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current posts

Tue 30th June 2020 17:28 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Quieter last night, with 82 moths of 20 species. FFY were Celypha striana, Single-dotted wave, Turnip Moth (2) and Common Rustic agg. (3). Heart and Dart is still the main species (34) but some are now looking very worn or have bits of wing missing! Earlier in the day I found an Early Grey caterpillar when I was curtting back an overgrown Jasmine.
Tue 30th June 2020 13:59 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
29/6/20 - much the same sort of numbers last night - 102 moths so far, of 33 species, including FFYs Common Rustic agg (2), Light Arches, Bramble Shoot Moth, Single-dotted Wave and V-Pug.  Still very few micros as has become normal this year., only 5 species last night.
Mon 29th June 2020 16:54 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
Batia lunaris found at my kitchen window last night.

Batia lunaris 2020
Batia lunaris
Mon 29th June 2020 13:19 by Paul Newman
Ian - looking at the photos on UK Moths website, you could well be right.  Perhaps you could send your pic. to an acknowledged expert for verification.  Say, Paul Waring, Phil Sterling etc.
Mon 29th June 2020 10:28 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
A much smaller catch last night but it did include this moth. I have tentatively identified it as a Splendid Brocade but would appreciate any corrections or confirmation. This species is not illustrated in any of my books and due to the Covid situation I am reluctant to show it to anyone. splendid brocade
Sat 27th June 2020 13:45 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel 26.6.2020
LappetTemperature much lower than the previous evenings with 33 moths of 18 species. NFY were Brown-tail, Dusky Brocade, Cloaked Minor and Common Rustic. NFG was a Lappet, a little worn but most welcome.

No sign of any Scarlet Tigers after the 18 over the last two trappings.

Fri 26th June 2020 19:03 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 26th June
I had similar problem to Ian, hundreds of ground beetles, so the trap was alive rather than full of resting moths. I too lost a good number. I also had a 'bloom' of Water veneer, again 100s which added to the mess at the bottom of the trap. I think I will probably break the 100 species for the first time. I say probably because I am still looking at 6 micros and I am on 95 at the moment.

FFG were Pammene regiana and Small rivulet which was one that initially got away in the chaos but was later found on the outside of a window which was good news as it would probably ended up being recorded as a Rivulet.

18 FFY included Carcina quercana, Aclereis forsskelana, Chilo phragmitella, Water veneer!, Anania crocealis, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Spinach, Small fanfooted wave, Small yellow wave, Yellow shell, Cream bordered green pea, Buff arches and a very worn Kent black arches.

Fri 26th June 2020 18:24 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
I was hoping for a bumper night and I wasn't disappointed. 502 macros of 91 species was easily the best of the year. It included 25 year firsts, the best of which were Lobster Moth, Small Dotted Buff, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Blackneck and Poplar Lutestring. Migrants were 7 Silver Ys and 2 Dark Sword Grass.
Highlights were the exceptional numbers of some species. 25 Elephant Hawk Moths was a record as was 7 Leopard Moths that I normally only ever see as singletons. Also of note was 23 Common Rustic which don't normally peak here until August.
The moths were joined in the trap by hundreds of Ground Beetles which aggravated the moths and caused quite a few to fly off before I was able to record them.
Fri 26th June 2020 18:02 by Nigel Cottle
bishops hull
Night of 25/6.

FFG: Plain Pug

FFY’s included Lesser Yellow Underwing, Swallow-tailed Moth, Small Blood-vein, Vapourer, Single-dotted Wave and Scarlet Tiger.

Micros (25 species) included Zelleria hepariella, Swammerdamia pyrella, Acleris kochiella, Ancylis achatana, Zeiraphera isertana, Grapholita janthinana, Nephopterix angustella, Acrobasis advenella, Pyrausta despicata, Ringed China-mark and Diamond-back Moth (4).

Towards the end of June is when numbers of Bird-cherry Ermine usually put in an appearance and, sure enough, a gang of 39 joined the party on this occasion.

Plain Pug 250620

Plain Pug

Grapholita janthinana 250620

Grapholita janthinana

Acleris kochiella 250620

Acleris kochiella

Fri 26th June 2020 10:58 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 25/6/20
73 species in the trap this morning, highlights:

Leopard, Buff-tip, Swallow-tailed, Chinese Character, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Shark, Anania coronata, Muslin Footman, Peach Blossom, Acrobasis repandana, Small Rivulet, Catoptria pinella, European Corn Borer, Mompha ochraceella.

63 species on Wednesday night, 73 species on Thursday night - 36 species different thus making 99 species from the 2 nights!

The Acrobasis repandana is relatively scarce in Somerset, there have been approximately 15 modern records, last record was from 2018. There appears to have been a dispersal or influx of them on the south coast the past few nights, with large numbers being recorded in places like Weymouth.

Thu 25th June 2020 22:11 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
A disappointing 57 species for such a warm night. 20 FFY included: Small Fan-foot (2), Short-cloaked, Small Emerald, Buff Arches, Swallowtailed (2), Tortrix viridana, Batia lunaris, Gypsonoma dealbana, Eucosma cana, Euzophera pinguis, Rhodophaea formosa and Phycitodes binaevella.
Thu 25th June 2020 20:43 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock Tuesday 23/06/20
271 of 91 species. In this weather I don't think I want many more than that !  Selected FFY : Carcina quercana ; Brindled Plume (2) ; Epinotia immundana ; Pammene fasciana ; Strophedra nitidana ; Gypsonoma dealbana ; Mother of Pearl ; Eudonia delunella ; Peach Blossom (2) ; Buff Arches ; Barred Straw ; Green Pug ; Large Emerald ; Common Footman ; Fan Foot ; Burnished Brass ; Small Dotted Buff ; Clay (2) and Lesser Yellow Underwing.  Prior to starting on the traps on Weds. morning, a FFG in the form of Raspberry Moth - Lampronia corticella landed on the kitchen window.
Thu 25th June 2020 18:44 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
The mothing here recently has been very moderate. I am averaging about 200 macros a night of about 40 species, well down on what I would normally expect given the time of year and the weather. The few highlights include my first ever Satin Wave and my second ever Orange Moth. The bad news about the latter was that only one wing remained after the bats had found it but the good news was that it was an easily identifiable forewing.
Last year it was posted that a number of Privet Hawk Moth caterpillars had been found on Ham Hill. This species has been increasing in numbers here in the last few years and I have already had more this year (18) than any previous year.
On Ham Hill this afternoon there were signs of migrant activity with about 10 Silver Ys, at least 2, possibly more, Humming Bird Hawk Moths on the rock face and a single Painted Lady. The forecast for tonight is excellent for moths so I'm looking forward to a bumper catch.
Thu 25th June 2020 17:00 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Best night of the year by a mile, 96 species and a few more to ID, not counting! FFY Highlights.. 3.Kent Black Arches, Bordered Beauty, 4 Leopard Moths, Short Cloaked Moth, Muslin Footman, Swallowtails, Scarlet Tigers. 30 Orange-tailed Clearwings to VES And FOR lures in the garden under our Dogwood yesterday and today a first, two Red-tipped Clearwings as well as another 5 Orange-tailed to FOR lure by old water-cress pond in the field behind our garden. 0380 Synanthedon formicaeformis Red-tipped Clearwing SD20 2076 74.002 Kent Black Arches Meganola albula SD20
Thu 25th June 2020 11:18 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel 24.6.2020
Trapped until 2345hrs 24.6.2020

75 moths of 30 species. NFY were Variegated Golden Tortrix, Clepsis consimiliana, Ringed China-mark, Mother of Pearl, Small Emerald, Scalloped Oak, Short-cloaked moth and Silver Y.

Others included Leopard moth, Small Blood-vein, Box-tree moth, Barred Straw, Blue-bordered Carpet, Swallow-tailed moth x 4, Elephant Hawkmoth x 4, Small Elephant Hawkmoth x 2 and Scarlet Tiger x 11. Scarlet Tigers were everywhere. I'm only used to ones or twos and there were none the night before.

Thu 25th June 2020 10:06 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
addendum to 23/6 - the escaped "wave" turned out to be a FFG Grass Rivulet.  A further 7 moths rounded up last night, making the total 118 moths, 34 species.
Thu 25th June 2020 08:42 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 24/6/20
62 species in the trap this morning, great to see lots of moths! Highlights:

Cloaked Minor, Nut-tree Tussock, Brussels Lace, Scarlet Tiger, Common Emerald, Coronet, Common Footman, Gold Triangle, Lackey, Yellow-tail, Cypress Carpet, Fan-foot, Clouded Silver, Light Emerald, Haworth's Pug, Calamatropa paludella, Acrobasis suavella.

15 Elephant Hawk-moths was great too. Also quite a few Beautiful Hook-tip (5 in total), which seemed unusual for me.

Wed 24th June 2020 18:26 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
An excellent night last night, with 129 moths of 48 species. It was one of those nights that makes the humdrum ones worth enduring, since I had both Puss Moth (FFG) and Leopard Moth (FFY) outside of the trap. Other FFY were Psychoides verhuella, Bryotropha terrella, Lozotaenia forsterana, Grey Tortrix, Light Grey Tortrix (2nd record), Marbled Orcgar Tortix, Eudonia delunella, Swallow Prominent, Broad-barred White (only third record and first since 2 in 2015), Small Angle Shades, The Rustic, Beautiful Hook-tip and Small Fan-foot (first for 3 years, not annual). It was the best night of the year for micros.

Postscript: I should have made it clear that my recording software doesn’t allow recording of just genus. The 2 Cnephasia sp. we’re probably as stated but I will aggregate them when I send to the Recorder.

Wed 24th June 2020 17:14 by Nigel Cottle
Dead Woman's Ditch
Last night I spent a productive four hours with two traps and several Nightjars for company at Dead Woman’s Ditch.

248 moths of 73 species (56 macro, 17 micro).

Macros included: Beautiful Snout, Bilberry Pug, Scallop Shell, Plain Wave, Gold Swift, Map-winged Swift, Northern Spinach, May Highflyer, July Highflyer, Double Line, July Belle, Grass Emerald and Tawny-barred Angle.

Micros included: Argyresthia bonnetella, A. brockeella, Agriphila inquinatella and two scarcer species in the form of Spatalistis bifasciana and Pempelia palumbella.

Spatalistis bifasciana 230620

Spatalistis bifasciana

Pempelia palumbella 230620

Pempelia palumbella

Wed 24th June 2020 11:55 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
23/6/20 - a warm muggy night should hsve produced a large catch, but in the event much the same as recent trappings. Just over 100 moths, of 34 species, including FFYs Buff Arches, Swallow-tailed Moth (2), Drinker and Syndemis musculana. There was also a small Wave which escaped before accurate ID, and I hope to find later.
Wed 24th June 2020 00:15 by Chris Iles
Small Ranunculus
This Small Ranunculus emerged this evening - I collected a few larvae from my garden last summer and reared them through.  The larvae are easy to find if you can find good stands of the plant (prickly lettuce - a species of disturbed ground) but this is the first time I have reared the adult.  A Lesser-spotted Pinion also emerged today, and Herald and Dun-bar yesterday.  Perhaps they are telling us that there may be a few good moth nights on the way.

Small Ranunculus 24062020

Mon 22nd June 2020 19:57 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
Flushed with success at attracting four different species of Clearwing in my garden (three so far this year) I have been trying the MYO/TIP/VES combinations to attract the Red-tipped Clearwing but without success. There are several large old willows and an abandoned osier bed less that 50 yards from my garden so I always felt there was a chance. As a last resort I ordered a FOR lure from ALS and it arrived today. I hung it out at about 3pm, it was a little too breezy but after half an hour I had attracted my first Red-tipped Clearwing (NFG). A good record I think and seemingly the first for my 10km square.

Red-tipped Clearwing 2020

Synanthedon formicaeformis (Red-tipped Clearwing)
Mon 22nd June 2020 17:27 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Last night ended up quite clear, cool and breezy here but I still recorded 57 moths of 18 species. FFY were Eudonia mercurella (2), Clay Triple-lines (not annual here) and Common Footman. Earlier in the day I found a FFY Small Dusty Wave taking refuge on a recycling bin!

The garden proved productive this morning when I found FFY Mother of Pearl and Scarlet Tiger. The latter is my first record since 2014, when, as my only record, I found three caterpillars, so it's nice to get an adult. I've now recorded three Tiger species this year (adult or larva).

Mon 22nd June 2020 17:04 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
21/6/20 - after a couple of nights rained off, a new moon and light wind, I had hoped for a reasonable catch.  Wrong !!  Only 59 moths, of 22 species.  The only FFY were 3 Shoulder-striped Wainscots..  Even the Heart & Darts (19) were largely absent.  Ho hum.
Sun 21st June 2020 12:26 by Paul Bowyer
East Harptree
More bug hunting this time in East Harptree was productive for day flying moths. First was a Psychoides verhuella on a roadside verge. Later in woods I netted 2 Olindia schumacherana and a Diplodoma laichartingella

Diplodoma laichartingella

Diplodoma laichartingella

Sun 21st June 2020 10:07 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 20th June
249 moths 62 species. FFG was Firethorn leaf miner. FFY were Crambus perlella, Eudonia lineola, Bee moth, Clay triple lines, Small blood vein, Small emerald, Lackey(2 males), Yellow-tail and Ghost moth (female).

From 31st May Paul Wilkins has confirmed Syncopacma cinctella which is an even better record than S.taeniolella which I thought it might be. There are no recent records for VC5 or VC6 and only 3 records in total 1955,1917 and 1913.

From the 3rd June Paul has also confirmed Eucosma obumbratana. Strangely there are 17 records for VC5 all from 2000 onwards but only 3 records for VC6 and none recent - 1906,1980 and 1994

Sun 21st June 2020 09:06 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 20/6/20
23 species in the trap this morning. Highlights:

Bright-line Brown-eye, Clay, Spectacle, Beautiful Hook-tip, White Ermine, Early Thorn, Smoky Wainscot, Eyed Hawk-moth, Wormwood Pug, Mottled Beauty.

Sat 20th June 2020 15:06 by Nigel Cottle
Caloptilia cuculipennella
The highlight of a walk around Netherclay LNR today was finding a mine and leaf cone of 15.002 Caloptilia cuculipennella on Ash.

Caloptilia cuculipennella 200620 1

Caloptilia cuculipennella 200620 2

Sat 20th June 2020 10:13 by Nigel Cottle
bishops hull
Night of 19/6:

FFG: Acrobasis repandana.

FFY: Fan-foot, Lackey, Barred Straw, Common Emerald and Broad-barred White.

Thu 18th June 2020 17:23 by John Day
Yeovil, 17th June 2020
First record of Ostrinia nubilalis at this site (European Corn-borerOstrinia nubilalis (European Corn-borer))
Thu 18th June 2020 16:46 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
A fair night before the deluge, but not a patch on Tim's! 34 macro and 18 micro spp. FFYs Flame Shoulder, Green & Haworth's Pugs, Common Emerald, Small Dotted Buff, Double Square-spot, Eudonia Lacustrata, Carcina Quercana, Hypsoglossa glaucinalis and costalis, Donalcaula forficella m and Lozotaenoides formosana.

1813 70.146 Haworth's Pug Eupithecia haworthiata SD20

Thu 18th June 2020 15:59 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock Monday 15/06/20
Best night for variety this year. 72 Micros of 26 species. Two FFG : Nematapogon metaxella and Acrolepiopsis assectella (The Leek Moth).  FFY : Tinea semifulvella ; Diamond-back Moth ; Large Fruit-tree Tortrix (2) ; Plum Tortrix ; Aethis cnicana ; Epinotia bilunaca ; Bramble Shoot Moth (2) ; Phycitodes binaevella ; Udea prunalis and Crambus perlella (2). There is also a candidate for Eudonia truncicolella which will have to wait for the computer to agree to send e-mails again before confirmation.  On the macro front: 226 moths of 57 species. FFY : Single-dotted Wave ; Beautiful Carpet (only my 2nd -last one 2016) ; Northern Spinach ; Clouded Silver ; Grey Dagger agg ; Grey Arches ; Double Line ; Smoky Wainscot and Purple Clay (3).  Others of note : Celypha striana (7) ; Blastobasis lacticolella (2) ; Bee Moth ; Pyrausta purpuralis ; Udea olivaris (24) ; Poplar and Elephant Hawk Moths ; Dwarf Cream Wave (6) ; Foxglove Pug (6) ; Scorched Wing (3) ; Brussels Lace (4) ; Lobster Moth ; Buff Ermine (13) ; Orange Footman ; Shoulder-striped Wainscot (19) ; Heart and Dart (52) ; Flame (5) and True Lovers Knot.
Wed 17th June 2020 18:42 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
The best night of the year so far, 102 moths of 36 species. FFY were Common Swift, Crambus perlella, The Lackey (2 males, the first for 4 years), Small Blood-vein, Satin Wave (2nd record), Treble Brown Spot, Riband Wave, Slender Pug, Currant Pug and Peppered Moth. The afternoon of the 15th produced The Vapourer on the wall of the house, my 4th record.
Wed 17th June 2020 15:04 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
16/6/20 - similar numbers (108), but a bit more variety (the Heart & Darts were reduced to a mere 33), with 35 species, including 8 FFYs Magpie, Rustic, Silver Y, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Crambus perlella, Bee Moth, Grey Tortrix agg., and Eudonia lacustrata.  Good to see a few micros making an appearance at last.

Addendum 17/6 p.m.  6 more moths, 2 more species, no FFYs

Wed 17th June 2020 14:44 by Nigel Cottle
bishops hull
Night of 14/6.

FFG: Aethes cnicana.

Other micros included: Bird-cherry Ermine, Dichrorampha alpinana (this species has been breeding on the garden Oxeye daisies annually since 2014), Celypha striana, Scoparia ambigualis, Monopis crocicapitella and Ancylis achatana.

FFY: Barred Yellow.

Night of 16/6.

FFG: Notocelia trimaculana.

FFY: Thistle Ermine, Treble Brown Spot and Light Arches.

Tue 16th June 2020 21:00 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
44 species - nothing exeptional. 7 FFY*: Fan-foot, Coronet (2), Scoparia basistrigalis, Ancylis achatana, Pandemis cerasana (Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix) plus Adela rufimitrella and Orange-tailed Clearwing (2, VES lure) earlier in the afternoon.
* Two more FFY in the 'round-up' - Single-dotted Wave and Brachmia blandella
Tue 16th June 2020 09:15 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel
Trapped until 2330hrs 15.6.2020

77 moths of 34 species. NFG were Athrips mouffetella and White Satin. NFY were Common Emerald, Barred Straw, Common Wave, Scarce Footman, Poplar Grey, Sycamore and Fan-foot. Most numerous were 15 Garden Grass Veneer. Others included Elephant Hawkmoth (7), Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Scarlet Tiger, Small Magpie (4) and Treble Brown Spot (4).

Mon 15th June 2020 17:42 by Rob Grimmond
Pretty unexciting last night, 52 moths of 17 species. FFY were Nettle-tap (earlier in the day), Double-striped Pug and The Flame.
Mon 15th June 2020 14:14 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
14/6/20 - similar numbers, and still little variety - 100 moths, 25 species, including just two FFYs, Brown House-moth and Common Footman (3).  Heart & Darts (55) still the greatest contributors, and only 6 micros.

addendum p.m. 15/6 4 more moths, 2 more species, including FFY Udea prunalis.

Sun 14th June 2020 17:43 by Benjamin Bond
Wellington 14/06/2020
I put out a pheromone trap in my garden for the first time today. I started out with TIP and within two hours I had caught 3 Currant Clearwings. Later I changed it for VES and over the next two hours I caught 2 Yellow-legged Clearwings. Not bad!
Sun 14th June 2020 12:05 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
A good night with 49 macro and 17 micro spp. FFys were Common Wave, Fan Foot, Common Footman,Small Blood-vein, Brussels Lace, Barred Yellow. Just a tatty Silver Y, no migrants. Micros- another Eud. delunella, FFYs Cydia fagiglandana, Ancylis achatana, Eucosma cana, Red-barred Tortrix, Bryotropha terrella and Cnephasia longana.

1259 49.342 Cydia fagiglandana SD20 1115 49.215 Ancylis achatana SD20

Sun 14th June 2020 11:05 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel 13.6.2020
Trapped until 2330hrs 13.6.2020

59 moths of 29 species. NFG was a Large Tabby. NFY were Blue-bordered Carpet, Brussels Lace and a Coronet.

Sat 13th June 2020 19:03 by William Langdon
Late news from May and June
Lots of late news as I've been trying to catch up on IDs and photos from the last couple of weeks!

On 28/05 I ran 3 LED traps at Hurlstone Point - a lepiLED standard in the Combe east of the point, a home-made trap between there and the coastguard station, and another homemade trap on the path just south of the coastpath station. It was a little breezy, and the LepiLED (normally by far the best performer) in the most exposed position fared poorly as a result. Nevertheless, 105 moths of 54 species between the three traps before I packed up at 1:30, and another 15 species netted as I wandered around with my torch. Highlights were a random micro potted off the side of the trap by the coastguard station, which turns out to be Denisia subaquilea - new for Somerset; and 2 Campanula Pugs in the same trap which look a good fit for the Sheep's Bit feeding 'jasioneata' form. According to Chris this is the second for VC5 - following an old record near Watchet! Both species are better known from Cornwall and Devon, favouring the 'atlantic' type of coastal grassland of which Hurlstone seems to be the most easterly outpost (in the south west). Big thanks to Paul Wilkins for confirming both IDs by gen det!

1836 - Campanula Pug f. jasioneata

1836 - 'Jasione' Pug

Other highlights were Thyme Pug (2), Netted Pug (2), Barrett's Marbled Coronet (10), Grass Emerald (2), Dolicharthria punctalis (3), Platytes cerussella (3), Galium Carpet (1), Narrow-Winged Pug (2), Horse Chestnut (2), Marbled Coronet (9).

1843 - Thyme Pug

1843 - Thyme Pug

On 04/06 I went for a walk at Willet Hill, hoping to beat some Streak larvae from Broom. Sadly no joy, just a couple of Hebrew Character larvae and a Satin Beauty that must have come from the spruce above. I also ended up with two micros on the tray that turned out to be Epinotia fraternana, seemingly the second for Somerset.

1143 - Epinotia fraternana

1143 - Epinotia fraternana

On 05/06 I went for a rather windy walk at Thurlbear. I was mainly looking for skipper larvae, but did spend a bit of time searching for micro larvae on Dyer's Greenweed - no sign and just Green Hairstreak larvae, but I did spot a few of the pretty little micro Elachista gleichenella buzzing around some of the plants along the drive, the second for VC5.

594 - Elachista gleichenella

594 - Elachista gleichenella

On 07/06 I decided to try pastures new and go for a walk on the Poldens, through Great Breach Wood to Worley Hill. I failed to find any Barred Tooth-Striped larvae on privet at the former (perhaps a little late, or just too much foodplant!), but there was plenty else of interest including Spotted-White Plume feeding damage on Burdock (no larvae), Digitivalva pulicaria mines on Fleabane, some spinnings on Aspen that were sadly unoccupied (but might have been Epinotia maculana?), and larvae of Acleris schalleriana. Highlight was a mine of Perritia obscurepunctella on Honeysuckle which looks to be the 4th Somerset record - one to look out for in woodland at this time of year as it's quite large and distinctive, though I only found the one (on a big shady honeysuckle).

590 - Perittia obscurepunctella mine

590 - Perittia obscurepunctella mine

At Worley Hill things were looking decidedly parched, but I spent a bit of time looking at the rock rose growing on the rocky slopes in the north of the site, and was pleased to find 5 cases of Coleophora ochrea. There was lots more feeding damage too as it's a little late now for them, all on the apparently preferred overhanging plants on bare ground. One was an absolute monster, around 2cm long! Also on rock rose were mines of Mompha miscella and spinnings of Teleoides sequax, as well as a single adult Scythris crassiuscula.

531 - Coleophora ochrea larva

531 - Coleophora ochrea larva

On 09/06 I returned to the cliffs at Watchet, again in rather windy and cloudy conditions that weren't great for moths. I did manage to find a few Goldenrod Plumes again on the wing as well as more Wood Sage Plume larvae and a number of more common day-flying micros. Highlight were several Scythris picaepennis flying around Bird's Foot Trefoil on some of the rockier areas, this looks to be the first record for VC5.

915 - Scythris picaepennis

915 - Scythris picaepennis

Catching up to the present day, I went for a walk at Wall Common this afternoon - plenty of White Horehound at the western end of the common with Horehound Plume larvae and pupae in residence on the upper leaves. The moth was recorded here by James McGill a few years ago, so nice to see it's still present.

Sat 13th June 2020 12:04 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
12/6/20 - a surprisingly large number of moths, despite the breeze and good amount of moonlight.  104 in total, but only 23 species, as Heart and Darts accounted for 57 of them.  Only two FFYs, Dark Arches and Snout (2).  Still not getting many micros, only 7 of 3 spp. last night.

Addendum p.m. 13/6 - escapees from last night accounted for a further 6 moths and 3 species, including a FFY Agapeta hamana.

Thu 11th June 2020 22:03 by Chris Iles
My apologies to those who have emailed me recently and have not yet had a reply - I've been struggling with a debilitating illness for a couple of months, and have got a long way behind with my correspondence.  It is all still there though and I will get round to it eventually!

I haven't done much moth-trapping but have had some interesting results from field work, rearings from last year and from the few walks I have managed this spring.  Some of the more interesting:

Lychnis, Comerslade SS732372, 12 June 2019, larvae found in red campion seed-pods on a road-verge, at one of the highest and most remote spots in Somerset (had it been on the other side of the road it would have been a Devon record).  If the moth occurs here, it must occur everywhere in Somerset it can find campions.

Orange Sallow, Holcombe Wood ST667507, 20 April 2020, larva on lime, and Grey Shoulder-knot, Holcombe ST668500, 29 April, larva on oak, join the growing list of species breeding in the parish but which have not yet found their way into my garden trap.  Lesser-spotted Pinion, Holcombe Wood ST668507, 29 April, qualified for this last year.

A Mullein fluttering at the window on 15 April was new for the garden.  The adults seem to have turned up far and wide this year.  Pugs also seem to be doing well - in addition to the more usual species, I had Currant, Dwarf and White-spotted to light during May, all of which are unusual visitors.  Common Quaker, though, has not done well, with just a few to light and the larvae absent from the trees last month.

Anacampsis populella, reared from spinnings on sallow, Coleford ST684484, 21 April, and Anacampsis blattariella on birch, Asham Wood, 19 May, are two micros that do not often seem to be recorded.  At Asham Wood I also searched on greater stitchwort and found the larval cases of both Coleophora lithargyrinella and Coleophora solitariella, which appear to be new for VC6.  Phalonidia manniana is another moth with few dots on the map, but this one must be breeding in my garden, as this is not the first year I have seen it fluttering around its foodplant water-mint on the edge of my pond.  Argyresthia trifasciata is also here, no doubt breeding on our garden cypresses.

Thu 11th June 2020 20:18 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise, Little Quantock Tues. 09/06
217 moths of 45 species. Five FFY : Dwarf Cream Wave (2) ; Barred Yellow ; Uncertain ; Dark Arches (3) and Triple-spotted Clay (3). Others of note : Celypha striana (2) ; Udea olivaris (21) ; Sharp-angled Peacock (3) ; Common White Wave ; Buff Ermine (24) ; Beautiful Golden-Y (2) ; Bright-line Brown-eye (14) and Heart and Dart really getting going with 61.
Thu 11th June 2020 10:47 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
A bit disappointing, just 34spp, FFY, Flame, Riband Wave, Beautiful Hook-tip, Scorched Wing, Clay, Garden Pebble and 2 very fresh Eudonia delunella. Still Heart & Dart ruling the roost.

1343 63.072 Eudonia delunella SD20

Wed 10th June 2020 17:26 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
67 moths of 17 species last night. FFY were Willow Beauty and Small Elephant Hawk-moth (the latter not annual and always in singles)
Wed 10th June 2020 14:54 by Nigel Cottle
kingston-st-mary garden
I ran a 125w MV trap until 01:30h this morning. 244 moths of 75 species (59 macro, 16 micro).

Micros included: Nematopogon metaxella, Blastodacna hellerella, Zeiraphera isertana and Phycita roborella.

Macros included: Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Dwarf Cream Wave, Small Dusty Wave, Small Blood-vein, Blood-vein, Flame Carpet, Pine Carpet, Small Yellow Wave, V-Pug, Green Pug, Foxglove Pug, Scorched Carpet, Scalloped Hazel, Peppered Moth, Common White Wave, Little Emerald, Buff Ermine, White Ermine, Orange Footman, Fan-foot, Small Fan-foot, Beautiful Hook-tip, Burnished Brass, Marbled White Spot, Miller, Poplar Grey, Coronet, Small Angle Shades, Common Wainscot, Smoky Wainscot, Shoulder-striped Wainscot and Heart & Club.

Phycita roborella 090620

Phycita roborella

Wed 10th June 2020 12:26 by John Bebbington
Stathmopoda pedella from Cannington
Shane Austin emailed me from Cannington with this image of Stathmopoda pedella - it appears to be only the 12th Somerset record.
Stathmopoda pedella from Cannington
Stathmopoda pedella ©Shane Austin
Wed 10th June 2020 11:51 by Paul Bowyer
Wed 10th June 2020 11:05 by Paul Bowyer
Priddy Mineries
Specimen of Delplanqueia trapped by day at Priddy Mineries on 9th June. Looking at the moth dissection website it appears to be a male D.inscriptella.

Delplanqueia inscriptella

Delplanqueia inscriptella

Wed 10th June 2020 09:06 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
8/6/10 addendum - a further 11 stray moths rounded up from the porch, with three more FFYs, Mottled Beauty, Middle-barred Minor, and Epiblema foenella.  Totals now 137 of 42 species.
Tue 9th June 2020 18:04 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel 8.6.2020
Trapped until 2330hrs 8.6.2020

56 moths of 24 species.

NFG was an Orange Moth, most unexpected. Also a probable Anania fuscalis, image attached.Anania fuscalis NFY were Bramble Shoot moth, Anania coronata, Swallow-tailed moth and Mottled Rustic.

Tue 9th June 2020 14:56 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
8/6/20 - much improved on the last trapping, with 126 moths, of 39 species.  of which 9 were FFYs - Elephant Hawk (2), Scorched Wing (2), Heart & Club (2), Uncertain (2), Clouded Border, Beautiful Hook-tip, Sharp-angled Peacock, Pandemis cerasana, and an early Clay, plus FFG Lobster Moth (dark forn "obscura").  Heart & Dart (43) still the largest contributors.  There will probably a few escapees to round up this evening, or tomorrow morning.
Mon 8th June 2020 21:49 by Steve Chapple
Having found a Psyche casta larval case back in 2016 it was nice to find an adult in the garden earlier today.

Psyche casta 2020
Mon 8th June 2020 17:01 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Last night turned out to be not as bad as I thought it might be - 45 moths of 17 species. FFY were The Phoenix (my earliest record by 4 days), Common Wave (first for 3 years) and Dark Arches (my earliest record by 7 days).
Mon 8th June 2020 15:23 by Paul Bowyer
Draycott Sleights
A couple of hours spent at Draycott Sleights on morning of 7th June. Lots of Chimney Sweeper on the wing and a couple of Monochroa tenebrella netted.

Monochroa tenebrella

Monochroa tenebrella

Sun 7th June 2020 11:35 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
6/6/20 - well, that didn't take long to sort out.  I wasn't expecting much, as it was cool and there was a full moon, and so I wasn't disappointed.  29 moths, 9 species. and nothing new,.  Heart and Darts again the main contributors with 14, and only 3 Light Emeralds to represent the Geometers, all the rest Noctuids.
Fri 5th June 2020 17:49 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
Heart and Darts are at last giving me some numbers in the trap but it remains woefully poor here. My 6th garden record for Broad-barred White was the best moth from last night.
It has been left to other wildlife to provide the recent highlights. A Green Hairstreak last week was a garden first and finding well over 200 Bee Orchids in a 2 metre stretch of the verge by Holy Tree in Stoke sub Hamdon today was a wonderful sight.
Fri 5th June 2020 10:57 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 4/6/20
Much less in the trap this morning due to the colder night, only 22 species. Highlights:

Spectacle, Heart and Club, Angle Shades, Burnished Brass, Dwarf Cream Wave.

Thu 4th June 2020 21:16 by Pam Campbell
Hodderscombe Lodge garden
Low numbers all year here . Last night 20 moths of 13 species but Tuesday night 82 moths of 32 species . A Foxglove Pug and 2 Peach Blossom were FFY but the highlight was a Red - necked Footman , a FFG .FFG surprise June 2020FFG surprise June 2020 2nd photo
Wed 3rd June 2020 21:15 by Nigel Cottle
priors park wood
I ran one Actinic and one MV trap in Priors Park Wood until 01:30h this morning.

341 moths of 103 species (78 macro, 25 micro).

Amongst the macros: Map-winged Swift, eight Pug sp. (V-, Toadflax, Foxglove, White-spotted, Dwarf, Larch, Common and Mottled), Fox Moth, Mocha, Maiden’s Blush, Grey Birch, Clay Triple-lines, Seraphim, Small Seraphim, Tawny-barred Angle, Lobster Moth, Red-necked Footman, Beautiful Golden Y, Brown Rustic, Small Angle Shades, Pale-shouldered Brocade and Green Silver-lines.

The micros included: Nematopogon metaxella, Triangle Plume, Aethes cnicana, Apotomis turbidana, Epinotia tedella and Lathronympha strigana.

Wed 3rd June 2020 18:10 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
A good night last night, with 96 moths of 37 species. FFY were Orange Swift, Brown House-moth, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, Clepsis consimilana, Eudonia lacustrata, Eudonia pallida, Dioryctria abietella, Figure of Eighty, Small Dusty Wave, Barred Straw, Green Pug, Large Yellow Underwing, Poplar Grey, Marbled Minor agg. (2) and Mottled Rustic (2).

Among the 47 Heart & Darts was an interesting specimen that had me puzzled and seemed to be an aberration. See my photo. A search of the Internet found a photo of a similar specimen on the Essex Moths website.

DSC05055 Combe St Nicholas

Wed 3rd June 2020 16:32 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 3rd June
The rain held off here just a few spots on the paving to suggest it tried. Numbers up a little 379 moths 72 species so far, 6 micros still being puzzled over. FFG was Grass rivulet. FFY were Barred fruit tree tortrix, Grey tortrix, Eudonia delunella, Euzophera pinguis, Rhodophera formosa, Single dotted wave, Common emerald, Common white wave, Heart and club, Smoky wainscot, L-album wainscot (earliest record by 3 weeks, have had it in late June but mostly in September and October), Fan-foot and Peach blossom and Brown silver line.
Wed 3rd June 2020 16:21 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
200+ moths (I stopped counting the C. culmells's) of 83 species. 26 FFY including: Eyed Hawk-moth, Lobster, Rivulet, Sycamore, Four-dotted Footman (my second record), Marbled White-spot, Crambus lathoniellus, Archips podana, Lozotaeniodes formosanus, Bryotropha terrella, Homoeosoma sinuella and White Plume Moth. I was also delighted to get my second Dingy Shell of the year.

Lozotaeniodes formosana 2020
Lozotaeniodes formosanus

Currant Clearwing 2020a
Another picture of yesterday's Currant Clearwing
Wed 3rd June 2020 15:20 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
A good night with 70 spp, Heart and Dart, Common Swift and Treble Line lines topped the chart. Lots of FFYs, Privet and Eyed HMs, Pale Mottled Willow, Clouded Silver, Flame Carpet, Barred Straw, Green Silver-lines, Oak Nycteoline, Clay Triple-lines, Lackey m&f, Cream-spot Tiger. Micros- Cochylis molliculana, Epermenia falciformis, Euzophera pinguis, Barred Druit-tree Tortrix, Eudonia pallida, Scoparia ambigualis, Beautiful China-mark. 49.138 Cochylis molliculana SD20
Wed 3rd June 2020 11:56 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel 2.6.2020
84 moths of 32 species.

NFY were Agapeta hamana, Eudonia mercurella, Blood-vein, Small Blood-vein, Barred Yellow, Privet Hawkmoth, Scarlet Tiger and Green Silver-lines.

Elephant Hawkmoth (5) and Small Elephant Hawkmoth (6) with Heart and Dart (17) most numerous.

Wed 3rd June 2020 08:38 by Simon Phelps
Middlezoy 2/6/20
47 species in the trap this morning, highlights were:

Barred Yellow, Thistle Ermine, Buff-tip, Clay, Small Blood-vein, Blood-vein, Garden Pebble, Yarrow Plume.

Tue 2nd June 2020 18:42 by Steve Chapple
Currant Clearwings, Pen Elm, Taunton
For something to do for an hour I set out the TIP lure near our old established blackcurrant bush and four old gooseberries. Within three minutes I had attracted my first ever Currant Clearwing. Soon after I had to go to my mothers, about 2 kM away, so, as she has some currant bushes, I took the lure and attracted another two almost immediately. I now have recorded four different species of clearwing in my garden. They must be far more abundant than we think?

Currant Clearwings 2020
Synanthedon tipuliformis (Currant Clearwing)
Tue 2nd June 2020 14:49 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel 1.6.2020
Again trapped until 2330hrs on 1.6.2020 49 moths of 29 species. NFG were Small Waved Umber and Broad-barred White (3) NFY were Garden Grass Veneer, Clay and Shark. Small Elephant Hawkmoth (8) were most numerous, beating Heart and Dart (5).
Mon 1st June 2020 21:49 by Benjamin Bond
Micro ID
Thanks Nigel! Don't know how I overlooked that!
Mon 1st June 2020 18:00 by Nigel Cottle
For benjamin
Your moth is 49.185 (1109) Lobesia littoralis.
Mon 1st June 2020 17:33 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
A good night, with 71 moths of 25 species, despite clear skies, the moon and a gentle breeze. Over the past nine years I've trapped on the same spot in my back garden. Last night for the first time I tried the front garden, with a different line of sight.  FFY were Plum Tortrix, Codling Moth, Udea prunalis, Clouded Border, Scorched Carpet, Heart & Club, Ingrailed Clay, Common Wainscot and Vine's Rustic. Heart & Dart was the biggest contributor to the total again (39).
Mon 1st June 2020 14:55 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
31/5/20 - again similar numbers to the last couple of trappings, 114 moths, 29 species, including FFYs Small Waved Umber, Brussels Lace, Dark/Grey Dagger agg., Archips podana and Eudonia delunella.  64 Heart & Dart having a good year, as usual.

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