascendancy, with 34 trapped! I also recorded the second highest number of Flame Shoulders here - 23. Like Paul, I had a reasonable number of Small Square-spots - this time 9, my highest count.
Wed 27th August 2014 14:46 by Nigel Cottle
Netherclay LNR 26.8.14
I haven't posted anything for a while simply because the contents of recent garden traps have been pretty abysmal. Ran the 125w MV Skinner at Netherclay until 01:30h this morning. 215 moths of 41 species. Large Yellow Underwing (41), Lesser B-b YU (30) & Brimstone (26) were the most numerous. First For Site (FFS) were Pebble Prominent, Gold Spot, Rush Veneer and 1465 Nephopterix angustella; the latter probably not too much of a surprise given the amount of the LHP (Spindle) which has been planted on site.
Wed 27th August 2014 10:41 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 26/8/14
A cool night and breezy, so only 48 moths, 13 species, and nothing of note, bar 20 of the total being Small Square-spots, (which seem to be having a very good second generation this year), and a very obscurely marked Eudonia pallida. Yesterday found a very fresh Angle Shades on a bramble bush, presumably again a second generation individual.
Tue 26th August 2014 16:23 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 14.3 degrees

At last after several nights of single figure temperatures it got warmer, though still wet.  FFY Common Wainscot ( I think we missed the first brood !) Also numbers increased e.g.. LYU 55, MOP 37, Setaceous HC 35, Small Square spot 29, Brimstone 28. We also had Mottled Beauty and Flame, both of which Mapmate says are late

Tue 26th August 2014 12:28 by Chris Iles
Thanks folks!
Tue 26th August 2014 07:27 by John Bebbington
Mysterious caterpillar
This is (as Chris says) an Alder Sawfly larva - Eriocampa ovata. It is supposed to use bird-dropping camouflage, but its waxy covering also protects it.
Sun 24th August 2014 15:45 by Nigel Cottle
Mysterious caterpillar at Westhay Moor
Chris, I think it's an Alder Sawfly larva.
Sun 24th August 2014 11:59 by Chris Iles
Mysterious caterpillar at Westhay Moor
Hi All,

I took this photo of the caterpillar on the underside of an Alder leaf last weekend at Westhay Moor.  I feel I should know what it is, but cannot place it.  Can anyone put a name to it please?

(the presence of the leaf mine is just a coincidence)

White larva at Westhay

Sun 24th August 2014 09:20 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 23/8/14
Another chilly night, so still low numbers.  32 moths of only 9 species - the only one of interest was a ?second generation Poplar Hawk
Sat 23rd August 2014 14:10 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 7.3 degrees

24 species including FFY - Red Underwing and a Hedge Rustic and on Thursday night we had an August Thorn and a Square-spot Rustic.

Fri 22nd August 2014 19:04 by Paul Newman
That's a curious thing, Rob - I've been recording Blood-veins regularly since the beginning of June, with 4 or 5 individuals in a night quite commonly, but still only getting 1 or 2 Large Yellow Underwings at a time.  Surprising how different things are, only 20-odd miles or so apart !!
Fri 22nd August 2014 16:50 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
A similar experience to Paul here - 38 moths of 15 species. Only FFY was Blood-vein. It's the first time this year that Large Yellow Underwing has been the most numerous species!
Thu 21st August 2014 10:03 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 20/8/14
The forecast was for a very cold night for the time of year, so I put out the traps more in hope than expectaton. The expectation proved to be spot on !!  Only 16 moths in 2 traps, of 10 species, and nothing new.  Lesson learned.
Tue 19th August 2014 10:52 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 18/8/14
A fairly chilly night, and moderate numbers - 64 moths of 20 species, including FFY Ypsolopha sequella (second record here, previously 2011), Pearly Underwing (first since 2010), Dusky Thorn, and Six-striped Rustic (also first since 2010). Also of interest, what is most probably a second generation Clouded Border, (about 3 weeks later than any of my previous records).

Additional evening round-up produced another 10 moths, and one more species. (21.40 hrs)

Mon 18th August 2014 15:04 by Liz Marsden
Hats Wood, Dunster, Friday night
The cooler weather had a big impact on both numbers and species (230 moths of 38 macro species and 9 micro species). However I did get to see some (new for me!) moths I'd be unlikely to get in my garden; Twin-spot Carpet(6), Dotted Carpet(7), Endotricha flammealis(3), and Dark Marbled Carpet(4) for instance. The most common were Balck Arches(33), Small Phoenix(28) and Satin Beauty(20) - it was a coniferous wood with ribbons of broadleaf alongside the track. Other highlights were; White-spotted Pug, Wormwood Pug, Devon Carpet, and Plain Wave. We had 3 125w MV lights out.

Twin-spot Carpet Twin-spot Carpet

Dotted Carpet Dotted Carpet

Endotricha flammealis 1424 Endotricha flammealis

Mon 18th August 2014 11:33 by Sue Davies
Butleigh garden
Top of the count 50+ Small Square-spot, 20+ Flame Shoulder. One FFY, a Flame Carpet. Some re-appearances, Swallow Prominent, Angle Shades, 4 Vine's Rustic and 2 Rusty-dot Pearl, but down to 20 species.
Sun 17th August 2014 16:20 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 13.2 degrees

35 species including FFY - a Six-striped Rustic. Several second broods are appearing including Vines Rustic and Flame.  We also had a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly in the trap.

Sat 16th August 2014 17:51 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
I ran the trap last night for the first time in nearly two weeks. It was better than I thought, with 84 moths of 29 species. FFY were Dusky Thorn, Square-spot Rustic and Gold Spot (only my second record here).

Early this morning I went to the moth breakfast at the Axe Marshes Wetland Centre near Seaton. I know it's out of the county but it's probably the nearest wetland for those of us in the deep south of the County! East Devon Council are to be commended for events of this type. The catch was only 80+ but had a good selection of species, including my first The Crescent.

Sat 16th August 2014 13:51 by Sue Davies
Worley Hill
Left my portable Actinic out last night at the foot of the downland section. Only 21 species including 2 Chalk Carpets, 5 Treble bar, a first second generation Snout. Some interesting micros, Oncocera semirubella and 2 Depressaria douglasella ( DA.)which only seems to have 2 post-'90 records from N. of the county. Also a Rufous Grasshopper in there.

0677 Depressaria douglasella SD14

Fri 15th August 2014 11:34 by Liz Marsden
Events - Fri. Aug. 15th - Change of meeting place
The meeting place for tonights event (Withycombe Scruffets) has been changed to The Butchers Arms, Carhampton, on the A39 and the actual place where we will put the traps is Hats Wood. The meeting time is still 7.15pm.
Wed 13th August 2014 19:59 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 12/8/14
Some unforecast rain fell on my traps, and so the numbers are still depressed.  60 moths of 18 species, and only one FFY - an Agriphela straminella.
Tue 12th August 2014 12:16 by Sue Davies
Butleigh Garden
Distinctly autumnal last night and down to 21 species, Small Square-spot topping the numbers at 25, 14 Small BBYUW and 12 Flame Shoulder, 2 currant pugs, FFYs Flounced Rustic, Agriphila geniculata and Oegoconia quadripuncta.

1832 Currant Pug SD14

1309 Agriphila geniculea SD14

Mon 11th August 2014 09:38 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 10/8/14
We didn't get much in the way of after-effects of "Hurricane" Bertha, but the fresher breezy conditions left in its wake (and a bright "super-moon") I think were largely responsible for a very much reduced catch last night.  Only 56 moths of 17 species, and the only FFY were 2 Rosy Rustics. Second generation Shuttle-shaped Darts now turning up as well.
Sun 10th August 2014 21:26 by Chris Iles
Ear Moth in east Mendip
I came across this Ear Moth (agg.) nectaring on ragwort near Gurney Slade yesterday - I've only come across these on Exmoor previously though I see it is somewhat more widely distributed across the county than that.  Nice to find whilst out and about anyway.

Ear Moth sp.

Sun 10th August 2014 21:24 by Chris Iles
Garden visitor
I have been planting lots of bladder campion in the garden in the hope of attracting Netted Pug, but in the meantime it is nice to see that the plants are being put to good use:

Small Copper on bladder campion

Sun 10th August 2014 18:45 by Sue Davies
Butleigh garden
In spite of the forecast I left my trap out and was glad I did- picked up my first ever Bordered Beauty. 1907 Bordered Beauty SD14

The sun came out for Hatch Hill Field trip this morning, 4 Clouded Yellows, a Silver Y, Small White Wave and Shaded Broad-bar.

Sat 9th August 2014 16:36 by Liz Marsden
Event for Hatch Hill (tonight) cancelled
Due to the probability of rain it was decided to cancel tonights event.
Sat 9th August 2014 16:18 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 11.2 degrees

35 species including FFY - Phoenix and a European Corn-borer also a second brood Flame Carpet.

Sat 9th August 2014 14:04 by Sue Davies
Butleigh wood
A very disappointing night- 3 very full large Hornets in the trap this morning and very little else, just a collection of Small Broad-bordered YUW wings in the bottom. I suppose its one way to check for Langmaid's..there weren't any! The only thing of interest was a first Cydia splendana.
Sat 9th August 2014 10:51 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 8/8/14
Back to more prosaic stuff.  Last night's cooler weather meant that the trapping produced 126 moths of 41 species, with a few more to come.  FFY were Bee Moth, Sallow Kitten (first here for 5 years), & Yellow Shell, and FFG Pyrausta despicata.  There were also 2 second-generation Iron Prominents - normally this moth only appears as occasional singletons here.  Common Rustic (agg) are out in large numbers, 36 this time, and Dingy Footmen seem almost to have finished, as there were only 3.
Fri 8th August 2014 22:14 by Sue Davies
Long Tailed Blue
I thought the same and couldn't match it anywhere, books or on web- but apparently the extra roundel is an artefact, a blob! The image on Butterfly Conservation in Somerset Facebook site shows it very obviously.
Fri 8th August 2014 21:32 by Ian Mathieson
Long Tailed Blue
Liz, I am no expert but I am not certain that is a European Long tailed Blue.  I've never seen one with such a distinctive white stripe or the roundel at the top of the stripe. None of my reference books show the roundel. Its just a thought but it might be even more exciting than it already is
Fri 8th August 2014 21:10 by Sue Davies
Hairy beasty dialogue
Paul - I think that has red eyes and legs, although I agree more likely. However it does seem to fit the bill for Water Ermine, in spite of never having trapped the moth!
Fri 8th August 2014 18:27 by Nigel Cottle
Bishop's Hull 7.8.14
32 moths of 22 spp. Pinion-streaked Snout was FFY.
Fri 8th August 2014 18:25 by Nigel Cottle
Netherclay LNR 6.8.14
Ran the trap down at Netherclay until 02:00h Thursday morning. c250 moths of 55 species (gave up trying to count Water Veneer and the various Grass-veneer spp). Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (34), Common Carpet (25) & Common Rustic agg. (21) were the most numerous. I thought that the 'best' moth was an example of 228 Monopis weaverella.
Fri 8th August 2014 17:37 by Paul Newman
Sue - might I suggest that your hairy beastie is more likely to be a Cream-spot Tiger than a Water Ermine ?  The odds are more in favour, given the distribution of the latter.
Fri 8th August 2014 11:23 by Sue Davies
This was crawling along the patio in our garden yesterday, to my surprise ?2062 Water Ermine larva, it has a light brown head and pro-legs, not black like that of White Ermine....any other ideas?
Thu 7th August 2014 21:48 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 6/8/14 addendum
A further 20 moths and 3 additional species in the round-up of strays from this morning - totals now 118 moths, 39 species.  No more FFY
Thu 7th August 2014 18:31 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 12.3 degrees

36 species including FFY - Satin Beauty and Bulrush Wainscot f.fraterna.

Thu 7th August 2014 17:36 by Liz Marsden
Probable import rather than immigrant!
Helping my brother load his Green grocery van this morning I spotted this tucked in the corner of a box of plums that has just come out of the fridge. The plums were grown and packed very locally on a fruit farm and it seems more likely it came from some ? N.African sugar snap peas and somehow survived - eventually falling through the latticed storage trays into the plum box. Initially I thought it was a moth - its wings were floppy and folded, but fortunately they hardened properly and quite quickly as it flew off within 15 minutes!

Long-tailed Blue

Thu 7th August 2014 16:41 by Liz Marsden
August Events List
Aug 9th Hatch Hill (Poldens) meet at; Car-Park opposite YHA Ivythorn, W. of Marshall’s Elm (short drive) at 19.45hrs (ST481 346)

Aug 15th Withycombe Scuffits (Exmoor) Meet at Southern-most of 2 car parks along Nutcombe Bottom SS973 420 at 19.15hrs

Aug 29th Swell Wood (RSPB West Sedgemoor) Meet at Car Park in Wood (off A378) ST360 237 at 19.15hrs

Sept 5th StoneBarrow Hill (Dorset) Jurassic Coast meet at Second Car Park from Stonebarrow Lane, East end of Charmouth. SY309 393 at (19.15hrs)

Thu 7th August 2014 11:32 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 6/8/14
Perhaps I should have trapped on Tuesday night, but the forecast warned me off - Sue's catch shows that you can never take the weather forecast for granted when it comes to moths.  Last night's catch was only moderate, 98 moths of 36 species so far, although there was a mass exodus when I opened up the MV trap a bit later than usual, so more to be added this evening. FFY were Square-spot Rustic (10), Cabbage Moth, Cydia pomonella, and Straw Underwing.
Thu 7th August 2014 10:02 by Sue Davies
Butleigh Garden Tuesday night
A very wet warm night brought out some migrants and FFYs - Orange Swift, Gold Spot, Yellow Shell, Square-spot Rustic, another crop of Small Square-spot, Turnip, August Thorn, Acleris comariana/laterana, Garden Pebble, a FFG -1465 Nephopterix angustella, and migrants, Jersey Tiger, Diamond-back, 3 Rusty-dot Pearl and a Cydia amplana.

1465 Nephopterix angustella SD14 0464 Diamond-back Moth Plutella xylostella SD14 1262 Cydia amplana SD14

Wed 6th August 2014 18:57 by Liz Marsden
Robin Clatworthy's July list of species
The list of species trapped by Robin in hios garden in July 14, from 17 sessions - 150 macro sp. and 10 micro sp:

Garden Carpet, Clouded Border, Riband Wave, Swallow-tailed Moth, Peppered Moth, Early Thorn, Barred Straw, Elephant Hawk-moth, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Eyed Hawk-moth, Poplar Hawk-moth, Cinnabar, Muslin Footman, Common Footman, Dingy Footman, Rosy Footman, Buff Footman, Buff Ermine, Buff Arches, Buff-tip, Dark Arches, Light Arches, Heart and Dart, Heart and Club, Cabbage Moth, Flame, Flame Shoulder, Bright-line Brown-eye, Coronet, Poplar Grey, Large Yellow Underwing, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Least Yellow Underwing, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Db' Sq Spot, Uncertain, Mottled Rustic, Rustic, Spectacle, Burnished Brass, Common Emerald, Lychnis, Common Rustic, Rufous Minor, Marbled Minor agg., Green Pug, Bordered Pug, Slender Pug, Wormwood Pug, Haworth's Pug, Lime-speck Pug, Blue-bordered Carpet, Single-dotted Wave, Small Fan-footed Wave, Small Blood-vein, Drinker, Lappet, Swallow Prominent, Short-cloaked Moth, Marbled Minor, Tawny Marbled Minor, Marbled Green, Marbled Beauty, Beautiful Hook-tip, Fan-foot, Straw Dot, Dingy Shell, Large Emerald, Clouded Silver, Brussels Lace, Common Marbled Carpet, Blood-vein, Scarlet Tiger, Sycamore, Scarce Silver-lines, Herald, Double-striped Pug, Phoenix, Small Yellow Wave, Light Emerald, Sandy Carpet, Pale Mottled Willow, Dingy Shears, Small Dotted Buff, Miller, Mottled Beauty, Clay, Smoky Wainscot, Small Emerald, Leopard Moth, Lilac Beauty, Spruce Carpet, Peach Blossom, Garden Tiger, Ruby Tiger, Rosy Minor, Shark, Dark Dagger, True Lover's Knot, Dark Umber, Jersey Tiger, Pale Prominent, Magpie Moth, Chinese Character, Small Rufous, Plain Golden Y, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Dog's Tooth, Silver Y, Dun-bar, Small Rivulet, Rivulet, Scalloped Oak, Common White Wave, Shaded Broad-bar, Yellow-tail, Sallow Kitten, Snout, Plain Wave, Iron Prominent, Coxcomb Prominent, Lesser Common Rustic, Ear Moth, Small Waved Umber, July Highflyer, Brimstone Moth, Mocha, Small Blood-vein, Cloaked Minor, Campion, V-Pug, Maple Pug, Small Dusty Wave, Dingy Shell, Oak Hook-tip, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Purple Thorn, Black Arches, Dusky Thorn, Maiden's Blush, Purple Bar, Cream Wave, Sharp-angled Peacock, Six-striped Rustic,

Calamatropha paludella, Phycitodes binoeella, Eoropean Cornborer, Rusty Dot Pearl, Rush Veneer, Lozotaeniodes formosana, Donacaula forficella, Ebulea crocealis, Mother of Pearl, Small Magpie.

Wed 6th August 2014 18:29 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 15.8 degrees

60 species. No FFY but a noteworthy 92 Mother of Pearl. Also the arrival of a fresh Red Admiral means that we have now seen all the autumn butterflies including Silver Washed Fritillaries which usually appear when the bramble flowers die off in the woods.

Wed 6th August 2014 13:36 by Liz Marsden
The 'Bug Hunt' at Fyne Court
On 29/7/14 as part of the National Trust ‘Bug Hunt’ event at Fyne Court, Broomfield, Robin Clatworthy put two 125w MV Robinson-type traps out with the following results;

Willow Beauty – 9, Mottled Beauty – 1, Engrailed – 7, Brussels Lace – 4, Peppered Moth – 2, Scalloped Oak – 1, Early Thorn – 7, August Thorn – 1, Swallow-tailed Moth – 1, Cloaked Carpet – 1, Common Carpet – 4, Red Twin-spot Carpet – 22, Brimstone Moth – 2, Barred Straw – 1, Small Phoenix – 30, Rivulet (Small) – 4, Riband Wave – 4, July Highflyer – 12, Small Fan-footed Wave – 1, Single Dotted Wave – 1, Shaded Broad-bar – 1, V Pug – 2, White Spotted Pug – 1, Buff Arches – 1, Pebble Hook-tip – 3, Elephant Hawk Moth – 2, Common Footman – 91, Dingy Footman – 19, Muslim Footman – 1, Rosy Footman – 18, Buff Footman – 4, Scarce Footman – 1, Ruby Tiger – 3, Buff Ermine – 4, Jersey Tiger – 1, Black Arches – 1, Buff-tip – 1, Drinker – 3, Iron Prominent – 1, Pebble Prominent – 2, Lesser Swallow Prominent – 3, Pale Prominent – 1, Coxcomb Prominent – 3, Flame Shoulder – 36, Heart & Dart – 2, Dark Arches – 4, Common Rustic – 68, Large Yellow Underwing – 5, Lesser Yellow Underwing – 4, Least Yellow Underwing – 1, Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing – 30, Slender Brindle – 11, Double Square Spot – 3, Dot Moth – 1, Antler Moth – 1, Bright-line Brown-eye – 4, Coronet – 2, Grey Dagger Agg. – 5, Dunbar – 10, Uncertain – 38, Rustic – 21, Nut-tree Tussock – 6, Knot-grass – 1, Spectacle – 1, Burnished Brass – 1, Silver Y – 1, Straw Dot – 3, Smokey Wainscot – 4, Fanfoot – 4, Snout – 4, Ear Moth – 2, Magpie Moth – 1,

1376-Small Magpie – 3, 1405-Mother of Pearl – 20, 1345-Brown China-mark – 1, 1350-Beautiful China-mark – 1, 1392-Udea olivalis – 1, 1361-Pyrausta aurata – 3.

A total of 578 Macro moths of 72 species and 29 Micro moths 6 species.

Mon 4th August 2014 18:30 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St Nicholas Noctuid
Thanks, Paul and Nigel. I hadn't intended to open the debate again but thought this one was a bit diifferent to the two I'd trapped before! Looking at photos on the web, there does seem to be a reasonable amount of variability in Dog's Tooth. It's been a good lesson!
Mon 4th August 2014 17:41 by Nigel Cottle
Re: Combe St Nicholas Noctuid
Hello Rob, If we are going to have the Pale-shouldered Brocade / Dog's Tooth debate again I'm going to agreee with Paul and say Dog's Tooth (again!!!!). Cheers, Nigel.
Mon 4th August 2014 17:28 by Paul Newman
Rob - looks like a Dog's Tooth to me.  I hope I'm right !!
Mon 4th August 2014 17:12 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St Nicholas Noctuid
I trapped this Noctuid a few days ago. Does anyone have any thoughts on it's identity, please?

Brownish Noctuid CSN

Mon 4th August 2014 17:06 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
A quiet night last night (cooler and clear), with just 64 moths of just 31 species. FFY were Oak Eggar (female), Yellow Shell and The Lychnis. Only Common Rustic made double figures. There's also a few micros to sort out.
Mon 4th August 2014 14:55 by Paul Newman
East Lydford
A UFO trapped on 31/7/14 has been determined by David Agassiz, to whom my thanks, as Cochylis atricapitana, a new species for this location.  The other one sent to David was a "probable" Spindle Ermiine, which is very likely, as I've had them here a few times. Not easy, these Ermines !!
Sun 3rd August 2014 18:29 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St Nicholas, South Somerset
A belated report for trapping sessions on Tuesday and Thursday! Results were 146 moths of 51 species and 100 moths of 40 species respectively. FFG was Small Rufous and FFY were Pyrausta aurata, Purple Bar, Dark Brocade and Small Wainsot.
Sun 3rd August 2014 15:45 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 10.4 degrees

The colder night produced only 23 species including FFY - a Canary-shouldered Thorn and only the second Scalloped Shell we have had here.

Fri 1st August 2014 21:41 by Liz Marsden
Chaffcombe event cancelled
Just heard from Mike Ridge (via Robin Clatworthy) that unfortunately the event for Chaffcombe this Saturday 2nd August has been cancelled.
Fri 1st August 2014 20:06 by Paul Newman
East Lydford
A solitary Jersey Tiger escaping the rain by perching on the outside of a window this afternoon.
Fri 1st August 2014 18:57 by Paul Bowyer
3 Traps run at Burrington last night recording 115 species including:
  • 1 Triple-spotted Pug
  • 4 Chalk Carpet
  • 1 Galium Carpet
  • 1 Annulet
  • 1 Tissue
  • 20 Antler
  • 15 Rosy Minor
  • 10 Pempelia dilutella
  • 1 Small White Wave
  • 1 Teleiodes sequax
  • 1 Monochroa cytisella
  • 1 Stenoptilia pterodactyla
  • 4 Dotted Clay
  • 1 Dark Umber

Chalk Carpet

Chalk Carpet

Fri 1st August 2014 14:51 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 31/7/14
I've had a couple of weeks off trapping, as it has been so warm at night there would be hundreds of moths to sort out, and it gets too much !!  Last night, a bit cooler, produced 161 moths of 48 species, not excessive, but there were several FFY - Dog's Tooth, Spindle Ermine (first adults - we did get a few larval webs in May), Lesser Broad-bordered Y.U.(6), Canary-shouldered Thorn and Orange Swift, plus FFG Acleris comariana (Strawberry Tortrix) and Narrow-winged Pug.  There will also be a few escapees to add to the totals this evening, and a couple of micros to be identified in due course, sent to David Agassiz.

P.S. (Friday evening) 17 more moths rounded up, but no additional species.


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