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Must see:
UK Moths link
Atropos link

Our neighbouring moth and butterfly groups:
Devon Moth Group link
Dorset Moth Group link
Bristol and District Moth Group link
Somerset and Bristol - Butterfly Conservation link

Local Blogs and Sites of Interest:
Heart of the Levels Wildlife Group Weblog link

Other UK moth groups:
Norfolk Moths link
Montgomeryshire Moth Group link
Cornwall Moth Group link
Essex Moth Group link
Hants Moth Group link
Herts Moth Group link
Staffordshire Moth Group link
Suffolk Moth Group link
West Midlands Moth Group link
Berkshire Moth Group link
Northumberland Moth Group link
Yorkshire Moth Group link

Moths Count link
Moths of Ireland link

Met Office link
Taunton weather station link
Curry Rivel weather station link

Equipment and books:
Watkins and Doncaster link
Anglian Lepidoptera Supplies link
Worldwide Butterflies link
Aurelian Books link

Recording software:
MapMate link

Journals and Societies:
Royal Entomological Society link
British Entomological and Natural History Society BENHS link
Amateur Entomological Society AES link
Entomologist's Record link
Atropos link

Other sites of interest:
British leafminers link
UK Butterflies link
Entomological Livestock Group link
Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society link
Cheshire Macro Moths link
Yorkshire Moths link
Essex Field Club link

Internet search engines and related sites:
Google link
MSN link
Yahoo link
Wikipedia link - free encyclopedia

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