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current posts

Fri 30th June 2017 18:35 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe. Min Temp 11.6

150 moths of 38 species including FFY - White-point, Spinach, Green Arches, Light Arches, Small Dotted Buff, Scalloped Oak and Small Fan-footed Wave.

Fri 30th June 2017 13:38 by Benjamin Bond
Moth Trap at Shapwick Heath NNR
We are going to do the postponed moth trapping at Shapwick Heath NNR on Saturday the 1st of July. We will be meeting at the Ashcott Corner Car Park at 8:30pm. Anyone welcome to come.
Thu 29th June 2017 15:08 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise Little Quantock 26/06/2017
365 moths of 98 species, comprising 93 micro's of 26 and 272 macro's of 72 species. Three FFG were : Bryotropha terrella (1) ; Cryptoblabes bistriga (1) ; Large Emerald (1). A further 19 FFY : Celypha striana (1) ; Crambus perlella (1) ; Poplar Hawk Moth (1) ; Single-dotted Wave (1) ; Small Fan-footed Wave (1) ; Blood Vein (1) ; Clay Triple-lines (1) ; Cloaked Carpet (1) ; Pine Carpet (1) ; Barred Straw (1) ; Larch Pug (1) ; Common Emerald (1) ; Coxcombe Prominent (1) ; Rosy Footman (2) ; Common Footman (3) ; Scarce Footman (2) ; Shark (1) ; Common Wainscot (1) ; Clay (3).  Others of note : Ghost Moth (1 female) ; Buff Arches (5) ; Privet Hawk Moth (1) ; Elephant Hawk Moth (4) ; V-Pug (4) ; Clouded Border (8) ; Coronet (8) ; Dark Arches (14) ; LYU (28).
Wed 28th June 2017 18:06 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 15 degrees

204 moths of 63 species including FFY - Phoenix, Shark, Dark Spectacle, Foxglove Pug, Bramble-shoot Moth, P.coronata and a second brood Early Thorn.

Wed 28th June 2017 15:34 by Jenny Vickers
Blatchbridge near Frome 26/06/2017
A great nights trapping out at my friends garden on the outskirts of Frome the other night. I can remember thinking earlier in the year whether it would be a good site for micros as they seemed thin on the ground at the time. Well, it's turned out to be a great site for micros!  Still some outstanding moths to sort out but here are the highlights from the two traps.

Heath Actinic: 68 moths of 35 sp Highlights being: V-pug (4), Peppered Moth (1), Swallow-tailed Moth (3), Elephant Hawkmoth (2), Blue-bordered Carpet (1), Short-cloaked Moth (1), Early Thorn (1), Athrips mouffetella (photo)(1), Rhodophaea formosa (photo)(1).

Skinner MV: 307 moths of 91 sp so far. Highlights being: Coronet (12), Leopard Moth (1), Small Yellow Wave (1), Brussels Lace (2), Swallow-tailed Moth (7), Dot Moth (1), Light Arches (1), Ghost Moth female (1), Drinker (2), Clay (4), Barred Straw (5), Double Square-spot (3), Short-cloaked Moth (6), Blue-bordered Carpet (1), Early thorn (2), Lunar-spotted Pinion (2), Peach Blossom (1), Plain Golden Y (2), Sharp-angled Peacock (1), Small Blood-vein (1), Aleimma loeflingiana (1), Argolamprotes micella (photo) (1), Bramble-shoot moth (1), Calamotropha paludella (photo) (1), Elegia similella (photo) (1), Nephopterix angustella (1), Pandemis heparana (1), Phtheochroa inopiana (1), Rhodophaea formosa (1), Rusty-dot Pearl (1), Thistle Ermine (1)

Moths in bold are new for me.

Athrips mouffetella JV2017

Athrips mouffetella

Rhodophaea formosa JV2017

Rhodophaea formosa

Argolamprotes micella JV2017

Argolamprotes micella

Calamotropha paludella JV2017

Calamotropha paludella

Elegia similella JV2017

Elegia similella

Wed 28th June 2017 11:08 by Nigel Cottle
Bishops Hull
Seems to have been a good year for Bird-cherry Ermine with larger than usual numbers appearing in my garden trap as follows:
  • 14/6 - 13
  • 16/6 - 8
  • 19/6 - 16
  • 21/6 - 16
  • 23/6 - 4
  • 25/6 - 2
Tue 27th June 2017 23:16 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
Best from last night was this lovely Lozotaeniodes formosana (NFG), other firsts for 2017 were: Ruby Tiger, Scalloped Oak (2), Rosy Footman, Drinker (2), Bird Cherry Ermine, Eudonia mercurella, Phycitodes binaevella, and Crambus perlella (3).

Lozotaeniodes formosana 2017
Tue 27th June 2017 18:24 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
After the mayhem of last week, a quieter night's trapping, with 121 moths of 44 species. FFG was Aleimma loeflingiana and FFY were Eudonia lacustrata (2), Udea prunalis, White Plume Moth (2), Small Blood-vein, Dwarf Cream Wave, Pine Carpet, Scalloped Oak, Brussels Lace (2), Eyed Hawk-moth (sadly dead), The Clay (2) and The Fan-foot. Double-figure totals were for Buff Ermine (13), Heart and Dart (12) and The Uncertain (11).  Elephant Hawk Moths still seem to be doing well, with 9 this time. Interestingly only 8 species of micro this week.
Tue 27th June 2017 17:52 by Nigel Cottle
Staple Park Wood 26/6/17
I trapped at Staple Park Wood until 01:30h this morning. 377 moths of 95 species (75 macro, 20 micro).

Micros: Acrobasis suavella, Aleimma loeflingiana, Anania lancealis, Apotomis betuletana, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, Bird-cherry Ermine, Bramble Shoot Moth, Celypha lacunana, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Cryptoblabes bistriga, Green Oak Tortrix, Hedya nubiferana, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, Mother of Pearl, Scoparia ambigualis, Scoparia subfusca, Udea olivalis, Variegated Golden Tortrix, Ypsolopha parenthesella.

Macros: Barred Yellow, Beautiful Golden Y, Beautiful Hook-tip, Blood-vein, Bright-line Brown-eye, Brimstone, Broken-barred Carpet, Brussels Lace, Buff Arches, Clouded Border, Clouded Brindle, Common Emerald, Common Lutestring, Common Swift, Common Wave, Common White Wave, Coronet, Coxcomb Prominent, Dark Arches, Dingy Footman, Double Square-spot, Double-striped Pug, Drinker, Elephant Hawkmoth, Engrailed, Fan-foot, Flame, Flame Shoulder, Green Carpet, Green Pug, Grey Arches, Heart and Dart, Ingrailed Clay, Iron Prominent, July Highflyer, Knot Grass, Lackey, Large Emerald, Large Yellow Underwing, Leopard Moth, Light Emerald, Lobster Moth, Marbled Minor agg., Marbled White Spot, Middle-barred Minor, Minor Shoulder-knot, Mottled Beauty, Pale Prominent, Pale-shouldered Brocade, Peach Blossom, Pebble Prominent, Peppered Moth, Phoenix, Pinion-streaked Snout, Poplar Grey, Poplar Hawkmoth, Riband Wave, Rosy Footman, Satin Beauty, Sharp-angled Peacock, Silver-ground Carpet, Small Angle Shades, Small Dotted Buff, Small Fan-footed Wave, Small Rivulet, Smoky Wainscot, Spectacle, Straw Dot, Striped Wainscot, Swallow-tailed Moth, Tawny-barred Angle, Uncertain, V-Pug, Waved Carpet & White Ermine.

Tue 27th June 2017 15:31 by Benjamin Bond
Wellington 26/06/2017
Smaller catch on Sunday night: only 61 species from 286 moths. Highlights - 1 Scarce Silver-lines, 9 Elephant Hawk-moth, 3 Swallow-tailed Moth, 1 Phoenix, 1 Dot Moth, 1 Scalloped Oak, 1 Poplar Hawk-moth, 2 Lychnis, 1 Common Lutestring (FFG), 1 Haworth's Pug, 1 Blastobasis lacticolella.
Tue 27th June 2017 14:50 by Sue Davies
Butleigh Garden
Another good night with 70+ spp, still micro sorting. A couple of FFG, Orange Moth and Old Lady, lots of FFYs, Rosy Footman, V-Pug, Broad-bordered YUW, Drinker, Lackey, Short-cloaked Moth, Migrants, Lots of Bird-cherry Ermines, Diamond Backs, a Rusty-dot Pearl and a Vestal.

1924 Orange Moth f. corylaria SD17 2300 Old Lady 73.107 SD17

Tue 27th June 2017 11:14 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 26/06/17
56 species in the moth trap this morning here in Middlezoy.

Highlights: Chinese Character, Gold Triangle, Common Footman, Small Mottled Willow, Anania coronata, Yellow Shell, Scalloped Oak, Scarlet Tiger, Clay, Common Wave, Shark, Rosy Footman, Southern Wainscot, Cypress Carpet, Wormwood Pug, Acrobasis marmorea.

Only 7 Elephant Hawkmoths this time!

Tue 27th June 2017 09:04 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 25/6/17 (cont)
The round-up of strays from 25/6 produced a further 21 moths, and 8 more species, including FFY Aethes cnicana and Red-barred Tortrix (Ditula angustiorana), only my second record here.
Mon 26th June 2017 15:21 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 11.2 degrees

83 moths of 40 species including FFY - Barred Yellow, Oak Tree Pug and a Spruce Carpet.

Mon 26th June 2017 13:50 by John Bebbington
The warm weather brought a few interesting catches including a second Water Ermine Spilosoma urticae in my garden trap and another for Malcolm Cotterill in Curry Rivel. The male antennae although pectinate are much more slender than those of White Ermine.
72.071 Water Ermine male
72.071 Water Ermine (Spilosoma urticae) male
The eggs laid by the female trapped earlier have hatched and the larvae are feeding on Water Mint.
72.021 Watewr Ermine 2nd inst larvae
Water Ermine 2nd instar larvae.

I also took a Ruddy Carpet - only my second (previous one in 2006)
70.057 Ruddy Carpet MV QV
70.057 Ruddy Carpet (Catarhoe rubidata).

This is Paul Newman's Silky Wainscot from Cary Cottage.
73.100 Silky Wainscot ex Cary Cottage
73.100 Silky Wainscot (Chilodes maritima) ex Cary Cottage.
Mon 26th June 2017 10:14 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 24th June
201 moths of 61 species. 41 macro spp- Peppered moth(2) Elephant hawk(only 3!), Lilac beauty, Rosy footman, Lychnis, Clay, Sycamore, and a Pale mottled willow. FFG Double line and Short cloaked moth. Micros 17 species, mostly C.culmella (21),Hedya nubiferana(2) Crambus perlella (2) and straminella(1). 8 more species to identify which will take some days. I was hoping to re-trap Crambus ulliginosellus which has been confirmed by Paul Wilkins from my trapping on the 15th June, thank you Paul. I inadvertently released it before I realised how unusual it was, only second record since 1990, and only 2 prior to that. Also from the 15th Argyresthia spinosella- Occasional and local which does not appear on the maps since 2012. Nephoterix angustella also Occasional and local not previously recorded in my 10K square. Homoeosoma sinuella, likewise new to my 10k square.
Mon 26th June 2017 09:20 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 25/6/17
What a difference a cooler night makes, so much easier to ID and record.  126 moths, 44 species, including FFY Drinker, Clay, Heart & Club, Rustic, and Sandy Carpet..
Sun 25th June 2017 21:36 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 12.3 degrees

108 moths of 42 species including FFY - July High-flyer, Double Line, Shoulder- Striped Wainscot, Satin Beauty, Bordered Pug, Scalloped Shell, Garden Carpet, Plain Wave and a White Plume.

Sun 25th June 2017 20:47 by Paul Bowyer
Walton Moor 21st June
Dave Nevitt and I ran 3 traps on 21st June at Walton Moor on the last day of the warm weather. Although slightly windy we recorded some nice moths of over 100 species. The highlight for me was Cosmopterix scribaiella which I believe is a first county record. In addition to this we trapped a Kent Black Arches, Phylloporia bistrigella, 2 White-line Snout, Ethmia dodecea, Bucculatrix cidarella.

Cosmopterix scribaiella

Cosmopterix scribaiella

Sun 25th June 2017 09:07 by Paul Newman
East Lydford
Just found a FFY Yellow-tail in the house this morning - whether this is a leftover from 21/6 trapping, I know not, but it's possible.
Sat 24th June 2017 18:03 by Simon Phelps
Bilberry Pug 24/06/17
I was pleased to find a Bilberry Pug resting on a tree trunk in Knaplock Wood near Tarr Steps on Exmoor this afternoon. First time I have seen this species. It was lovely, with a greenish hue and tinge to the wings.
Sat 24th June 2017 18:01 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
382 macros of 53 species seemed quite easy this morning compared to earlier in the week. Highlight was my first Vestal of the year. Other migrants were 2 Dark Sword Grass and a Silver Y.
Sat 24th June 2017 15:19 by Benjamin Bond
Moth Trap at Shapwick Heath NNR Postponed
Unfortunately we are not able to do the moth trap at Shapwick Heath this Sunday night now. We are planning to do it next week instead though. I will let everyone know when we have decided what day to do it. It probably will be ether next Friday or Saturday night. Sorry to mess everyone about.
Sat 24th June 2017 11:41 by Paul Newman
One UFO from 21/6 confirmed as Silky Wainscot (f.bipunctata), a FFG.  Thanks to John Bebbington for the ID.
Fri 23rd June 2017 19:35 by Jane Durham
Benjamin that's just it...thank you very much

ps loved your recent pictures

Fri 23rd June 2017 14:17 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton Min T 15.1°C
I tried the Actinic to see if I could coax a Privet Hawkmoth like Paul. Alas, no Privets but a Striped Wainscot (NFG), Small Emerald, Haworth's Pug, Oak Nycteoline, Grey/Dark Dagger and a White Plume - all FFY.
Fri 23rd June 2017 14:15 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise ,Little Quantock
A surprise visitor to the conservatory this lunchtime was a' first for garden' Map-winged Swift .
Fri 23rd June 2017 14:11 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 21/6/17 (cont)
Last night's round-up of strays from the night before producesd a further 122 moths, and 14 more species (totals to date 424 of 81) BUT - there are still some which it was too dark to catch (if I switch on the lights of the spare room where I open up, the moths vanish behind the furniture), so I shall have to finish things off this evening.  Ho hum !!  There were three more FFY, Reddish Light Arches, Poplar Grey, and Ancylis achatana.  There were 20 Fan-foots, which is far more than I have ever had before, and maybe more to come.

10.20 pm The last batch of stragglers accounted for - another 15, plus a UFO to be determined.

Fri 23rd June 2017 10:51 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 21/06/17
Results from Wednesday nights trapping. A brilliant night with 61 species caught.

The star of the show was a Water Ermine. I am almost certain this is what it was but am just waiting for official confirmation from John Bebbington. Several others have been caught this week nearby and in other parts of Somerset. A rare moth for the South West but it has been recorded in Somerset a few times before, particularly out on the Levels and wetter areas, which makes sense habitat wise. Images below: Water Ermine Middlezoy 1Water Ermine Middlezoy 3Water Ermine Middlezoy 2

I also had 19 Elephant Hawkmoths! Amazing!

Other highlights were: V-pug, Yellow-tail, Common Emerald, Barred Straw, Diamond-back, Shark, Dwarf Cream Wave, Light Arches, Brussels Lace, Early Thorn, Light Emerald, Scarlet Tiger, Gold Triangle, Small Emerald, Double Lobed, Swallow-tailed, Fan-foot, Small Yellow Wave.

Thu 22nd June 2017 16:38 by Nigel Cottle
Bishops Hull 21/6/17
FFG: Zeirapher isertana (Thanks to Paul Bowyer for the ID) and Prays fraxinella (Ash Bud Moth)

Zeiraphera isertana 21.6.17

Zeirapher isertana

Thu 22nd June 2017 16:23 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
Some time ago I promised that I would not get involved in micro identification until I retire in about 10 years time. Last night was justification of that decision. I would have needed another hundred pots to keep all the micros in. I am sometimes curious when I see one that I haven't seen before but last night was just overwhelming and I struggled just with Macros!
In Total I recorded 564 macros of 82 different species. Numerous firsts for the year and highlights included only my 2nd ever Beautiful Snout and my first Garden Tiger in 4 years ( between 1997 and 2005 I recorded double figures every year but after seeing 48 in 2005 numbers crashed).
Most numerous were LYU with 75, Heart and Dart with 66 and Dark Arches on 36. Other notable counts included 25 Elephant Hawk Moths, 17 Double Square Spots and 14 Dot Moths.
The only migrants were a Silver Y and a Small Mottled Willow.
Another 3 Currant Clearwings came into our conservatory during the morning.
Thu 22nd June 2017 14:30 by Benjamin Bond
Wellington 20/06/2017 Photos
I have just downloaded the photos from Monday night. Here are some of the highlights:

Double Line Double Line (FFG) Altenia scriptella Wellington Altenia scriptella (FFG) Striped Wainscot Wellington Striped Wainscot (FFG) Four Elephant Hawk-moth Four of the 15 Elephant Hawk-moths Miller Miller (FFG) Scarce Silver-lines Scarce Silver-lines (FFG)

Thu 22nd June 2017 12:58 by Benjamin Bond
Jane's Second Photo ID
Jane, it looks like the second photo is of a Caddisfly, possibly Athripsodes albifrons. Hope that helps.
Thu 22nd June 2017 12:29 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 21/6/17
Gosh, it's hard work counting moths after warm nights !!  So far, 302 moths of 67 species, more to round up from the skylight this evening. 17 FFY were Privet Hawkmoth, Grey Dagger agg.(2), Small Blood-vein (2), Common Emerald, Single-dotted Wave, Small Fan-footed Wave, Hypsopygia glaucinalis (4), Magpie Moth, Peach Blssom, Buff Arches, Short-cloaked Moth (4), Peppered Moth, Blue-bordered Carpet, Bordered Beauty, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, Crambus perlella, and Water Veneer (Acentria ephemerella (15).  These last are invariably all males, and invariably dead at the bottom of the trap.  9 Elephant Hawks is many more than I have ever caught at one time, all but one in the Actinic trap, along with Privet and Poplar Hawks - must be the blue light that attracts them more that the bright one, and the C. perlella was alone among nearly 60 Chrysoteuchia culmella I nearly missed it.

Yesterday we saw two Humming-bird HMs in the orchard, hovering over Goosegrass, rather than Ladies' and Hedge Bedstraws, (the usual foodplants), which we have a lot of not far away.

Wed 21st June 2017 22:35 by Jane Durham
Thank you Tim.  Yes, I'm sure you're right with the Batia.  I had wondered if it was something usually taken from a different angle.  I think B. lunar because size is right.  On the 2nd one, the white marks are sharper on mine I think.  And I guess the bit about Dorset coast, isn't good. I haven't kept it..will have to hope it visits again!  So, thank you for your help.
Wed 21st June 2017 21:40 by Tim Howard
Janes micro photo's
Jane, the orange one looks to be either Batia lunaris or B. lambdella. The closest I could get with the other one was possibly Eudarcia richardsoni, however this is confined to the rocky Dorset coast line, so the book says (but moths don't read books).  If you kept the moth it might be worth sending it to one of the experts. I usually send mine to Paul Wilkins but as they say other experts are available. Good luck with it.
Wed 21st June 2017 20:34 by Jenny Vickers
Mill House, Frome 20/06/2017
A good night last night unsurprisingly at my favourite of the 4 gardens I trap. My two traps produced the following with some still be identified:

Heath actinic (15W) 50 moths of 30 species. Highlights being Marbled White-spot, Dingy Shears, Double Square-spot, White Satin Moth (this is the only garden that Ive seen these beautiful moths), Leopard Moth, Aethes beatricella.

Skinner MV 201 moths of 69 species. Highlights being Scarlet Tigers (17) (the most numerous moth!), Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Figure of Eighty, Beautiful Hook-tip, Ghost Moth male, Double Square-spot, Common Lutestring, Four-dotted Footman (new for me,), Sandy Carpet, Small Yellow Wave, Dingy Shears, Anania coronata, Anania lancealis, Coleophora trifolii, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Mompha ochraceella, Aethes ruibigana (new for me, photo), Eucosma campoliliana (new for me, photo), Nephopterix angustella (new for me, photo)

Aethes rubigana JV 2017 Aethes rubigana

Eucosma campoliliana JV 2017 Eucosma campoliliana

Nephopterix angustella JV 2017 Nephopterix angustella

Wed 21st June 2017 19:27 by Benjamin Bond
Wellington 20/06/2017
Just finished counting up the catch from Monday night. Caught 80 species from 412 moths! Highlights were: 15 Elephant Hawk-moth, 3 Green Pug, 2 Clouded Silver, 2 Blood-vein, 3 Light Arches, 7 Buff Arches, 1 Shoulder-striped Wainscot, 1 Cabbage Moth, 1 Plain Golden Y, 1 Small Fan-foot, 2 Figure of Eighty, 2 Beautiful Hook-tip, 2 Swallow-tailed Moth, 1 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 1 Brussels Lace, 3 Poplar Grey, 3 Grey/Dark Dagger, 2 Pale-shouldered Brocade, 1 Small Yellow Wave, 1 Small Blood-vein, 1 Miller, 3 Scarlet Tiger, 1 Phoenix, 1 Double Line, 1 Small Rivulet, 1 V-Pug, 1 Narrow-winged Pug, 2 Striped Wainscot, 1 Sallow Kitten, 1 Yarrow Plume, 3 Scarce Silver-lines, 1 Mecyna asinalis, and 1 Altenia scriptella.
Wed 21st June 2017 17:30 by Jane Durham
Having returned from holiday in Wales I should have been spending time today on other things but while we've been away moths have increased in number.  So many either got away or I couldn't ID.  I did record 47 spp but could I have help please with these two although I realise the photos aren't up to much. (they were very small!) Perhaps the first one isn't even a moth? unidentified 1. Unidentified 2.
Wed 21st June 2017 17:18 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
After much time and effort, I've finished checking out and tallying Monday night's moths! Amazingly I had 228 moths of 74 species, plus a few escapees.

FFG were Dioryctria abietella and Common Lutestring.There were 32 FFY, namely Agapeta hamana, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, Lozotaenia forsterana, Red-barred Tortrix (2), Pseudargyrotoza conwagana (2), Plum Tortrix (2), Marbled Orchard Tortrix, Apotomis turbidana, Cydia splendana, Codling Moth (3), Eudonia angustea, Dioryctria abietella, Buff Arches (3), Figure of Eighty (2, my first for 4 years), Common Emerald, Small Dusty Wave, Common Carpet (2), Barred Yellow, Small Rivulet, Small Yellow Wave, Scorched Wing, Swallow-tailed Moth, Common Wave, Light Emerald, Dot Moth (3), Grey Dagger agg, The Coronet, Light Arches, Green Silver-lines and Burnished Brass.

Also of interest was my first double-figure count of Elephant Hawk-Moth - 13.

Tue 20th June 2017 22:19 by Steve Chapple
An amazing 251 moths of 95 species (83 micros of 32ssp and 168 macros of 63ssp + still 2 to identify) with 5x NFG and 24 FFY. New species for the garden and all firsts for me were: Obscure Wainscot, Cyclamen Tortrix, Homoeosoma sinuella, Aleimma loeflingiana and Tortrix viridana (many thanks to James McGill for dissecting). Best of the rest were: Small Elephant Hawk, Lilac Beauty (2), Ghost (3), Marbled White Spot, Sandy Carpet, Figure of Eighty, Dingy Shears, Scoparia bagistrigilis. The Obscure Wainscot has not previously been recorded within 15 miles of here, coincidentally John Bebbington also caught one last night.

Obscure Wainscot 2017
Tue 20th June 2017 21:40 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock Sunday 18/06/2017
390 moths of 90 species on a sweltering night. NIGEL you were right to have reservations about catching more than 100. I spent all day monday and a couple of hours this evening processing this lot!  Having said that, there were 23 FFY of which 7 were FFG.  Apple Fruit Moth (1) ; Large Fruit-tree Tortrix (5); Thistle Ermine (1) ; Hypsopygia glaucinalis (1) ; Udea prunalis (1) ; Buff Arches (1) ; Figure of Eighty (1) ; Small Dusty Wave (1) ; July Belle (1) ; Barred Yellow (1) ; Small Yellow Wave (1) ; Wormwood Pug (1) ; Tawney-barred Angle (1) ; Square Spot (1) ; Four Dotted Footman (1) ; Fan Foot (1) ; Beautiful Hook-tip (1) ; Miller (1) ; Dark Arches (6) True Lovers Knot (2) ; Green Silverlines (1).  Late addition.... Aethes francillana (1) and Phycitodes binaevella (2) Of the rest, 47 Heart and Dart ; 41 LYU ; 23 Flame and 29 Udea olivaris.
Tue 20th June 2017 18:34 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 12.9 degrees

94 moths of 45 species including FFY - Plain Golden Y, Bee Moth, Slender Brindle, Common White Wave, Wood Carpet and a Poplar grey.

Tue 20th June 2017 15:11 by Liz Marsden
Sun.18th june Nr S.Petherton
A belated report from sunday night; A very busy night - Red-necked Footman and Dingy Shears were exciting to see. Flame was the most common with 25 individuals.
Tue 20th June 2017 14:28 by Nigel Cottle
Bishops Hull 19/6/17
T Min 19°C. It’s not often I get over 100 moths in the garden trap (and I am very thankful for that) but that’s what happened last night. 103 moths of 38 species (20 macro, 18 micro) and a Red Admiral. Several FFG’s: Green Silver-lines, Mottled Beauty, Aethes beatricella, Cydia nigricana (Pea Moth) and Aphelia paleana (Timothy Tortrix).
Mon 19th June 2017 20:28 by Jenny Vickers
Blatchbridge near Frome 16/06/2017
A reasonable night out at Blatchbridge on the outskirts of Frome the other night. Two traps produced the following:

Heath actinic 28 species with highlights of FFYs Lackey, Light Arches, Elephant Hawkmoth and Brussels Lace supporting cast of Peppered Moth, V-pug, Ditula angustiorana and Notocelia uddmanniana.

Skinner MV 42 species with two new moths for me in Purple Clay and Clay Triple Lines. Other highlights Light Arches, Ghost Moth male, Buff Arches, Privet Hawkmoth, Mottled Rustic, Plain Golden Y, Udea prunalis, Hedya nubiferana, Hedya pruniana, Notocelia uddmanniana, Notocelia trimaculana.

Mon 19th June 2017 18:04 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
Quite a good night here with 223 macros of 56 species. I happened to be up at about 3am and bundled lots of moths into the traps at that time some of which had disappeared by the time I checked them at about 7.30am. It was already over 22 degrees then and as one of the traps was in the sun this made the moths very agitated and flighty.
Highlights were only my 4th ever Blackneck and 2 Currant Clearwings which came into the conservatory during the day.
Mon 19th June 2017 17:19 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Fantastic night with 68+ spp, lots of FFYs, Beautiful Golden Y, Large, Blotched and Common Emeralds, Blue-bordered Carpet, Mocha, Buff Arches, Figure of 80, Common Lutestring, Swallowtail, Brussel's Lace, Miller, Donacaula forficella, Chilo phragmitella, Prays fraxinella and FFG -Cherry Bark Tortrix and Acleris kochiella.

1216 Cherry Bark Tortrix Enarmonia formosana 49.200 SD17

Mon 19th June 2017 15:29 by Nigel Cottle
Netherclay LNR 19/6/17
I tried a Red-belted Clearwing lure at various points around Netherclay LNR this afternoon. Just one R-bC visited the lure and only for c30 seconds before disappearing. But at least I now know that they are there plus it was the first site record.
Mon 19th June 2017 07:42 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 16/07/17
Report from Friday nights trap here in Middlezoy. 33 species, still not had many large catches this year, although I have not had that many chances to trap.

Highlights were: Ghost, Elephant Hawkmoth, Lackey, Heart and Club, Brussels Lace, Beautiful Hook-tip, Barred Yellow, Acleris kochiella.

Sun 18th June 2017 10:35 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 17/5/17
Surprisingly, not a lot to shout about last night, given the mildness of the weather, and a waning moon - only 47 moths of 23 species altogether.  3 FFY were Fan-foot, Uncertain, and Eucosma cana.
Sat 17th June 2017 22:25 by Steve Pilkington
Large numbers this week. Thursday: 255 of 56 species. Good numbers of micros 3-4 FFGs Plum tortrix and Ephestia colorella and 2 still to be identified.

Today: 174 moths first Poplar hawk of the year. Ghost moth, Brussels lace, Plain Golden Y, Spinach, Barred straw, Miller, Cream bordered green pea. FFG Foxglove pug. Total of 63 micros of about 27 species as I am still working on quite a few!

Sat 17th June 2017 21:18 by Chris Iles
Holcombe at dusk
Plumes fluttering around the garden at dusk - White Plumes yesterday, Brindled tonight.

I had 3 moths that I had been rearing through emerge yesterday - a Slender Pug, a White Plume and Batrachedra praeangusta, a species I'd never heard of before, the larva of which had been feeding on sallow.

Sat 17th June 2017 20:46 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
59 species from 114 moths with 13x FFY and 2x NFG. The highlights were: Tinea semifulvella (NFG), Hedya pruniana (2, NFG), Perinephela lancealis, Grapholita funebrana, Light Arches (2), Miller, Blue-bordered Carpet, Dwarf Cream Wave, Uncertain, Dot Moth.

Tinea semifulvella 2017
Sat 17th June 2017 19:55 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
34 spp last night. First Privet HM of the year, also Single Dotted Wave, Garden Carpet, Brindled Plume, Beautiful and Ringed China Marks, a couple of Diamond Backs and a Silver Y the only Migrants.
Sat 17th June 2017 16:57 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Another good night last night, with 84 moths of 35 species. Numbers have been consistently good in the last week or so. FFY were Nettle-tap, Ancylis achatana (2), Eucosma cana, Eudonia mercurella, Single-dotted Wave and The Uncertain (2). Fifteen Buff Ermines equalled my highest count. Also of note were 5 Elephant Hawk-Moths. Earlier in the day, a Hummingbird Hawk-Moth was in the garden.
Sat 17th June 2017 15:17 by Paul Newman
East Lydford
Three 6-spot Burnets out and about this afternoon.
Sat 17th June 2017 12:00 by John Connolly
Manor Road, Taunton 16.6.17
By far the best night in my garden so far this year with 79 moths of 31 species 14 of which were first for year and one first for my garden and probably the smallest moth I've ever caught Azalea Leaf Miner, Caloptilia azaleella. Azalea Leaf Miner - Caloptilia azaleella
Fri 16th June 2017 22:05 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise, Little Quantock Wednesday 14th June
220 moths of 66 species, with three micro's I'm still working on !  One FFG : Northern Spinach (1).  A further eighteen FFY , which bring the year total past the 200 mark - three weeks earlier than last year.  FFY : Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix (4) ; Clepsis consimilana (1) ; Agapeta hamana (1) ; Plum Tortrix (1) ; Bramble-shoot Moth (1) ; Eudonia delunella (1) ; Ghost Moth (1) ; Privet Hawk Moth (2) ; Riband Wave (3) ; Green Pug (1) ; Clouded Border (1) ; Willow Beauty (1) ; Brussels Lace (1) ; Burnished Brass (1) ; Poplar Grey (1) ; Small Angle Shades (2) ; Purple Clay (1) and Double Square-spot (2).  Most numerous were Buff Ermine (20) and Heart and Dart (18) .
Fri 16th June 2017 17:07 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Belated report from Wednesday night - 76 moths of 37 species. Remarkably there were 3 FFG species - Scoparia ancipitella, Triple-spotted Clay and Dusky Brocade. FFY were Argyresthia semifusca, Brindled Plume, Blood-vein, Barred Straw, Slender Pug, Foxglove Pug, Large Yellow Underwing and Dark Arches.
Fri 16th June 2017 12:36 by John Bebbington
Micros and Muslin Footman
Two new micros for the garden on 11th - thanks to Paul Wilkins for help with ID.
1910.003 Coptotriche marginea
1910.003 Coptotriche marginea
1962.065 Ephestia Woodiella
1962.065 Ephestia woodiella (formerly E. parasitella)

11 Muslin Footmen have emerged in my outhouse ove the last 3 days - I have potted them for release at dusk as the outhouse has a large (20+) population of Pholcus phalangoides spiders which I am sure would have killed them!
Muslin Footman w empty cocoon
1972.036 Muslin Footman Nudaria mundanawith empty cocoon
Fri 16th June 2017 12:35 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min temp 10.9 degrees

87 moths of 32 species -including FFY - Buff Arches, Sandy Carpet, Small Dusty Wave and Agonopterix yeatiana.

Fri 16th June 2017 09:30 by Paul Newman
East lydford 15/6/17
A cool night, so modest numbers.  82 moths so far, of 39 species.  11 FFY were - Garden Tiger, Pale Mottled Willow, Common Wainscot, Beautiful Golden Y, LIght Arches, Lackey (2), Bright-line Brown-eye, Pale Tussock, Thistle Ermine, Archips podana and Scoparia ambigualis.
Thu 15th June 2017 16:27 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe -- Min Temp 11.3 degrees

130 moths of 36 species including FFY - C.culmella(2), Ghost Moth (2), Double Square-spot, Heart and Club, Barred Fruit-Tree Tortrix, Scorched Carpet, Garden Pebble.

Thu 15th June 2017 15:02 by Nigel Cottle
Bishop's Hull 14/6/17
FFG Teleiodes vulgella.

Teleiodes vulgella 14.6.17

Thu 15th June 2017 12:21 by Dave Nevitt
Sand Bay 14/6/17
Paul Bowyer & I trapped last night in Sand Bay with the highlights being 15 White Colon, many Sand Dart, 20+ Shore Wainscot (only 1 ever caught here in many trapping sessions by PB), 3 Shark and 10 Archer's Dart which the literature suggests is quite early.
Wed 14th June 2017 18:24 by Peter Tennant
Wed 14th June 2017 18:24 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 10.2 degrees

71 moths of 19 species including FFY - an Eyed Hawk-moth and Lozotaenia forsterana.

Wed 14th June 2017 17:52 by Steve Pilkington
Hummingbird hawk moths
Ian, I do the Butterfly transect for Draycott Sleights and have regularly recorded HBH moths when walking in front of part of the Main Sleight which, if you do not know the area, is a vertical limestone face, much larger than the area you describe. Until your post I had not made a specific connection with the rock face but was simply bemused by their presence there as there appeared to be limited nectaring opportunities in the immediate area, (although that is not the case this year). I will certainly take a closer look in the future across the whole length of the Sleight.
Wed 14th June 2017 16:35 by Ian Mathieson
On the eastern side of the stone circle on Ham Hill is a rock face about 3 metres high and about 10 metres in length. It is devoid of vegetation but is covered in small cracks where insects can hide. It is the best spot I know for Humming Bird Hawk Moths and if ever there are any about you can almost guarantee seeing one here buzzing furiously against the rock face for hours at a time. Yesterday afternoon there were at least 4, possibly as many as 6, flying and occasionally resting here. Why they do it is a mystery to me. perhaps somebody knows?
Wed 14th June 2017 16:34 by Jenny Vickers
Red-belted Clearwing
I was having breakfast this morning in our conservatory when I noticed a Clearwing moth on the door handle! Shear panic ensued but I managed to pot it up and took some shots of it indoors and discovered it was a Red-belted Clearwing before releasing it out into the garden where I was able to take a few more photos before it flew off. Certainly made my day!

Red-belted Clearwing JV

Wed 14th June 2017 14:53 by Benjamin Bond
Moth Trap at Shapwick Heath NNR
The next moth trapping night at Shapwick Heath NNR will be on the 25th this month. We will be meeting at the Avalon Marshes Centre at 8:30pm. Anyone is welcome to come.
Tue 13th June 2017 22:34 by Jenny Vickers
Well done on the Hornet Moth Chris. Persistence pays off.
Tue 13th June 2017 16:44 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield Wiveliscombe - Min temp 9.1 degrees

26 moths of nine species including FFY - Brussels Lace (2), Mottled Rustic (2) and a Clouded Bordet.

Tue 13th June 2017 08:53 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 12/6/17
A much quieter night last night - ? colder?  Only 55 moths of 15 species, with just one FFY, a Common Footman (probably the first of many)

10 p.m. 12/6 The usual late evening round-up pruduced 10 more moths, and 5 more species, totals now 65/20 - nothng much of interest.  Heart & Darts up to 21 - having a good year it seems.

Mon 12th June 2017 22:56 by Chris Iles
Dunkery, 10 June 2017
An unsuccessful search for Silurian Moth along the northern flanks of Dunkery/Great Rowberrow on Saturday night (the habitat looks possible for the species).  Not many moths either despite conditions that should have been good for them - good numbers of Map-winged Swift, also Fox Moth, Knot-grass and Flame Shoulder.
Mon 12th June 2017 21:27 by Chris Iles
Hornet Moth, University of Bath campus
At last...after eight summers of looking! Hornet Moth 125536 Hornet Moth 125005 Hornet Moth 124911

The species isn't listed on the site's macro-moth list; here's the distribution map.

Mon 12th June 2017 17:46 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Consistent trapping here, with 60 moths of 21 species. FFY were Celypha striana (2), The Phoenix, Willow Beauty, Small Elephant Hawk-moth (4th record and first for 2 years), Buff Ermine (10) and a worn Mottled Rustic. Heart and Dart numbers are building up, 20 this time.
Sun 11th June 2017 22:53 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 10/6/17 (cont)
The evening round-up produced a further 19 moths, (total now 118, 39 spp) and three more FFY - Mottled Rusrtic, Bryotropha affinis and Nephopterix angustella, which took me a while to identify, and I thought was a FFG, but it turns out I recorded it previously in 2007 - no wonder I couldn't remember it !
Sun 11th June 2017 16:55 by John Bebbington
Ghost moths 'Lekking'
On Friday evening we walked the dog along the footpath from Swallow Hill to Wearne - on the return leg there were over 20 male Ghost Moths hovering over long grass at the edge of the foot[ath, mostly well-spaced singletons but two were engaged in what appeared to be aerial combat.
Sun 11th June 2017 13:49 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton Min T 15.1°C
124 moths on Friday night of 50 species with another new Plume moth for me, this time a Brindled Plume (NFG). Other highlights being - Green Silver-lines (first for three years), Acleris hastiana (pic), Barred Yellow, Gold Spot (2) and Barred Straw (5).

Amblyptilia punctidactyla 2017

Acleris hastiana 2017
Sun 11th June 2017 12:17 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 10/06/17
34 species in the trap this morning. Highlights were: Blood-vein, Poplar Grey, Small Blood-vein, Barred Straw, Peppered, Lychnis, Common footman, Thistle Ermine.

Also had another Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden last week.

Sun 11th June 2017 10:01 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 10/6/17
Another 100+ catch (well, 99 to be precise, but some strays to be rounded up this evening).  33 species.  7 FFY were Dark Arches (4), Small Dusty Wave, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Chrysoteuchia culmella (4), Celypha striana, Notocelia uddmanniana and Agapeta hamana.  Otherwise nothng exceptional.
Sat 10th June 2017 20:27 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise, Little Quantock 09/06/2017
133 moths of 47 species. FFY were : Common Swift (1) ; Snout (1) ; Dusky Brocade (4) ; Grey Arches (2) ; Lychnis (1) ; Double-line (2) ; Ingrailed Clay (3).
Sat 10th June 2017 18:10 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 13.1 degrees

109 moths of 35 species including FFY - Elephant Hawk-moth, Dark Arches, Burnished Brass, Riband Wave (with riband) and a Green Pug.

Sat 10th June 2017 16:19 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
A good night's trapping session, with 65 moths of 30 species. FFY were Ghost Moth (2, male and female), Common Swift , Chrysoteuchia culmella, Rush Veneer, Purple Bar, Clouded Silver, Elephant Hawk-moth, Heart And Club, Dark Sword-grass, Cabbage Moth, Bright-line Brown-eye, The Sycamore and probable Tawny Marbled Minor. It's nice to get some migrants. Ingrailed Clay (8) and Heart and Dart (13) were the most numerous.
Sat 10th June 2017 13:26 by John Connolly
Manor Road, Taunton 9.6.17
Trapped last night but quite a small catch of 29 moths which has been the case all year so far. Six first for year - Cypress Carpet, Flame Shoulder, Chrysoteucha culmella, Gypsonoma dealbana,Epinotia bilunana and Epiblema rosaecolana. Also had Clouded Silver which I think is a first for my garden and fairly sure I got another first Grapholita lobarzewskii which seems to be quite uncommon if the distribution map is anything to go by. Happy to be corrected if I've misidentified this moth. Sorry for the blurry pic but too lively to let out of the pot.

Grapholita lobarzewskii - Taunton 9.6.17

Sat 10th June 2017 09:53 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 8/6/17
Last night's round-up of strays from 8/6 produced a further 10 moths, including FFY a LIme-speck Pug.  The total just hit the magic hundred mark.
Fri 9th June 2017 20:13 by Chris Iles
Hummingbird Hawk-moth nectaring on red valerian in Holcombe this evening.  Not a species that gets here every year, and this is the second I've seen.  Hopefully there will be plenty more!

Loads of Straw Dot at Edford Meadows SWT reserve, as well.  It is many years since I saw this species in good numbers.

Fri 9th June 2017 15:52 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Two Hummingbird Hawk Moths in the village this morning, including one in my garden.
Fri 9th June 2017 12:26 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 8/6/17
First trapping for a few days, I don't like to do it when it's windy or wet, or both.  90 moths so far, 30 species.  6 FFY were Willow Beauty (2), Elephant Hawkmoth, Clouded Border, Barred Yellow, Sharp-angled Peacock and Hedya pruniana (Plum Tortrix).  16 Heart & Darts and 10 Blood-veins the most nimerous.

A Scarlet Tiger flying by the pond this afternoon. (2.00 pm)

Fri 9th June 2017 11:48 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
I was pleased to see many fewer May bugs last night. They have been in the majority recently and push their weight around and upset other occupants. Perhaps now there will be more room for migrants!
Thu 8th June 2017 11:48 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Another windy night, just 26spp. FFYs Barred Straw, Green Pug, Common Wainscot, Beautiful Plume, Lathronympha strigana & Garden Pebble.
Tue 6th June 2017 21:24 by John Bebbington
Poplar Kitten larva from South Petherton
Liz Marsden kindly gave me some Poplar Kitten Furcula bifida eggs during the Barrington Court Nature Week and they hatched a couple of days ago - amazing little beasts!
Poplar Kitten 1st instar larva
Poplar Kitten Furcula bifida 1st instar larva
Mon 5th June 2017 16:36 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 8.5 degrees

37 moths of 19 species including FFY - Small Mottled Willow, Treble Brown-spot, C. striana and A. punctidactyla.

I have only today been able to ID a rarity 646 Telechrysis tripuncta. I had not realised that in the book it is printed at 2.5 times its size !

Sun 4th June 2017 22:54 by Chris Iles
Migrants here in Holcombe - a Silver Y last night, the first of the year, nectaring on red valerian, and a Hummingbird Hawk-moth today.
Sun 4th June 2017 22:32 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
I gave the actinic an outing for a change and was rewarded with 76 moths of 41 species. There were 12 first sightings for 2017 including: Brown China-mark, Brussels Lace (2), Small Rivulet, Iron Prominent and only my second Tawny-barred Angle here and my first regular variety - the first being f. nigrofulvata, three years ago.

An hour ago I found a Yarrow Plume (NFG) seemingly just emerged and clinging to Sneezewort that I planted only last year. Many thanks to James McGill for confirming. Improved picture below

Gillmeria pallidactyla 2017

Sun 4th June 2017 21:40 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise, Little Quantock 03/06/2017
66 moths of 30 species , including 9 FFY. Blastobasis lacticolella (1) ; Small Magpie (1) ; Scoparia pyralella 1 ; Treble Brown Spot (1) ; Scorched Wing (1) ; Brown Rustic (1) ; Bright-line Brown-eye (3) ; Heart and Dart (7) and Mottled Beauty (1).
Sun 4th June 2017 10:32 by Paul Newman
East Lydford 3/6/17
My first trapping for a week due to my involvement in the Barrington Court Nature Week (which SMG supported on all four days, my thanks to all helpers). Last night's catch was only moderate, just over 40 moths, and omly 18 species, including FFY Barred Straw, Riband Wave, Cinnabar, Vine's Rustic and Grey Tortrix agg.  Lots of Heart & Darts and Buff Ermines.
Sat 3rd June 2017 23:21 by Chris Iles
Slender Pug
A Slender Pug emerged today, from sallow catkins collected at Haydon, Radstock, in late March.

Slender Pug 03062017

Sat 3rd June 2017 17:50 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Last night's trapping produced 34 moths of 17 species. FFY were Clepsis consimilana, Udea olivalis (3), Riband Wave (my earliest record by almost three weeks), Clouded Border, Ingrailed Clay (6, my highest count, including one very pale specimen) and Middle-barred Minor. Micros are still on the low side.
Sat 3rd June 2017 07:46 by Paul Bowyer
Weston Moths
Not done a great deal of moth trapping lately but despite this have had the occasional nice moth. I trapped a Gem on 29th May which was the garden highlight. Yesterday (2nd June) I trapped a little micro in Sand Bay which turned out to be Chrysoesthia sexguttella. Cauchas fibulella was again found this year at Sand Point in two locations alongside the other two commoner Adelinae species. Chrysoesthia sexguttella

Chrysoesthia sexguttella

Fri 2nd June 2017 18:41 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
48 spp last night, Common Swift still very prolific 20+, followed by Straw Dot.  FFys Elephant HM, Small Dusky Wave, Small Yellow Wave, Riband Wave, Clay Triple Lines, Double Sq-spot, Lge YUW, Freyer's Pug, Thistle Ermine, Red-barred Tortrix, Cyclamen Tortrix, Notocelia trimaculana and rosaecolana, Nematopogon Swammerdamella. 0993 Cyclamen Tortrix 49.037 SD17
Fri 2nd June 2017 15:39 by Peter Tennant
Whitefield, Wiveliscombe - Min Temp 11.4 degrees

79 moths 0f 29 species including FFY - Small Angle Shades, Peach Blossom, Ingrailed Clay, Small Yellow Wave and True Lovers Knot.

Thu 1st June 2017 09:45 by Jane Durham
Argyresthia cupressella jd2017Fo moth jd 2017 Right here the pics are.  Is this Argyresthia cupressella? And followed by Fox Moth which was new to me

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