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Ectoedemia louisella JV2017

Cydia fagiglandana JV2017

Coleophora prunifoliae JV2017

Scoparia subfusca JV2017

Phycita roborella JV2017

Delplanqueia inscriptella JV2017

Elegia similella JV2017

Calamotropha paludella JV2017

Argolamprotes micella JV2017

Rhodophaea formosa JV2017

Athrips mouffetella JV2017

Nephopterix angustella JV 2017

Eucosma campoliliana JV 2017

Aethes rubigana JV 2017

Red-belted Clearwing JV

Scorched Wing jv 2017

Eriocrania unimaculella jv

Eriocrania semipurpurella 28.04.17 jv.

Eriocrania semipurpurella 28.4.17 jv

Dotted Chestnut 19.04.17 JV

Small Eggar male JV2017

Bucculatrix nigricomella jv 2017

Limnaecia phragmitella jv 2017

Stigmella catharticella

Phyllocnistis saligna

Adaina microdactyla

Diplopseustis perieresalis jv

Olive JV

Lozotaeniodes formosana jv 17 July 2016

Diplopseustis perieresalis

Cydia strobilella 08.05.2016

Dotted Border.

Lobesia littoralis JV 2015

Pammene aurita JV 21.07.2015

Acleris forsskaleana JV 21.07.2015

Black Arches JV 19.07.2015

Dichomeris marginella (Juniper Webber) JV 19.07.2015

Agriphila selasella JV 14.07.2015

Beautiful China-mark JV 16.07.2015

White Satin Moth JV 16.07.2015

Reddish Light Arches JV 16.07.2015

Eudonia delunella JV

Small Rnunculus JV

Lime Hawkmoth 17.06.2015

Buff Arches 17.06.2015

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Chocolate-tip (Frome)

Oak-tree Pug query

Bright-line Brown-eye

Small Eggar Frome

Pale Pinion 20.03.2015

Dark Arches query

Query Plume

1336 Eudonia pallida

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