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current posts

Sun 30th June 2019 16:16 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
My first trapping session of year (due to broken wrist then holiday) produced 136 moths of 31 species, all of which were FFY. Most abundant macros were Heart and Dart (29), Large Yellow Underwing (17) and Dark Arches (17). Of interest were 5 Elephant Hawk-Moths, a Figure of Eighty and only my second record of Dioryctria abietella. Migrants were 1 Rush Veneer and 2 Diamond-backs.
Sun 30th June 2019 10:04 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 29/6/19
I don't normally trap on consecutive nights but as I was free and the weather was good, I did again last night. I had another good night, but numbers were lower than Friday night, which was to be expected due to the cooler temperatures.

I got 42 species last night, compared with the 74 on Friday night. 12 species were different to Friday, therefore making a total of 86 species from the two nights of trapping.

Highlights from last night were:

Elephant Hawkmoth, Eyed Hawkmoth, Scalloped Oak, Small Yellow Wave, Garden Carpet, Turnip, Garden Pebble, Dog's Tooth, Peppered Moth, Barred Yellow, Buff Ermine, Early Thorn, Common Wainscot, Small Dotted Buff, Paraswammerdania albicapitana.

Interestingly I had no Diamond-back moths last night.

Sat 29th June 2019 17:21 by Nigel Cottle
bishops hull. night of 28th june
Bird-cherry Ermine broke all records with 61 caught.

FFG: Acrobasis consociella, Cocksfoot Moth and Red-necked Footman.

Red-necked Footman 290619

Sat 29th June 2019 14:45 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
A mothfest in the MV last night, 75 spp and counting. Migrants..Vestal, White-point, Rush Veneer and 10+ Diamond Backs.  Highlights...Bordered Beauty, Fern, Broad-barred White, Beautiful Hook-tip, Blue-Bordered Carpet, Lackey, Scarlet Tigers, Privet HMs and both Large and Small Elephant HMs, Nephopterix angustella
Sat 29th June 2019 14:39 by Sue Davies
Green Down 26th
A Large Blue session also yielded 4 Orange-tailed Clearwing to lure and a Crescent Plume. Lots of P despicata, aurea and purpuralis.
Sat 29th June 2019 11:05 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 28/6/19
The hot weather brought the moths out last night in glorious abundance. I had 74 species, which I think is a garden record. Also some new species to me and many new to the garden. So happy to finally be able to immerse myself in a moth trap once again.

Some of the highlights were:

Scorched Carpet, Elephant Hawkmoth, Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Eyed Hakwmoth, Gold Triangle, Shark, Beautiful Hook-tip, Common Emerald, Iron Prominent, Mottled Beauty, Small Fan-foot, Brussels Lace, Poplar Grey, Phoenix, Scarlet Tiger, Burnished Brass, Fern, Cream-bordered Green Pea, Donacaula forficella, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, Short-cloaked moth, Limnaecia phragmitella, Blastodanca hellerella.

I also had 11 Diamond-back moths.

I also got a large Click Beetle which I think is Stenagostus rhombeus. Doesn't appear to be many south west records, although beetle distribution maps online are often not very accurate!

Fri 28th June 2019 18:40 by Steve Chapple
Clearwing search at Pen Elm
I had great fun today using the pheromone lures that I had as a Chrstmas present. Within a few minutes I had two Orange-tailed and two Red-belted both NFG. Later I took a VES lure to my mothers (1 mile away) and quickly caught another Orange-tailed. 

Red-belted Clearwing SC19
Fri 28th June 2019 10:56 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
27/6/19 - In spite of the strong breeze (and the possible attraction of the Glasto Festie) I still had a good catch - 161 moths, although not a particularly large number of species, viz. 29.  These included 5 FFYs - Lesser YU, Buff-tip, Lilac Beauty, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix (Archips podana), and Udea prunalis. The bulk of the catch was (of course) made up of Heart & Dart (50), Dark Arches (36) , and Large YU (16).  There will surely be more to round up this evening, as is usual.

Addendum - the round-up last evening produced a further 16 moths and 2 species - nothing new.

Wed 26th June 2019 14:30 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
25/6/19 - Not quite such a bumper "harvest" last night, with 169 moths of 40 species, including 8 FFYs - Cypress Carpet (2), Silver Y (2), Beautiful Hook-tip, Small Yellow Wave, Rustic, Syndemis musculana (2), Agapeta hamana (2), and an early Common Rustic agg.  Also a first for me, a Mottled Beauty f. conversaria, quite a spectacular moth, and so different to the standard form.  "Only" 28 Heart & Darts, and next in numbers, 19 Large YU.

I will probably not trap for the next few nights, as the lights from the Glastonbury Festival (2 miles or so away by crow) will very likely prove too much for the local moths to resist. Who knows?

26th pm A further 8 moths that had gone a.w.o.l. from the morning's assembly, and I collected late evening, including 1 FFY, a Snout.

Wed 26th June 2019 13:52 by Nigel Cottle
Bishops Hull. night of 25th June
Living on a modern housing estate and with a small garden means I don't have the "problem" of dealing with large catches. 162 moths of 43 species (27 macro, 16 micro) last night was about as busy as it gets.

Bird-cherry Ermine with 44 individuals was the most numerous species. This is similar to June 2018 when I caught 31 on 25th and 33 on 30th.

FFG: Brown Rustic and Rhodophaea formosa.

Rhodophaea formosa 250619

Rhodophaea formosa

Wed 26th June 2019 10:31 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
James McGill has positively identified two new micro species for my Taunton garden, Nemapogon clematella, which I found indoors yesterday, and Gypsonoma aceriana trapped on the 22nd July. Despite the number of cool and wet nights that have reduced the number of opportunities to trap I have had a very good year to date for new species. With a garden list of over 560 moths I have had 6 new macro species and 9 new micros so far out of a total of 177 species (56 micro/121 macro) recorded this year to date.

Nemapogon clematella SC19
Nemapogon clematella

Gypsonoma aceriana SC19
Gypsonoma aceriana
Tue 25th June 2019 08:45 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
Addendum to 23/6/19 - the evening round-up of strays from the morning's catch produced a further 28 moths and 4 species. One more FFY, a Small Fan-footed Wave. Totals 234 moths, 44 species.  Heart & Darts at 60 by far the largest individual species.

I agree Steve, very large numbers are hard work and not necessarily a good thing - I had a 500+ catch in July one year, and I was knackered !!

Mon 24th June 2019 22:30 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 24th June
Hopefully the biggest catch of the year I cannot do that again! 553 moths ( and I lost a good number), 57 macro species and 26 micros so far and 13 to do still. Usual suspects dominated LYU(127), Heart and dart(97) and Dark arches(40).

Out of that FFY were Common footman, Elephant hawk, Foxglove pug, Single dotted wave, Common emerald, Engrailed, Yellow shell, Lesser yellow underwing, Turnip, Flame, Clay, Double square spot (only second record last seen 2016), Peach blossom and L-album wainscot (2).

This is the first time I have seen L-album wainscot this early, all may previous records have been in Sept (2 singles in 2017) and Oct.(3 records in 2018 of 1,9 and 2) I believe it is established near here. Micros to follow.

Final count on the micros was 86, 35 species. Thanks to David Agassiz I have 6 FFG - Gypsonoma dealbana, Eucosoma cana, Pyraustra despicata, Coleophora lineola, Eucosoma obumbratana and Tortrix viridian, which was not green but white and had me completely flummoxed

Mon 24th June 2019 20:12 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock Sat. 22/06 min temp 13.8c
Best night of the year-so far, but a mini heatwave is coming! 312 moths 74 species so far. FFG - Small Seraphim (1). Another 13 species were FFY : Tinea semifulvella (1) ; Olindia schumacherana (1) ; Notocelia uddmanniana (1) ; Eudonia lacustrata (4) ; Eudonia delunella (1) ; Map-winged Swift (1) ; Ghost Moth (1) ; Privet Hawk Moth (1) ; Riband Wave (1) ; Broken-barred Carpet (1) ; Tawney-barred Angle (1) ; Snout (4) ; Grey Dagger agg. (1) ; Middle-barred Minor (6) and Grey Arches (1). 94 Heart and Dart may be a personal best for a single species.
Mon 24th June 2019 18:11 by Nigel Cottle
bishops hull
I came across this Beautiful Plume a little earlier today. My third garden record; the other two being on 27/10/2011 and 17/9/2018.

Beautiful Plume 240619

Mon 24th June 2019 16:15 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
I ran both traps a couple of nights ago with a total of 46 species, nothing too exciting to report with a handful of FFY: Smoky Wainscot, Foxglove Pug, Common Footman, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, Nephopterix angustella, Scoparia basistrigalis, Archips podana. Having reviewed my pictures again today I found a moth that I had initially disregarded that James McGill has now confirmed as Pseudatemelia josephinae - seemingly very rarely recorded in Somerset.

Pseudatemelia josephinae SC19
Pseudatemelia josephinae
Mon 24th June 2019 15:42 by Nigel Cottle
Several Acrocercops brongniardella mines found at Netherclay this morning; the first site record.

Acrocercops brongniardella 240619

Mon 24th June 2019 15:30 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
23/6/19 - What a difference a warm muggy night makes.  207 moths (so far) of 41 species, including one FFG, a Marbled White Spot, and 7 FFYs - Clay, Magpie Moth (2), Blood Vein, Carcina quercana, Notocelia uddmanniana (Bramble Shoot Moth), Thistle Ermine, and Clepsis consimilana.  Probably a bunch more of escapees to round up this evening.
Sun 23rd June 2019 18:49 by Nigel Cottle
Kingston St. mary garden. night of 22nd june
I ran a 125w MV Skinner in Kingston St. Mary until 01:30h this morning. 278 moths of 68 species (54 macro, 14 micro).

Nematopogon metaxella, Diamond-back Moth, Brown House-moth, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, Clepsis consimilana, Light Brown Apple Moth, Lozotaeniodes formosana, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, Bee Moth, Homoeosoma sinuella, Udea olivalis, Eudonia lacustrata, Eudonia delunella, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Peach Blossom, Poplar Hawkmoth, Elephant Hawkmoth, Dwarf Cream Wave, Small Dusty Wave, Treble Brown Spot, Riband Wave, Blood-vein, Mocha, Maiden's Blush, Garden Carpet, Common Carpet, Barred Yellow, Barred Straw, Common Marbled Carpet, Small Yellow Wave, Green Pug, Foxglove Pug, Grey Pug, Clouded Border, Scorched Carpet, Sharp-angled Peacock, Tawny-barred Angle incl. one f. nigrofulvata, Scorched Wing, Brimstone Moth, Peppered Moth, Willow Beauty, Mottled Beauty, Engrailed, Clouded Silver, Light Emerald, Brussels Lace, Common Emerald, Straw Dot, Snout, Pale Tussock, White Ermine, Fan-foot, Beautiful Hook-tip, Mottled Rustic, Uncertain, Vine's Rustic, Treble Lines, Dark Arches, Light Arches, Common Wainscot, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Heart and Dart, Heart and Club, Flame, Flame Shoulder, Large Yellow Underwing, Setaceous Hebrew Character, and Marbled Minor agg.

Sun 23rd June 2019 15:11 by John Bebbington
Last night (Saturday) was the best night's trapping to date this year - 220 moths of 35 species although over half the catch were Heart and Dart. First Privet and Small Elephant Hawk-moths of the year. Nothing exceptional in the trap but to my surprise a Red-belted Clearwing was sitting on the lamp cover. First I have ever seen. I put a lure out immediately but nothing before the rain set in.
Red-belted Clearwing (Synanthedon myopaeiformis) Langport
Red-belted Clearwing (Synanthedon myopaeiformis) Langport.
Sat 22nd June 2019 14:23 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
I have a large patch of creeping thyme in my garden which is very attractive to bumble bees. Whilst watching the bees this morning I saw and potted for identification 3 Currant Clearwings. I have recorded this species a number of times here when I have found them stuck in the greenhouse or conservatory but it is the first clearwing I've ever come across in a natural setting.
Sat 22nd June 2019 12:20 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
21/6/19 - another lousy night's trapping - only 33 moths of 12 species, with Eudonia delunella and Clouded Border the only FFY.  Almost half of the total were Heart & Darts (15), as one might expect.
Fri 21st June 2019 17:37 by Nigel Cottle
haddon hill
The highlight of my visit to Haddon Hill today was Olethreutes arcuella. Also: Anania fuscalis, Bilberry Tortrix, Catoptria margaritella, Eudonia pallida, Cydia ulicetana, Celypha lacunana, Common Wave and Common Heath.

Olethreutes arcuella 210619

Thu 20th June 2019 19:02 by Nigel Cottle
silk mills lnr Part II
Whilst sheltering from the rain under a Willow sp. this afternoon I noticed this mine. It keys out to Stigmella obliquella and looks as though it might be another 'first' for ST22.

Stigmella obliquella 200610

Thu 20th June 2019 17:26 by Nigel Cottle
silk mills lnr part I
Grapholita compositella today - possibly the first record from ST22.

Grapholita compositella 200619

Thu 20th June 2019 12:03 by Nigel Cottle
Young Wood - 19th June.
A fairly quiet four hours in Young Wood last night with only 90 moths of 35 species (22 macro, 13 micro). Nevertheless, some good moths including Brown Oak Tortrix, Blotched Emerald and Mottled Beauty f. conversaria. Full list:

Nematopogon metaxella, Tachystola acroxantha, Brown Oak Tortrix, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, Green Oak Tortrix, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, Celypha lacunana, Bramble Shoot Moth, Cydia splendana, Anania lancealis, Udea olivalis, Eudonia angustea, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Peach Blossom, Poplar Hawkmoth, Treble Brown Spot, Riband Wave, Mocha, Clay Triple-lines, Silver-ground Carpet, Barred Yellow, Tawny-barred Angle, Willow Beauty, Mottled Beauty, Light Emerald, Blotched Emerald, Buff-tip, Buff Ermine, Orange Footman, Treble Lines, Small Dotted Buff, Clouded Brindle, Purple Clay, Ingrailed Clay and Large Yellow Underwing.

Mottled Beauty f conversaria

Mottled Beauty f. conversaria

Thu 20th June 2019 11:03 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
19/6/19 - hopes for a good night's trapping dashed yet again.  just 35 moths of 18 species, but at least including one FFG, a Dark Brocade, and 8 FFYs - Scorched Wing, Rustic, Uncertain (3), Common Wainscot (2), Small Fan-foot, White Plume., Eucosma cana, and Eudonia lacustrata (3).  Believe it or not, only two Heart & Darts (that's probably why the total was so small).
Wed 19th June 2019 20:38 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock Monday 17/06/2019
Dichrorampha petiverella netted in the afternoon (FFY) Monday nights trapping produced 172 moths of 72 species.  Two FFG : Pseudatemilia josephinae (1) - subject to confirmation and Pyrausta despicata (1). A further ten FFY : Blastobasis lacticolella (1) ; Epagoge grotiana (1) ; Cochlimorpha straminae (1) ; Bee Moth (1) ; Blood Vein (1) ; Purple Bar (1) ; Green Carpet (2) ; Poplar Grey (1) ; Mottled Rustic (1) and Purple Clay (1).
Wed 19th June 2019 17:12 by Paul Newman
Sorry for the confusion, Ian, but my Met Office forecast promised rain for most of the night.  What do they know? Tonight's looks much better, so I live in hope.

Interesting that your species count is now over 150 - mine just passed 100 on Sunday night.  You are blessed !!

Wed 19th June 2019 15:29 by Nigel Cottle
Bishops Hull
Dichrorampha alpinana today; recorded annually on the Oxeye Daisies in my garden since 2014.

Dichrorampha alpinana 190619

Wed 19th June 2019 12:30 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
Paul, your comment yesterday that the forecast for trapping that night was poor confused me. The BBC forecast for here, about 10 miles from Pylle, was for overcast skies and very little wind. I thought it looked more promising than most nights this month and so it proved with the best catch of the year so far. 189 macros of 38 species was the result with the best moth being my first Reddish Light Arches since 2011.
Fanfoot was my 150th species of the year which is the average date over the last 15 years for reaching that total. My 100th species was a week earlier than the average and illustrates how the moths have slowed. Although last night was encouraging it is still only half of what I would have expected in a decent year.
Tue 18th June 2019 21:38 by John Bebbington
Langport, 17-18 June 2019
Trapping here has been dire as housing development is marching on - another 30 houses approved at the bottomof our garden!

However last night was an improvement - first L-album Wainscot in 13 years trapping.
L-album Wainscot Langport 17 Jun 2019
L-album Wainscot Langport 17 Jun 2019.

Also a single Small Eggar larva on a local Blackthorn hedge, althugh no trace of larval webs in the area.
Small Eggar 5th instar larva Langport
Small Eggar 5th instar larva

Walking the dog in town this afternoon I found a pristine female Scarlet Tiger.
Scarlet Tiger (Callimorpha dominula) Langport 18 Jun 2019
Scarlet Tiger (Callimorpha dominula) Langport 18 Jun 2019
Tue 18th June 2019 16:55 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 18th june
A nice variety of moths last night 159 macros 38 spp. A good crop of micros as well -54 which will keep me busy for some hours yet.

Catch was dominated by Heart and Dart (51) and LYU (19). One FFG - Shoulder striped wainscot and 11 FFYs - Four dotted footman(2nd record), Blood vein, Brussels lace(3), Clouded border, Pearly underwing, Light Arches, Clouded bordered brindle, Mottled rustic, Silky wainscot, Beautiful hooktip and Snout (4).

Tue 18th June 2019 08:29 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
Addendum to 16/6/19 - escapees from the morning opening provided another 6 moths and 2 species, including a FFY Barred Straw.  Totals now 70 moths, 29 species.  Onwards and upwards.

Looking at the forecast, there will be no mothing tonight !!

Mon 17th June 2019 22:44 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
Best night of the year so far with 162 moths of 56 species. Lots of FFY including: Striped Wainscot, Eyed Hawkmoth, Lackey, Barred Straw (6), Dark Arches (7), Flame, Sycamore, Rhodophaea formosa, Yarrow Plume plus a few more micros still to identify.

Addition: James McGill has confirmed: Epinotia abbreviana (2 and NFG), Lathronympha strigana and Taleporia tubulosa (another NFG).

Epinotia abbreviana 19
Epinotia abbreviana

Taleporia tubulosa SC19
Taleporia tubulosa
Mon 17th June 2019 12:21 by Paul Bowyer
My first trip to Thurlbear in a decade or more went quite well. Micros made up the bulk with Ectoedemia subbimaculella netted at first. Tinea semifulvella sat on a leaf and then a dark coleophora I thought I had netted turned out to be Eulamprotes unicolorella. Athes tesserana flitted about in low vegetation but the star of the afternoons visit for me was Argolamprotes micella. Later determinations of captures were of Endothenia ustulana and Dichrorampha aeratana

Argolamprotes micella 15-6-19

Argolamprotes micella


Eulamprotes unicolorella

Mon 17th June 2019 10:12 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
16/6/19 - getting a bit better daily, but still not what it should be.  64 moths of 27 species.  The shortage of numbers made better by 2 FFGs, May Highflyer and Reddish Light Arches (2), plus 8 FFYs - Brussels Lace, Light Arches (2), Flame, Common Wave, Crambus perlella (3), Brown House-moth, Thistle Ermine and Pseudogyrotoza conwagana.  Why is it that the longest names always belong to the smallest moths?
Sun 16th June 2019 20:59 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock 09/06/2019
55 moths of 20 species. Compared with the same date last year when the haul was 286! What a summer!  Only 2 FFY : Celypha striana (1) and Small Magpie (1).  I had another FFY in the afternoon when I disturbed a Cloaked Carpet in the garden. When walking the dog on Great Hill in the Quantocks after the morning rain I came across an Alabonia geoffrella , which appears to be a first record for the 10k square.
Sun 16th June 2019 11:34 by Sue Davies
Butleigh Orchard
It looked a bit more settled last night so put the lure out for Grapholita lobarzewskii on the other side of our neighbouring cider orchard. 25 in it this morning, no other species this time. Grapholita lobarzewskii to specific lure SD19
Sun 16th June 2019 09:36 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 16th June
49 moths, 19 species but nothing of note to report. Poplar hawk, Burnished brass, Heart and dart dominant (25).

Couple of Hummingbird hawk moths on the garden Valerian for the last few days, between downpours.

Sat 15th June 2019 11:38 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
14/6/19 - a bit better, but still poor.  Just 30 moths last night, of 18 species, including FFYs Green Pug, Mottled Beauty and Buff Ermine, plus a very late Pale Pinion.  Heart & Darts (8), as everywhere, the most numerous.
Fri 14th June 2019 16:36 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
A pristine Delicate in the trap this morning along with Silver Y., 28spp in all, Heart and Dart by far the most numerous here too. FFYs, Brussels Lace, Barred Straw, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Small China-mark, Udea olivalis, Notocelia rosaecolana, Garden Pebble and a garden first Pandemis cinnamomeana (m). 73.295 BF2195 Delicate SD19 49.023 Pandemis cinnamomeana SD19
Thu 13th June 2019 08:36 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 12/6/19
Low-ish numbers for me too last night here in Middlezoy, though wasn't necessarily expecting a lot due to the rain and temperatures. Had 15 species, Heart and Dart was the most numerous by far with 16 turning up. Other highlights were: Foxglove Pug, Buff Ermine, Heart and Club, Burnished Brass.
Tue 11th June 2019 17:07 by Paul Newman
Don't feel guilty Tim, I'm just sulking quietly in a dark corner
Mon 10th June 2019 16:49 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock 09/06/2019
Sorry Paul, I don't want to rub it in, but 83 moths of 30 species, including two FFG. Currant Moth (1) and Puss Moth (2). A further four FFY : Rusty-dot Pearl (1) ; May Highflyer (1) ; Small Rivulet (1) and Brown Rustic (1). Also of note : Flame Carpet (1) ; Scorched Wing (1) ; Light Emerald (3) ; Pale Prominent (1) ; Buff-tip (2) ; Cinnebar (1) ; Pale-shouldered Brocade (1) ; Shears (1) and Dark Swordgrass (1). Top scorer: Heart and Dart (27).
Mon 10th June 2019 11:20 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
9/6/19 - an improvement on the previous night, but that's not saying a lot.  9 moths, of 8 species, and no FFYs.  Even allowing for the fairly low temperature, that's very poor.
Sun 9th June 2019 09:03 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
8/6/19 - Last year - 109 moths of 38 species, this year - 5 of 3.  Perhaps the heavy rain yesterday had some effect, but otherwise, what?
Thu 6th June 2019 17:38 by Nigel Cottle
Adcombe Wood. night of 5th June.
I ran a 20w Actinic Skinner at Adcombe Wood last night. Unfortunately at about 23:15h the heavens opened and remained well and truly open so I was forced to pack up early. Just 29 moths of 15 species: Common Swift, Cream Wave, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Silver-ground Carpet, Small Phoenix, Green Carpet, Common Pug, Sharp-angled Peacock, Brimstone Moth, Scalloped Hazel, White-pinion Spotted, Light Emerald, Buff Ermine, Dark Arches and Ingrailed Clay.
Thu 6th June 2019 06:18 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 6th June
135 moths 34 species. FFY Eyed hawkmoth, Swallow prominent, Gold spot, Rustic shoulder knot and Lime speck pug.Big numbers, as expected, were Heart and dart (43), Setaceous HC (22).

Dog's tooth has been in the last 3 traps this year, a moth seen here for the first time last year, now becoming a bit of a regular.

Wed 5th June 2019 16:14 by Paul Newman
Nigel - I do like these fellas - how they manage to fly through narrow gaps with their antennae outstretched and without bumping into anything and getting a headache, is remarkable (well, perhaps they do !!)
Wed 5th June 2019 15:02 by Nigel Cottle
Staple & Ruttersleigh Commons 5th June.
A small swarm of male Nemophora degeerella with Micropterix aruncella the other highlight. Also: Micropterix calthella, Bactra lancealana, Cydia ulicetana, Glyphipterix thrasonella and Cinnabar.

Nemophora degeerella 050619

Wed 5th June 2019 12:32 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton 3rd June evening
I luckily managed to box this Elachista argentella (NFG) that fluttered past me in the evening during my watering duties. Thanks (again) to James McGill for confirmation.

Elachista argentella 2019a
Elachista argentella
Tue 4th June 2019 20:42 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock 03/06/2019
137 moths of 44 species.  FFG : Light Brocade (1).  12 further FFY : Adela degeerella (1 flying before sunset) ; Nematopogon schwarziellus (1) ; Clepsis consimilana (1) ; Eyed Hawk Moth (1) ; Satin Wave (1) ; Sandy Carpet (1) ; Brussels Lace (1) ; Orange Footman (1) ; Dusky Brocade (1) ; Dark Arches (3) ; Shears (1) ; and Double Line (1).  35 Treble Lines , 23 Heart and Dart and 15 Shoulder-striped Wainscot made up the bulk of the rest.
Tue 4th June 2019 16:12 by Chris Iles
Small Eggar nests
It's the time for larval nests on hedgerows at the moment.  Some of the ermine moths seem to be doing well, and here is a nest of Small Eggar found at Norton St Philip in the north-east of the county, where there are not too many records of the moth.  I usually happen across a couple of larval nests every year, but have never seen the adult moth.

Small Eggar larvae 31052019

Tue 4th June 2019 16:09 by Chris Iles
Pammene regiana
Pammene regiana 04062019

Reared from sycamore keys I collected last autumn from a hedgerow in Stratton-on-the-Fosse.  If it turns up from a random collection of seeds here, it ought to be generally widespread across the county.

Tue 4th June 2019 15:00 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Same here Paul- very disappointing just 18spp, Heart and Dart and Treble lines most numerous, FFYs Light Emerald,Small Square-spot,Riband Wave, Straw Dot, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Nematopogon swamerdamella, Lathronymopha strigana and a very nice Telechrysis tripuncta. 32.050 0646 Telechrysis tripuncta SD19
Tue 4th June 2019 09:45 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
3/6/19 - back down to what has been the recent norm.  In spite of the fairly mild night and new moon, just 23 moths of 12 species.  Two FFYs, Large Yellow U/Wing and Udea olivalis.  Heart & Darts (11) by far the most numerous.
Sun 2nd June 2019 17:16 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
99 moths of 48 species last night, one NFG a Dwarf Pug, thanks to James for confirmation. Lots of FFY including: Shears, Brussels Lace, Common Swift (2), Sharp-angled Peacock, Scorched Wing, Nematopogon swammerdamella and Ephestia woodiella.
Sun 2nd June 2019 13:18 by Nigel Cottle
bishops hull. night of 1st June
Several FFY: Bryotropha terrella, Cydia pomonella, Hedya pruniana, Dichrorampha acuminatana, Enarmonia formosana (2nd garden record), Rhyacionia pinivorana (2nd garden record), Ringed China-mark, Cypress Carpet, Double Square-spot, Dark Arches, Yellow-barred Brindle and Green Pug.

Enarmonia formosana 010619

Enarmonia formosana

Sun 2nd June 2019 12:55 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
1/6/19 - considering the mild night and little moonlight, quite disappointing - 69 moths of 28 species.  FFYs were Lime-speck Pug (2), Chrysoteuchia culmella (4), Middle-barred Minor, Dusky Brocade (2), Riband Wave, Orange Footman and Pandemis cerasana.  There may be one or two more to round up this evening, as I'm sure there wre escapees.  Watch this space.

9.00pm - This space duly watched - 3 more moths, including FFY Silver-ground Carpet.  Not very exciting.

Sun 2nd June 2019 09:09 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake Friday 30th
Late entry due to widespread Broadband failure in our area.

302 moths 66 species kept me busy for a prolonged period. Cream spot tiger was the highlight as I had not seen this since 2007. Heart and dart(60) SHC(51) and Treble Lines(30) were the big numbers. FFY Common pug(3) Scorched wing. Green pug(2) Riband wave. Common carpet. Sharp angled peacock. Small yellow wave. Dog's tooth. Smoky wainscot. Alder moth. Coronet. Uncertain(3) Rustic. Spectacle(3) Straw dot(4) and Poplar hawkmoth.

Sat 1st June 2019 09:11 by Benjamin Bond
Wellington 01/06/2019
Caught 92 moths of 34 species last night. Highlights were Lychnis (4), Pale Tussock, Blood-vein, Spectacle, Garden Carpet, Orange Footman, Shark (FFG), Clouded Silver, Poplar Kitten, Middle-barred Minor, Elephant Hawk-moth (3), Yellow-barred Brindle, Willow Beauty, Grey Pug (2), Treble Brown Spot, and Pammene regiana. Also, on the 30th I found a Juniper Pug (FFG) in the garden.

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