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current posts

Sun 24th October 2021 17:14 by Nigel Cottle
Spoladea recurvalis to light at Burnham-on-Sea last night. The fourth Somerset record and first for VC6.

Sun 24th October 2021 10:32 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
I've recorded Sallow and Red Underwing pretty much every year so it was nice to get them both ticked off for this year, albeit a little later than usual. 23 moths of 9 species last night with November Moth agg. being the most prolific with 12.
Sun 24th October 2021 09:48 by Mike Strange
23/10/2021 BoS
Just 7 Moths of 6 species last night. Feathered Ranunculus 1. Common Marbled Carpet 1. Setaceous Hebrew Character 1. Angle Shades 2. L-Album Wainscot 1. Red-green Carpet 1.
Sat 23rd October 2021 18:35 by Mike Strange
22/10/2021 BoS
After 3 night of nothing much, a better night last night with 8 Moths of 5 species. Setaceous Hebrew Character 1. Red Line Quaker 2. FFM November Moth 3. Rusty Dot Pearl 1. FFM Spruce Carpet.
Sat 23rd October 2021 14:00 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh
Single numbers of 12 spp except for 10 Beaded Chestnuts. Nice to see Merveille du Jour, Green Brindled Cresc, Red-line Quaker, Nov. Moth agg. Red-green Carpet, Angle Shades, Small and Large Wainscot, Barred Sallow, Set.Heb.Ch. Eudonia angustea the only micro.
Fri 22nd October 2021 08:28 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
21/10/21 - Well, that was a waste of time and electricity.  One solitary lonely Beaded Chestnut was all there was to show for a night's shining.  I suppose with a full moon and quite cold, it was to be expected.  Oh well, better luck next time.
Wed 20th October 2021 17:59 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
I had a bright green Carpet in the trap yesterday that I thought may be an Autumn-green Carpet. If so it would have been a first for me. I potted it up but it immediately closed it's wings and try as I might I couldn't get it to open them again. A night in the fridge and it settled beautifully for me to try to confirm it's identity only to find that one of the easiest ways to tell it from a very green Red-green Carpet is the colour of hind underwing. I eventually managed to get it to close its wings again. The underside was darkish and well marked confirming it as a Red-Green Carpet. A lot of work for little reward.
Tue 19th October 2021 18:54 by Mike Strange
18/10/2021 BoS
Just 8 moths of 5 species. Emmelina monodactyla 2. Red Line Quaker 2. Willow Beauty 1. Eudonia agustea 1. Cypress Carpet 1. I spent hours trying to identify a tiny micro that turned out to be a Bark fly, Loensia variegata and not a micro at all!
Tue 19th October 2021 12:51 by Nigel Cottle
Night of 18th October.

21 moths of 12 species incl. FFG Pine Carpet and the third garden record of Box-tree Moth (following singles on 10.10.18 and 20.9.19).

It has taken just over 10 years but my garden list has recently passed 500 confirmed species.

Pine Carpet 18102021

Box-tree Moth 181021

Mon 18th October 2021 17:26 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Just 7 moths of 5 species last night but there was FFY in the form of a Red-line Quaker. This is an irregular species here, with just four records now (the last in 2018). Also f interest were two Angle Shades, which has had a good year here.
Mon 18th October 2021 13:33 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
A Delicate yesterday morning was a good record and the first migrant I've recorded since the Spring except for Silver Ys. I'm presuming it was a migrant even though they did breed locally for a couple of years following the exceptional influx of 2006.
Mon 18th October 2021 11:29 by Nigel Cottle
A Humming-bird Hawk-moth on the garage wall in late afternoon sunshine.

Hummingbird Hawkmoth 171021

Mon 18th October 2021 10:02 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
17/10/21- numbers down a bit - 25 moths of 7 species, at last a FFY - a Yellow-line Quaker.  November agg (7) the biggest contributors. One Large YU, a bit tatty, still around.
Sun 17th October 2021 21:00 by Mike Strange
Rain and cold last night resulting in 11 Moths of 7 species. Most notable being Acrolepiopsis assectella (Leek Moth)
Sat 16th October 2021 18:22 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise Little Quantock 15/10/21 Min temp 10.5c
90 moths of 20 species from a night with the cloud right on the deck. Highlight was a FFG Deep-brown Dart. Two other FFY were Green-brindled Crescent (3) and Red-line Quaker. Others of note : Red-green Carpet (4) ; November Moth agg (10) ; Pink-barred Sallow ; Beaded Chestnut (14) ; Lunar Underwing (21) and Merveille du Jour (5).
Sat 16th October 2021 17:02 by Mike Strange
Just 13 Moths of 9 species last night. First for me Red Line Quaker. Best of the rest were Twenty plume moth, Sallow and Gem.
Sat 16th October 2021 10:03 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
15/10/21 - anoher average sort of night - 42 moths of 14 apecies, and again nothing new.  November Moth agg. (15) the biggest contributors by far.
Fri 15th October 2021 15:52 by Paul Bowyer
Weston Moths
Currently the best mothing coming from leaf mining for me. Around the footpaths in Weston I found Stigmella trimaculella on Populus nigra and what appears to be Phyllonorycter emberizaepenella on Symphoricarpos orbiculatus.

Phyllonorycter emberizaepenella 15-10-21

Presumed Phyllonorycter emberizaepenella

I found some evidence of Box-tree Moth larval damage in the garden today which would account for some of the large numbers still frequenting the trap.

Fri 15th October 2021 12:55 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
40 moths of 21 species last night was a surprise as there was nothing there every time I looked out during the evening. Must have warmed up later in the night? I was delighted with my first White-line Snout (thanks to James McGill for confirmation) and a Large Wainscot was nice after a few years absent. Two Red-line Quakers, two Green-brindled Crescents a Blair's Shoulder-knot and a November Moth agg. made up the five FFY's.

White-line Snout SC21
White-line Snout Schrankia taenialis
Thu 14th October 2021 12:51 by Mike Strange
13/10/2021 BoS
Despite a sharp drop in temperature 24 Moths of 14 species 3 of them firsts for me., Beaded Chestnut, Gem, Red Green Carpet. Double Striped Pug, Garden Carpet and Brown House Moth all made a re-appearance. Most numerous were Emmelina monodactyla with 7 off.
Wed 13th October 2021 17:16 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
18 moths of 10 species last night. FFY were November/Pale November Moth (2) and Large Wainscot. The latter was my fourth record, all in the last four years. Common Marbled Carpet still top in numbers (4). The only micros were 2 of Eudonia angustea, which has had a good year here.
Wed 13th October 2021 15:52 by Mike Strange
12/10/2021 BoS
Numbers up slightly with 19 moths of 9 species. Most numerous being Emmelina monodactyla with 8.  FFY and Garden, Merveille Du Jour 1. First one I have seen since I retired. Used to get them on the windows at Claverham on nightshift. Sadly all built on now. Black Rustic 2. Blair`s Shoulder Knot 1. feathered Ranunculus 1. Turnip Moth 1. Lbam 2. Eudonia angustea 2. Willow Beauty 1.
Wed 13th October 2021 15:05 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
12/10/21 - quite a reasonable catch last night - 47 moths of 13 species, but again , no new ones.  I did get another Large Wainscot, the fourth record this year, my only previous record being a singleton in 2018.  Also of note, a very pristine Common Wainscot - a good comparison for size!  Beaded Chestnuts (12) still doing well.
Wed 13th October 2021 12:22 by Bill Stow
Clifden Nonpareil
In my Weston-super-mare garden this morning (13th October) outside of the trap was a Clifden nonpareil
Tue 12th October 2021 20:33 by John Bebbington
Convolvulus Hawk-moth
Jeannie Finlay found another Convolvulus Hawk-moth on her Nicotianas last night (11th) - Dyers Eoad, Curry Rivel. Verified by photo.
Tue 12th October 2021 13:19 by Mike Strange
11/10/2021 BoS
Cold and clear again last night. Just 3 Moths. Lunar Underwing. Blair`s Shoulder Knot and Willow Beauty.
Mon 11th October 2021 17:18 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
A cooler, clear, night produced just 11 moths of 7 species. At least there were two FFY, Red-green Carpet and Black Rustic, both of which I didn't record last year. The Carpet has been a bit hit and miss here over the years. It was an odd night when the most numerous species was a micro - Light Brown Apple Moth (4)!
Mon 11th October 2021 15:18 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
Addendum to 9/10/21 - the UFO Noctuid turned out to be a Dark Swordgrass, the first here since 2018.  Thanks to John Bebbington for confirmation.

10/10/21 - in spite of it being much colder, I still had 53 moths last night, but only 12 species, with nothing new.  Beaded Chestnuts (19), Setaceous HC (11) and Lunar UW (9) made up the bulk of the catch. No surprises there !!

Mon 11th October 2021 13:12 by Mike Strange
10/10/2021 BoS
Sharp drop in temperature last night resulting in just 4 Moths. Green Brindled Crescent. Lunar underwing, Sallow and Large Wainscot.
Sun 10th October 2021 12:36 by Mike Strange
09/10/2021 BoS
Quite a cold night resulting in 27 Moths of 13 species. Best of the bunch was Green Brindled Crescent.
Sun 10th October 2021 12:22 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
9/10/21 - another reasonable catch last night, 68 moths of 16 species, with FFYs Red-line Quaker, Grey Shoulder-knot, Mouse Moth, L-Album Wainscot (only my second record, after last year's first) and a (presumably) 3rd.-generation Engrailed (agg).  Like Nigel's on 8/10 it was quite fresh-looking. There is one more Noctuid to be determined in due course.  Setaceous HC (17) and Beaded Chestnut (12) the biggest contributors.

Not one micro this time.

Sun 10th October 2021 10:48 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
Another really good Autumn night with 119 macros of 24 species. Looking at the weather forecast this will probably be my last 3 figure count before next spring. Highlights were my first Deep-brown Dart for 12 years and only my second Tawny Pinion in 6 years. 30 Setacious Hebrew Characters and 22 Common Marbled Carpets made up the bulk of the catch which also included my first ever October Treble Brown Spot.
Migrants have been lacking here, as well as most of the rest of the country, all year. A couple of both Rusty-dot Pearl and Rush Veneer were welcome but still no sign of macro migrants.
Sat 9th October 2021 17:51 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
Last night I equaled my highest October night's count, with 51 moths (13 species). Highlights were FFY Merveille du Jour (2) and Beaded Chestnut. Also of interest were 4 Barred Sallows (my highest count), my first October Common Wainscot. and a worn moth showing characteristics of both Uncertain and Rustic (it would be my first October record for either). Common Marbled Carpet (10), Lunar Underwing (11) and Double-striped Pug (4) continue to perform well. I've been getting few micros but did manage to get another Diamond-backed Moth and a Tachystola acroxantha, which has had its best year here.
Sat 9th October 2021 16:17 by Paul Bowyer
Weston Moths
The recent spell of warm air since the 6th has brought migrants to the area. Last night I recorded Radford's Flame Shoulder along with 30 Box-tree Moth, L-album Wainscot, Large Ranunculus, Barred Sallow. The previous night a Delicate was found in the garden trap

Radford's Flame Shoulder 9-10-21

Radford's Flame Shoulder

Sat 9th October 2021 15:06 by Mike Strange
08/10/2021 BoS
25 Moths of 14 Species last night. A good selection too. Emmelina Monodactyla 5. Barred Sallow 2. Blair`s Shoulder knot 1. Lunar Underwing 1. Common Marbled carpet 1. LYU 3. Large Wainscot 1. Angle Shades 2. Black Rustic 1. Turnip Moth 1.And at last some Micros I can Identify. Eudonia angustea 2. Lbam 1. Acleris sparsana 1. Achroia grisella (lesser Wax Moth) 1. Fascinating reading about the last one regarding feeding and mating habits. Update with another Micro identified with the help of the internet Mothing community. Tachystola acroxantha 1.
Sat 9th October 2021 14:02 by Nigel Cottle
Night of 8/10. One 125w MV until 01:00h.

134 moths of 35 species including: Tinea semifulvella, Acleris sparsana, Mallow, Spruce Carpet, Grey Pine Carpet, Red-green Carpet, Feathered Thorn, Engrailed, Green-brindled Crescent, Angle Shades, Barred Sallow (41), Beaded Chestnut, Brown-spot Pinion (4), Chestnut, Dark Chestnut and Black Rustic.

The Engrailed was fresh and of interest. Waring & Townsend note: “Increasingly a small third generation in Sep-Oct”

Fri 8th October 2021 20:47 by Ian Mathieson
Norton sub Hamdon
2 excellent nights here with over 100 macros on each occasion. Highlight was my first ever (at last) September Thorn. Other notables were my 2nd Clifden Nonpareil of the year, 2 Beautiful Hook Tips and 6 Double Striped Pugs appearing from nowhere. Early last year we remover a huge Leylandii/Cypress from our garden. This coincided with failing to record either Cypress Carpet or Blair's Shoulder Knot last Autumn for the first time. It was a classic case of habitat destruction so I was pleased to welcome back both species this week.
Fri 8th October 2021 20:38 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise, Little Quantock 7/10/21 Min temp 12.5c
114 moths of 27 species.  FFG : Pearly Underwing FFY : Acleris sparsana (2) ; November Moth agg ; Feathered Thorn and Autumnal Rustic.  Others of note : Grey Pine Carpet ; Dark Marbled Carpet ; Barred Sallow (2) ; Grey Shoulder-knot ; Merveille du jour. Top scorers were Common Marbled Carpet (29) and Lunar Underwing (35) .................... I have had confirmation from Chris Iles of a Currant Pug trapped on 21/9 - a late second brood that had us puzzled for a while.  Thanks again to Chris.
Fri 8th October 2021 17:39 by Steve Pilkington
Cocklake Friday 8th October
88 moths 24 species plus one puzzler. I had not trapped for a few weeks so my 7 FFYs are some of the regular autumn species but also includes my 4th Merveille du Jour which has been absent for a few years. Cypress carpet is my 6th record and one of the species I first caught in 2006 and which really got me started trapping, this year I had both first and second brood specimens. Black rustic, Green brindled crescent, Feathered ranunculus, Beaded chestnut, Green brindled and Chestnut made up the rest.
Fri 8th October 2021 12:32 by Mike Strange
07/10/2021 BoS
23 Moths of 14 species.FFM Sallow 1. Black Rustic 3. Silver Y 1. Satellite 1.FFM Cypress Carpet 1. Carcina qeurcana 1. Turnip Moth 1. Being he most notable.
Fri 8th October 2021 10:24 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
7/10/21 - well, that did the trick - so much warmer last night that the moths threw off their duvets and came calling !!  81 so far, of 19 species, including 3 FFYs - Cypress Pug, Blair's Shoulder-knot and November Moth agg.  Beaded Chestnut (18) and Lunar UW (15) the largest contributors. Still very few micros (just 4 common ones)- this seems to be the norm here for some reason.
Thu 7th October 2021 17:32 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
39 moths of 10 species, a considerable improvement on last week. It's my best October count since 51 in 2013. The moths were pretty routine - the only moths of note were 2 Diamond-backed Moths, which may have been migrants. Large Yellow Underwing has regained its pre-eminence - 15 last night. A Double-striped Pug was the latest in a sequence of records going back to 16th February, a period of eight months.
Thu 7th October 2021 15:52 by Mike Strange
06/10/2021 BoS
17 Moths of 9 species last night. More notable were Black Rustic 2. Snout 1. Carcina Qeurcana 1. And FFM Blair`s Shoulder Knot 1.
Thu 7th October 2021 14:27 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
70 moths of 24 species represented quite an improvement over recent sessions. 5 FFY's were: Merveille du Jour (2), Red-green Carpet, Yellow-line Quaker, Gold Triangle and Beaded Chestnut. A Rusty-dot Pearl and two Silver Y's were the only migrant activity.
Wed 6th October 2021 09:32 by Paul Newman
Pylle, Shepton Mallet
5/10/21 - my first trappng for a few days (weather and/or forecasts being a bit dire), in spite of a fair breeze, produced 14 moths of 7 species.  Three FFYs were included, Beaded Chestnut(2), Barred Sallow (2), and Green-brindled Crescent.  Lunar UW (4) the most numerous.  Maybe the forecast warmer nights to come will improve the catches.
Tue 5th October 2021 13:26 by Mike Strange
04/10/2021 BoS
Nothing much happening since last report. Numbers well down. On looking back through my records Hypsopygia glaucinalis was a second record for my garden and not a ffm as originally stated. First was in June.
Mon 4th October 2021 18:29 by Tim Howard
Kestrels Rise Little Quantock 3/10/2021 min temp 8c
One trap tucked under a balcony to try and avoid the downpours brought 25 moths of 13 species.  The usual suspects including three FFY : Beaded Chestnut ; Flounced Chestnut (2) and Yellow-line Quaker.
Sun 3rd October 2021 11:33 by Sue Davies
Tree House Butleigh Sat
Just 11spp overnight, over 50 Lunar Underwings and more than 20 Beaded Chestnuts, FFY Large Ranunculus, Black Rustics, Centre-barred Sallow and Large Wainscot. Today 2 Beautiful Plumes emerged from larvae collected from Hedge Woundwort in the garden on the 15th Set. 45.010 1497 Beautiful Plume Amblyptilia acanthadactyla SD21
Sat 2nd October 2021 18:49 by Paul Bowyer
Weston Dusking 1/10/21
A bit cold and windy for moth trapping last night so went out to Worle Hill dusking instead for half an hour. Armed with a net and head torch at dusk I found Pale Pinion, Emmelina monodactyla, Red-green Carpet and 2 Angle Shades perched on leaves. A Pale Tussock larva was found on Crataegus and various mines found including a tenanted mine on Crataegus of Stigmella perpygmaeella.
Sat 2nd October 2021 17:40 by Rob Grimmond
Combe St. Nicholas, South Somerset
After a week of no trapping, a clear forecast with lighter winds was too tempting to resist. The outcome was 16 moths of 6 species, a figures that are not unusual here at this time of year. 'Top' moth' is Lunar Underwing (9). A couple of Large Ranunculus continued their good run this year - after blank years in 2018 and 2019 and a few last year. Also of interest was an Angle Shades, three of which have been recorded this year after blank 2019 and 2020.
Sat 2nd October 2021 10:25 by Steve Chapple
Pen Elm, Taunton
Unpromisingly cold and clear but 35 moths of 9 species turned up including a Mallow and Barred Sallow (2) both FFY.
Sat 2nd October 2021 10:02 by Mike Strange
01/10/2021 BoS
Cold, wet and windy night resulting in 15 Moths of 6 species. Most notable being FFY Large Wainscot.
Fri 1st October 2021 18:39 by Mike Strange
30/09/2021 BoS
Another rainy night. 37 Moths of 10 species. Setaceous Hebrew Character 3. Large yellow underwing 8. Lunar underwing 12. Common Marbled Carpet 3. Lesser Yellow underwing 5. Emmelina monodactyla 2. Lbam 1. Black Rustic 1. Angle shades 1. And another new for me Barred Sallow 1.

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