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current posts

Thu 26th November 2020 18:27 by Nigel Parsons
Berkley Marsh, Frome - 26th November
Following on from trapping a Common Quaker a couple of days ago, today I found a Pale Brindled Beauty in the kitchen! I gather this moth does sometimes appear in November but it is certainly the earliest I have ever seen it. I am not sure that these early sightings are a good sign and could be detrimental to the species in the longer term. Could this, I wonder, be a consequence of the warming of our climate?
Tue 24th November 2020 14:10 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
A mild and dry night forecast so I put both traps out still hoping for a 2020 Oak Rustic. Alas, it was not to be. I did, however, have my first Palpita vitrealis (NFG), and nine other species: Chestnut, Dark Chestnut (2), Feathered Thorn, December Moth (FFY), Mottled Umber (FFY, November Moth agg, Cypress Carpet, LBAM (4) and a Diamond-back Moth.

Palpita vitrealis SC20
Palpita vitrealis
Tue 24th November 2020 12:22 by Nigel Parsons
Berkley Marsh, Frome - 24th November
I have been trapping regularly (using my 125watt MV bulb) over the last 2 months but always seem to be too busy or just forget to put my records on the the blog - my apologies for this. So far I have had 35 species this month although the numbers are falling steadily and only 6-10 species / night in the last fortnight. Last night I put the trap out of a strong breeze and managed to get 15 moths of 10 species - December moth 4, Red-line Quaker 1, Feathered Thorn 2, Scarce Umber 1, Mottled Umber 2, Winter moth 1, Lesser Yellow underwing 1, - possible migrants Silver Y 1 and Udea Ferrugalis 1 - and one surprise - a Common Quaker - the earliest I have ever recorded. It looks like the weather is getting colder so maybe I will be joining most other moth-ers in reverting to not putting the trap out or getting the usual blanks for this time of year.
Sat 21st November 2020 21:26 by John Bebbington
Langport (VC6) 20 November 2020
I have hardly trapped at all recently - the building site near the bottom of our garden and next door have all-night security arc lamps whic swamp my trap! However last night neither was on so I put put out the trap. Just 5 moths - Light Brown Apple Moth, December Moth, Cypress Carpet, but 2 surprises - Acleris umbrana and Oak Rustic (second for my garden).
Fri 20th November 2020 09:48 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
17/11/20 - nil return this tlme - the first of many, I expect.
Thu 19th November 2020 17:51 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
Not a lot here also - just ten moths of six species: Silver Y (2), Feathered Thorn, Blair's Shoulder-knot, November Moth agg., Red-green Carpet (2), and LBAM (3).
Wed 18th November 2020 19:59 by Tim Howard
Up here in the hills the moths are still pouring in - or they would have been if it hadn't been blowing a hooley !  As it was I had eight show up between the two traps last night. I did pick up another FFY in the form of a Pale Pinion. The others were : Spruce Carpet ; Feathered Thorn (2) ; Angle Shades ; Yellow-lined Quaker ; Dark Chestnut and Red-green Carpet.
Wed 18th November 2020 17:22 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
I'm a glutton for punishment, Rob (and a stubborn old git to boot !!) I find there are usually a few species around all through the winter, weather permitting of course, but nil returns are a regular occurrence even so.
Wed 18th November 2020 16:24 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
You're much luckier than me, Paul. I've trapped for three evenings in the last 10 days and had a nil return every time! Perhaps that's why I don't normally bother at this time of year. The only moth in that period has been a Rusty Dot Pearl on the wall in daytime. The traps are now away till the Spring.
Wed 18th November 2020 15:02 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
17/11/20 - time spent trapping, 14 hours - time spent counting and recording the contents of the traps, 4 minutes.  Three (yes, three) moths, 1 each Feathered Thorn, Silver Y and another Pearly Underwing - that's all folks !
Tue 17th November 2020 19:31 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
Some good overnight temperatures have produced a reasonable number of moths for the time of year. December Moth, Chestnut and Turnip Moth have been firsts for the year whilst 2 Palpita Vitrealis and a dozen Rusty dot Pearls have been the migrant interest.
Wed 11th November 2020 13:59 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
10/11/20 - very disappointing results last night, just 5 moths of 4 species, and nothing new.  Odd, considering it was mild and dry, with not too much moonlight.  Oh well, try again soon.
Tue 10th November 2020 13:19 by Steve Chapple
James McGill - Staplegrove, Taunton report
For the third year in a row James McGill has had an Oak rustic. All have been recorded within a narrow window from the 4th to the 11th November. With several mature holm oaks in the area he suggested that it may now be estabished locally.
Tue 10th November 2020 09:53 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
Two good nights over the weekend produced a good number of moths for the time of year. After seeing the reports of some exciting migrants on the Dorset Coast I was hoping for more than just a single White Point and a dozen Rusty-dot Pearls. The White point was only my 5th in 10 years and was joined by my first Satellite, Mottled Umber, Dark Chestnut and Feathered Thorns of the year.
Others of interest were Pale Pinion and a rather out of season Common Quaker.
Mon 9th November 2020 17:20 by Nigel Cottle
Night of 8th Nov.

21 moths of 12 species.

FFG: Oak Rustic (f. albomacula).

Others: T. acroxantha, LBAM, Red-green Carpet, Feathered Thorn, Common Marbled Carpet, Double-striped Pug, November Moth agg., Shuttle-shaped Dart, Barred Sallow, Silver Y & Angle Shades.

Mon 9th November 2020 16:06 by Andrew Slade
Burnham-on-sea, November 8th. Acleris umbrana trapped here last night.

Acleris Umbrana 12

Mon 9th November 2020 15:59 by Andrew Slade
Burnham-on-sea One Radford's Flame Shoulder on the 7th, and two on the 8th November. Radford's Flame Shoulder  4
Mon 9th November 2020 12:27 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise , Little Quantock 8-11-20 Min temp 11.9c
At last a dry, mild night with little wind.  52 moths of 15 species in the two traps : Tachystola acroxantha ; Rusty Dot Pearl ; Spruce Carpet (5) ; Red-green Carpet (5) ; November Moth agg (3) ; Feathered Thorn (6) ; FFY Mottled Umber ; Snout ; Silver-Y ; Red-line Quaker (2) ; Yellow-line Quaker (21) ; Chestnut (2) ; Satellite ; Merveille du Jour and Black Rustic.
Mon 9th November 2020 09:06 by Maurice Pugh
Trapped until 23.30hrs. 13 moths of 10 species.

NFY were November moth agg. and Yellow-line Quaker. Amongst the others were Red-green Carpet, Merveille du Jour, Brick and Silver Y. Most numerous were Light Brown Apple Moth x 4.

Sun 8th November 2020 16:04 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake 8th November
Due to the unpredictable weather i ran my trap from inside my greenhouse. 21 moths 11 species. Some on the outside, some on the inside and a few in the trap! FFG Sprawler and FFY December moth. I also had a male Bulrush wainscot inside the greenhouse. I have trapped females 5 times this year but this is my first male.
Sun 8th November 2020 10:28 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
7/11/20 - The rain didn't get here until breakfast time, so not many soggy egg-boxes.  Just 15 moths of 10 species, including 3 FFYs - Yellow-line Quaker (3), Clepsis consimilana and Blair's Shoulder-knot (2), and a FFG Pearly Underwing.
Sun 8th November 2020 09:49 by Nigel Cottle
bishops hull
Night of Friday 6th Nov:

Five LBAM and one each Diamond-back Moth, Spruce Carpet, Common Marbled Carpet & November Moth agg.

Sun 8th November 2020 08:53 by Maurice Pugh
Curry Rivel 7.11.2020
I hadn't had the trap out for a while, but I trapped until the rain started at 23.00hrs.

12 moths of 8 species. NFY were Cypress Carpet, Feathered Thorn and Red-line Quaker.

NFG were two Oak Rustics

Sat 7th November 2020 18:07 by William Langdon
Death's Head Hawk in Taunton
Not sure if it's made it on here yet, but noticed news of a Death's Head Hawk bred from a larva found in Taunton in September on twitter:

Fri 6th November 2020 09:05 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
5/11/20 - a bit too cold for moths last night apparently, or maybe there were a few sparklers going off.  Either way, the moths stayed at home with their heads under the duvet.  None came here anyway!

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