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current posts

Tue 29th March 2016 23:24 by Chris Iles
Thanks folks.
Tue 29th March 2016 19:00 by Paul Wilkins
A few moths for ID
Hi Chris, I would agree with Nigel and say that your geometridae is an Engrailed, Pug 1 is an Oak Tree Pug and the other three are Brindled Pugs.  If you have held on to the Geo then I would be happy to look at it more closely for you.


Sun 27th March 2016 09:24 by Nigel Cottle
Re: A few moths for ID
  • Chris,
  • I'd say that the geometrid is a worn Engrailed and, based on size and wing-shape, I think #2 is a Brindled. To my eyes the wing-shape of #1 is more rounded which would indicate Oak-tree - I could well be wrong of course :-)
  • Cheers,
  • Nigel.
Sat 26th March 2016 20:47 by Chris Iles
A few moths for ID
Can anyone help ID these moths, trapped last night?

This is a large geometrid - noticeably larger than the Dotted Borders in the trap but slightly smaller than an Engrailed.  It looks like it has been on the wing for a while and I cannot think of any likely candidates.

Large Geometer 25032016

I'm having doubts about my identifications of Oak-tree Pug - I had lots of Brindled Pug and these two that I thought at the time were Oak-tree but am now not so sure.

(Moth 1)

Oak-feeding pug 1 25032016

(Moth 2)

Oak-feeding pug 2(1) 25032016 Oak-feeding pug 2(2) 25032016 Oak-feeding pug 2(3) 25032016

Sat 26th March 2016 17:24 by Jenny Vickers
Frome 25/03/2016
Nothing exciting going on in Frome last night.

The heath actinic on in my garden produced 2 x Common Quakers and a LBAM.

The skinner MV on in my Mum's garden produced 6 moths as follows: 4x Hebrew Character, 1x Common Quaker and 1x Clouded Drab.

Sat 26th March 2016 15:18 by John Bebbington
Langport 25th March 2016
Winter Garden Moth scheme last night. T min 5˚C, clear sky then rain later.

Small Eggar 2
Early Thorn 1
Clouded Drab 2
Hebrew Character 2
Common Quaker 2
Twin-spotted Quaker 1
Sat 26th March 2016 15:14 by John Bebbington
Late posting for Tues 15th March
Roger Edmondson & Martin Evans trapped at Wych Lodge Woods (by the fishing lake) ST248195 15-03-16

Overcast and still (sheltered) 8C

2 20W compact fluorescent traps and 1 125w MV trap.

49.083 Acleris ferrugana/49.084 Acleris notana 1
70.066 Shoulder Stripe Earophila badiata 5
70.067 Streamer Anticlea derivata 2
70.141 Double-striped Pug Gymnoscelis rufifasciata 1
70.142 V-Pug Chloroclystis v-ata 1
70.156 Brindled Pug Eupithecia abbreviata 20
70.202 Early Tooth-striped Trichopteryx carpinata 1
70.237 Early Thorn Selenia dentaria 8
70.245 March Moth Alsophila aescularia 10
73.069 Early Grey Xylocampa areola 2
73.194 Chestnut Conistra vaccinii 2
73.242 Clouded Drab Orthosia incerta 4
73.244 Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi 60
73.245 Small Quaker Orthosia cruda 6
73.249 Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica 8
73.250 Twin-spotted Quaker Anorthoa munda 3

Lights off 10.00pm overcast/slight breeze 7.5C

Sat 26th March 2016 10:42 by Nigel Cottle
Netherclay LNR 25/3/16
My first trapping session of the year down the road at Netherclay. I ran two traps (125w MV Skinner and 15w actinic Heath) from 18:30 until midnight.
  • 94 moths of 14 species:
  • Common Quaker (33)
  • Clouded Drab (20)
  • March Moth (13)
  • Hebrew Character (8)
  • Oak Beauty (5)
  • Early Thorn (3)
  • Twin-spotted Quaker, Dotted Border, Small Quaker and Chestnut (2)
  • Shoulder Stripe, Early Grey, Agonopterix alstromeriana and Diurnea fagella (1).
Sat 26th March 2016 09:35 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Bumper Catch Chris- and I thought I had had a good night with just 25 moths of 8 spp -best this year! 10 Com.Q, 1 Small Q. 7 Heb.Ch. 2 Clouded Drab, 2 Oak Beauty, 1 March, 1 Early Thorn, 1 Diurnea fagella.
Sat 26th March 2016 09:16 by Chris Iles
Harridge Wood (SWT) 25/03/2016
A good night; two actinics run, of which the one placed under a sallow in blossom returned by far the larger catch.  Sorting out the large number of pugs took a fair while...

Common Quaker (35)
Brindled Pug (34)
Hebrew Character (26)
March Moth (24)
Clouded Drab (12)
Small Quaker (7)
Dotted Border (5)
Twin-spot Quaker (3)
Oak-tree Pug (1)
Early Tooth-striped (1, f. fasciata)
Red Sword-grass (1, new 10km record)
Tawny Pinion (1, new 10km record)
Chestnut (1)
Engrailed (1)

Dotted Border 25032016 Red Sword-grass 25032016 Brindled Pug 26032016 Tawny Pinion 25032016

Sat 26th March 2016 08:27 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton. Min T 8.8°C
Much milder last night and 42 moths of 10 species turned up in my North (Quantocks) facing actinic trap. Firsts for 2016: Early Grey, Brindled Pug (2), and a Tawny Pinion this time. I'm still holding out hope of a Satellite, a moth I have never seen.
Fri 25th March 2016 18:28 by Tim Howard
Kestres Rise, Little Quantock . 24/03/2016
Despite the drizzle for at least the first half of the night,the actinic caught 12 moths of 7 species,including FFG Yellow Horned and FFY Small Quaker.
Fri 25th March 2016 14:27 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe -Min Temp 4,8 degrees

Nine moth species, none new but today is our first "butterfly day" with Small Tortoiseshells, a Red Admiral and a Cabbage White.

Thu 24th March 2016 06:22 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton. Min T 6.2°C
13 moths of 6 species last night, including my first (and earliest) Pale Pinion of the year.
Wed 23rd March 2016 08:49 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 22/3/16
The forecast said "min.3C", so I thought it might be worth a go.  In the event, there was a sharp frost, and only one (fool)hardy Hebrew Character ventured out and took the slightly warmer option of going into the mv trap. Poor lonely soul.

I did however find a White-shouldered House-moth in the living room during the evening, which makes a change from the rainwater butts !!

Tue 22nd March 2016 19:02 by Jenny Vickers
Frome 21/03/2016
A slight improvement last night with 6 moths. All singles of Common Quaker, Clouded Drab, Dotted Border, Double-striped Pug, LBAM and Diurnea fagella.
Tue 22nd March 2016 14:18 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton. Min T 3°C
Two large Caddis Flies and seven moths of four species last night including my first Oak Beauty and Hebrew Character (2) of the year.
Tue 22nd March 2016 12:35 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 3.5 degrees

Nine species including FFY Pale Pinion and Small Quaker (4).

Tue 22nd March 2016 09:28 by Nigel Cottle
Bishop's Hull 21/3/16
T Min 2.8°C. Four Common Quaker, single Hebrew Character and Small Quaker; the latter FFY.
Mon 21st March 2016 09:47 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 20/3/16
Yet another Nil Return - gets tedious, dunnit ?
Sun 20th March 2016 20:19 by Paul Wilkins
Newbridge, Bath
Found this case of Coleophera argentula on an old Achillea flower at Newbridge in Bath this afternoon.

0563 Coleophora argentula PW16

Sun 20th March 2016 09:41 by Nigel Cottle
Bishop's Hull 19/3/16
T Min 5.9°C. Seven Common Quaker, single Clouded Drab and Hebrew Character.
Fri 18th March 2016 20:55 by Paul Wilkins
Beautiful Plume (Amblyptilia acanthadactyla)
Not a single moth in the trap again but disturbed this Beautiful Plume in the garden.1497 Amblyptilia acanthadactyla PW16
Fri 18th March 2016 14:14 by Paul Wilkins
Apologies to Nigel and Steve. Re: Field Trips
Hi Nigel, please accept my apologies and thanks for letting me know.  Somehow I had a feeling I had got it wrong but I wasn't sure. Unfortunately I can't come along myself on the 30th but hope to see you at Berrow Dunes in May.  Paul.
Fri 18th March 2016 12:25 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Not a lot of action here, 5 Hebrew Characters, 4 Common Quaker, 2 Clouded Drab and 1 Small Quaker last night. Angle Shades larva found in long grass in the garden.2306 Angle Shades larva SD16
Thu 17th March 2016 15:48 by Nigel Cottle
Re: Proposed Field Trips
Hello Paul,

Steve Chapple wasn't at the meeting but I was :-)

See you on 30th.


Wed 16th March 2016 19:58 by Paul Wilkins
Proposed Field Trips for 2016
Following a recent meeting with David Agassiz, Ray Barnett, Steve Chapple, Jenny Vickers, Nigel Milbourne and myself a number of field trips have been arranged to search for both early stages and adult micro-moths (where applicable) of a number of both scarce or local species in particular habitats.

These field trips are open to anyone who is interested in micro-moths and in particular to searching for their food-plants and the early stages of specific target species.  This is an excellent opportunity to pick-up some useful tips and gain valuable experience in searching for micro-moth species in the field.

The first field trip is proposed for Wednesday 30th March at 12.00 Noon at Webbers Post, Exmoor (SS904 439) with the "target species' being Glyphipterix haworthana, Caryocolum tricolorella and Ocnerostoma friesei.

Any changes to the above date due to poor weather conditions will be posted here on the 'Latest Sightings' page.

I have created a new page under the A-Z Page Index with details of all the proposed field trips along with venues and target species.

We very much look forward to seeing you.


Wed 16th March 2016 15:43 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
The weather looked reasonable for last night so I had my first trapping session of the year. It produced 16 moths of 7 species - 1 March Moth, 1 Early Moth, 1 Dotted Border, 1 Early Grey, 7 Common Quaker, 1 Clouded Drab and 4 Hebrew Character.
Wed 16th March 2016 09:23 by Jenny Vickers
Frome 15/03/2016
A change in wind direction requested please! Though having just looked at the forecast for next week, that isn't looking likely with a continuation of northerly or north easterlies.

Just two moths last night 1x Hebrew Character and 1x Clouded Drab.

Wed 16th March 2016 08:03 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton. Min T 8°C
I have long suspected that placing a trap on the north side of my garden, with a fairly clean sweep up to the Quantock Hills, would be more productive. The south side faces the Blackdowns with adjacent lairage fields and is more private for MV trapping. Recently I bought a new Skinner trap to house my existing Actinic electrics so that I can run both the MV and Actinic simultaneously. Last night was the first outing and although not very productive the north facing Actinic had 7 moths of 5 species (2x Small Quaker, 2x Common Quaker, Early Thorn, Clouded Drab, LBAM) and the south facing MV had only 4 moths of 3 species (2x Common Quaker, Clouded Drab, Agonopterix alstromeriana). Earlier yesterday I disturbed a Ypsolopha mucronella while working in the garden.
Sun 13th March 2016 19:02 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise Little Quantock 12/03/2016
Some cloud cover kept the temperature up until midnight,although it had dipped to 4.3C by dawn.Two traps (15w actinic and a 165 mbt) caught 33 moths of 13 species including FFY : Mottled Grey(1),Double-striped Pug(1),Brindled Pug(3),Oak Beauty(4),Dotted Chestnut(1),which is also FFG, Clouded Drab(2),Hebrew Character(1)and a Shoulder Stripe that hid in the trap until I was preparing to release them this evening!  All in all worth the electricity.
Sun 13th March 2016 18:04 by Jenny Vickers
Frome 12.03.2016
An improvement last night trapping at the Mill house garden which is situated next to a small wetland reserve. A total of six moths 2x Hebrew Character, 1x Clouded Drab, 1x Common Quaker, 1x March moth (dead) and my first micro of the season 1x Agonopterix heracliana agg.
Sun 13th March 2016 17:39 by Chris Iles
Still yet to try any mothing, but the first butterflies of 2016 - a couple of Brimstones along the old railway line at Kilmersdon today.  Also nice to see several male Yellowhammers, which took exception to each other's presence and indulged in some very loud and vigorous squabbling.

Up here on the Mendip ridge there is not a lot of blossom yet and it is hard to get an idea of how the season is progressing elsewhere.  Are the sallows and blackthorns in flower elsewhere in the county yet?

Sun 13th March 2016 10:22 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 3.8 degrees

The slightly warmer night produced five FFY - Twin spotted Quaker, Shoulder Stripe, Brindled Pug and Double-striped Pug. Also on the grass by the trap an Early Thorn.

Sun 13th March 2016 09:20 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 12/3/16
Well, it's onwards and upwards here (but only just) from 5 moths two nights ago to 6 moths last night !!  This time 2 each Hebrew Characters and Common Quakers, 1 each Small Quaker and FFY Early Grey.  Progress of sorts.
Sun 13th March 2016 08:40 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 12th March
Finally something to count. Unlike Jenny who feels she is going backwards, until last night I had not even gone forwards. 13 in total : Small Quaker (3) Common Quaker (2) Clouded Drab (4) Hebrew Character (3) and a Red Sword-grass outside the trap at the end of an overhanging twig.
Sat 12th March 2016 17:01 by Jenny Vickers
Frome 11/03/2016
I'm going backwards!  Just two moths and a rather large caddisfly in my Mum's garden last night. 1x Common Quaker and 1x Hebrew Character (ffy).

Even though it looks to be clear skies tonight I'm going to put the traps out at the Mill house. Not much moonlight and hopefully temperatures still above zero. Though on my present trajectory, I'll only get one moth!

Sat 12th March 2016 13:49 by Pam Campbell
Hodderscombe Lodge garden
After a gap of not trapping for over a month due to the weather etc. it was lovely to have 11 moths last night. All FFY An Early Grey, 1 Common Quaker, 7 Small Quaker and 2 Hebrew Character.
Sat 12th March 2016 13:08 by Liz Marsden
Friday - Nr S. Petherton
After 3 weeks of waiting for better 'moth weather' - and none forecast as far as I can see - I put the trap out; Hebrew Character(4), Common Quaker(2), Dotted Border(2), Oak Beauty(2), Early Grey(1), Clouded Drab(1), Agonopterix hericleana(1). Much better, despite the chill, than my last attempt on a warmer but wet and windy night 3 weeks ago when only a solitary Agonopterix hericleana turned up.
Sat 12th March 2016 13:06 by Nigel Cottle
Hummingbird Hawkmoth 12/3/16
A report on Twitter of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in Otterhampton this morning.
Sat 12th March 2016 11:55 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 1.2 degrees

Ten moths including FFY a Chestnut and an Early Grey.

Fri 11th March 2016 20:31 by Jenny Vickers
Frome 10/03/2016
Just the three moths in my garden trap in Frome last night. 1x Common Quaker, 1x Chestnut and 1 x Early Grey.
Fri 11th March 2016 18:49 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise Little Quantock Thursday 10 March
At last ,more than just one moth caught.  March Moth(1),Dotted Border(1),Early Grey(3)Grey Shoulder-knot(1)and Common Quaker(6).
Fri 11th March 2016 12:32 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe

Our first moths for a fortnight! FFY, Clouded Drab (2), Grey Shoulder-knot and a March Moth.

Fri 11th March 2016 12:32 by Nigel Cottle
Bishop's Hull 10/3/16
T Min 4.3°C. Single Clouded Drab and Dotted Border and two Common Quaker.
Fri 11th March 2016 12:26 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
Working late last night I noticed several moths on the window, one of which I didn't recognise. I had Acleris laterana in August last year and James McGill thinks that this is probably one but it seems an odd time. Any thoughts?

Unidentified Acleris sp

A. hastiana confirmed with excellent guidance from David Agassiz (my first dissection tutorial).

Fri 11th March 2016 11:37 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
The most productive night of the year so far despite the chilly weather. 12 Hebrew Characters, 6 Common Quakers as well as a Clouded Drab and a Chestnut.
Fri 11th March 2016 09:32 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 10/3/16
Another chilly night, with just 5 moths altogether - 3 Hebrew Characters and 2 Common Quakers. Maybe the promised warmer weather will produce a few more soon.
Wed 9th March 2016 18:09 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
I braved the elements with the hope of milder temps. 5 Hebrew Characters, 3 Common Quakers, 2 March moths and an Early Thorn. Robinson and MV bulb intact!
Wed 9th March 2016 16:37 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
The forecast last night was for a quiet spell for a few hours before heavy rain and strong winds in the early hours. I wouldn't normally trap with a forecast like that but as there have been so few opportunities recently I decided to go ahead.
I got soaked checking the contents this morning but was pleased to find 5 Hebrew Characters, 4 Common Quakers and singles of Chestnut, Clouded Drab, Double Striped Pug, Oak Beauty and Dotted Border.
Wed 9th March 2016 12:05 by Dave Ayling
Blue Anchor Wed. 9th March
Esperia sulphurella -Blue Anchor

Found this Esperia sulphurella in our dining room this morning. First one I have seen. I have just replaced the old fence in the front garden and I see these like rotting fence-posts so feel I may have stolen its home.

Tue 8th March 2016 21:30 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton. Min T 3.2°C
One March Moth and one Chestnut break the series of ducks.
Mon 7th March 2016 08:53 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 6/3/16
Just two tough Hebrew Characters braved the (slight) frost last night - one in each trap - all the rest wisely stayed at home.
Sat 5th March 2016 10:39 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Just 1 Common Quaker in the MV, but a Grey Shoulder-knot and March Moth by the back door backlight bulb. Doing better that the trap.
Fri 4th March 2016 10:19 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 3/3/16
Just 4 moths last night, all singletons.  FFY were Clouded Drab, Small Quaker and Depressaria daucella, plus a Common Quaker. Not very exciting, but it wasn't a very nice night to be out and about, cold and a bit rainy. At least the wind has died down a bit, which helps.
Wed 2nd March 2016 15:22 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
I was concerned the trap would have been washed/blown away by this morning but was surprised to find the MV still shining and the biggest haul so far this year. 6 Common Quakers and 2 Hebrew Characters. Not great- but a start :)
Tue 1st March 2016 19:22 by John Bebbington
Langport, vc6, 29Feb 2016
Like Paul, I have moths at last - but only 1 Early Thorn and 1 Common Quaker!
Tue 1st March 2016 09:26 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 29/2/16
At last - moths !!  Well, 7 altogether, which is nearly as many as I've caught all year to date (9). All FFY, not surprisingly, 5 Hebrew Characters, and 1 each Early Thorn and Common Quaker.

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