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Death's head larva Yeovilton

Clifden Nonpareil St Audries 2

Clifden Nonpareil from St Audires 1

Female Convolvulus Hawk-moth roosting

Robin Cltworthy trappinng at Berrow

Stathmopoda pedella from Cannington

Pammene auraana nectaring on Hogweed

Newly-hatched Emperor Moth larvae

December Moth (Poecilocampa populi) 4th inst larva

December Moth (Poecilocampa populi) 1st inst larva

Ectoedemia heringella mines Street

Clifden Nonpareil QV 4 Oct 2019

Orange Sallow 21 Sep 2019

Elephant Hawk-moth 21 Sep 2019

Clifden Nonpareil QV 11 Sep 2019

Death's Head larva from Easton nr Wells

Red-belted Clearwing (Synanthedon myopaeiformis) Langport

Small Eggar 5th instar larva Langport

Scarlet Tiger (Callimorpha dominula) Langport 18 Jun 2019

L-album Wainscot Langport 17 Jun 2019

Unknown noctuid 2

Unknown Noctuid 1

Ivy Bee Langport

Six-belted Clearwing flying to lure

Six-belted Clearwing at lure

Small Eggar early instar larvae

Common Emerald larva on Sloe

First instar December Moth larva

Caryocolum viscariella

Ivy with hoar frost

37.012 Coleophora argentula casses on Yarrow

Silver-striped Hawk-moth Cleeve Park 2

Silver-striped Hawk-moth Cleeve Park

1949.076 Acleris cristana

1972.076 Clifden Nonpareil Dewlands Farm

73.151 Webb's Wainscot Globia sparganii

Deaths-head Hawkmoth ex Mudford Sept 2017

63.054 Cydalima perspectalis (Whiteleaze)

Darjk Crimson Underwing (Catocala spoonsa) showing hindwing

Dark Crimson Underwing (Catocala sponsa) forewing

Convolvulus Hawk-moth from Curry Rivel 2

Convolvulus Hawk-moth from Curry Rivel 1

63.048 Palpita vitrealis newly emerged

28.012 Borkhausenia fuscsescens

52.014 Six-belted Clearwing

63.048 Palpita vitrealis

49.288 Epiblema foenella

73.100 Silky Wainscot ex Cary Cottage

72.021 Watewr Ermine 2nd inst larvae

70.057 Ruddy Carpet MV QV

72.071 Water Ermine male

1962.065 Ephestia Woodiella

Muslin Footman w empty cocoon

1910.003 Coptotriche marginea

Poplar Kitten 1st instar larva

15.078 Phyllonorycter tristrigella 2

15.078 Phyllonorycter tristrigella 1

72.044 Dingy Footman larva

72.103 Yellow-tail larva

37.038 Coleophora lineolea la 3

37.038 Coleophora lineolea la 2

37.038 Coleophora lineolea la 1

28.019 Esperia sulphurella

1917.001 Ypsolopha mucronella

1972.036 Muslin Footman (Nudaria mundana) larva

1973.085 Marbled Green (Nyctobrya muralis) larva

Overwintering Brimstone Moth larva

63.046 Duponchelia fovealis

Convolvulus HM from Launcherley

Convolvulus HM nectaring 2

Convolvulus HM nectaring 1

Horse Chestny

Gypsy Moth from Wellington 2

Buttoned Snout Wellington

Gypsy Moth from Wellington

Pale Tussock La just ecdysed

Small Eggar web on hot afternoon

Swallow Prominent 3rd instar larva

Wedgeling larva

Wedgling (Galgula oartita)

Spectacle Moth larva Langport

FIvehead DHH female head detail

FIvehead DHH female

2246a Oak Rustic Langport

63.047 Spoladea recurvalis Merriott

Clifden Nonpareil from Fivehead

Wiveliscombe Death's Head larvae

Convolvulus Hawk Combwich

Spectacle Moth larva 2015

Peach Blossom larva 2015b

Peach Blossom larva 2015a

Nut-tree Tussock larva 2015

Death's Head Hawk-moth Edington

Peppered MOth mature larva on Dog Rose

Rhodophaea (Pempelia) formosa det Paul Wilkins

Cochylimorpha straminea det Paul Wilkins

Phycitodes binaevella det Paul Wilkins

Rhodophaea (Pempelia) formosa genitalia

Phycitodes binaevella genutalia

Cochylimorpha straminea genitalia

Death's head larva Fivehead

Ypsolopha sequella MV QV

Alder Moth 2nd inst larva

Alder Moth mature larva

Waved Black Middlezoy

Hummingbird Hawk ovipositing

Mecyna flavalis

Shark Moth (Cucliia umbratica) nectaring on Honeysuckle

Shark Moth (Cucliia umbratica) approaching Homneysuckle flowers

Green Arches Cary Cottage

Bedstraw Hawk-moth female

Borderd Straw Heliothis armigera leaving Red Valerian flowers

Borderd Straw Heliothis armigera nectaring

Nematopogon swammerdamella Hardington Moor NNR

Ancylis badiana Hardington Moor

Adela reaumurella Hardington Moor

Callisto denticulella QV 2015

Epermenia chaerophyllella JEB

Red Sword-grass Langport

Hebrew Character nectaring 2

Hebrew Chacter nectaring 1

Angle Shades 1 Jan 2015

Angle Shades 1 January 2014

Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria) male

Vestal (Rhodomoetra sacraria) female

2194 White-point

White-line Snout

Emperor Moth female upperside

Emperor Moth female underside

Brimstone female nectaring on Lungwort

Red Admiral basking

Dark Sword-grass very late record

Convolvulus Hawk-moth from Eat Compton

Vestal from E Lydford

Orange Sallow worn example

Small Elephant Hawk-moth fully-grown larva

Small Elephant Hawk-moth 4th instar larva feeding

Plain Pug Langport

Lozotaenia forsterana

Dioryctria abietella

Cryptoblabes bistriga

Cochylis roseana

Cherry Bark Tortrix (Enarmonia formosana)

Red-necked Footman (Switzerland)

First instar larva of Small Elephant Hawk-moth

Egg of Small Elephant hawk-moth

Bred specimen of Grey Dagger

Lime Hawk-moth male form brunnea

Miller Moth Langport

Pammene aurana side view

Pammene aurana back view

Grapholita pallifrontana (Liquorice piercer)

Figure of Eighty Langport

Small Elephant Hawkmoth with GBO pollinia 1

Small Eggar larval web Pitney

Pale Brindled Beauty larva

Netted Pug (Eupithecia venosata) Langport

Elephant Hawkmoth nectaring on Yellow Flag

Endothenia gentianeana adult 2

Endothenia gentianeana adult 1

Lathronympha strigana copy

356 Phyllonoricter tristrigella

Drinker 4th instar larva

Callisto denticulella 2

Bordered Straw male

Six-spot Burnet larva on CLover

Micropteryx calthella feeding on Carex pendula pollen Wych Lodge

Yellow-barred Brindle Acasis viretata

Micropteryx calthella feeding on Ranunculus repens pollen

Micropteryx calthella feeding on Carex pendula pollen

Chinese Character moth Curry Rivel

Agonopterix alstroemeriana paired

LBAM larval damage to D Capensis

Endothenia gentianeana larva

Cypress Carpet JAn 2013

Pupa in Corncockle capsule

Upper surface of Plane leaf with mine

Lower surface of Plane leaf with mine

Plane leaf with P. platani mine

Blair's Shoulder-knot on Jasmine stem

Barred Hook-tip Watsonalla cultraria

Grey Dagger 5th instar larva

Large Ranunculus (polymixis flavicincta)

Red Underwing (Catocala nupta) male and female on wall

Lobster Moth 5th instar larva with birch catkins

Lobster Moth 5th instar larva rear view

Lobster Moth 5th instar larva threat display

Lobster Moth 5th instar larva at rest

Newly ecdysed 5th instar Lobster Moth larva 2

Newly ecdysed 5th instar Lobster Moth larva 1

Young Buff-tip larvae about to ecdyse

Pebble Prominent 5th instar larva

Privet Hawk-moth 5th instar larva

Silver Y (Autographa gamma) ondead Teasel head

Unidentified Geometrid larva

Head and thoracic segments of Large ELephant Hawk-moth larva

Large Elephant Hawk-moth larva

Peppered Moth mature larva

Peppered MOth mature

Painted Lady mature larva

Buff-tip larvae

Convolvulus Hawk-moth nectaring

Convolvulus Hawk-moth 21 Ag 2012

Dewick's Plusia

Lobster Moth young larva

Jersey Tiger from Withycombe

Cydia amplana

1211 Rhyacionia pincolana

297 Eucalybites auroguttella

294 Aspilapteryx tringipennella

1676 The Mocha (Cyclophora annularia)

1259 Cydia fagiglandana

Brussels Lace first instar larva

Mullein Moth larvae

Mullein plants with Mullein Moth larvae

Yarrow Plume leg detail

Yarrow Plume head detail

Yarrow Plume moth

Currant Clearwing

Striped Hawk-moth 3 July 2012

Aethes beatricella

Lozotaenioides formosanus CC

Eudonia mercurella Cary Cottage

Eggs of Brussels Lace

Eudonia mercurella QV

Longhorn moth Nematopogon metaxella

Pyrausta aurata Langport

0310 Callisto denticulella image 2

0310 Callisto denticulella

0150 Adela reaumurella male Langport

Blackbird male with worms

Feathered Thorn eggs

Green-brindled Crescent caterpillar 2

Green-brindled Cescent caterpillar 1

Hatched Feathered Thorn eggs

Feathered Thorn caterpillar

Angle-shades moth soon after emergence

Ypsolopha mucronella from Langport

Yellow Horned showing 'horns'

Yellow Horned Middleroom Wood

Lead-coloured Drab Middleroom Wood 2

Lead-coloured Drab Middleroom Wood 1

Blossom Underwing Middleroom Wood

Keit Brown with Atlas

2423 Oak Nycteoline Nycteola revayana

Map legend

Red Sword-grass distribution map

2241 Red Sword-grass (Doug Miller)

Spring Usher male

Pale Brindled Beauty male

Grey Shoulder-knot Langport

Early Moth male Langport

Atlas front cover

Atlas page 5

Insect photography front cover

Amblyptilia acanthadactyla from Langport

Late second instar larva of Gem Orthonama obstipata

First instar larva of Gem Orthonama obstipata

Palpita vitrealis from Merriott

2387a Clancy's Rustic male

Lunar Underwing nectaring on Ivy

Emmelina monodactyla nectaring on Ivy

Green-brindled Crescent nectaring on Ivy

Brick nectaring on Ivy flowers

Angle-shades nectaring on Ivy

Feathered Ranunculus male

Crimson Speckled Taunton

Clifden Nonpareil Martock

Sallow dark form from Berrow

Sallow pale form from Berrow

Pink-barred Sallow frm Berrow

Archer's Dart male from Berrow

Archer's Dart from Berrow

Clifden Nonpareil 2011a

Clifden Nonpareil 2011

Red Underwing - flash colouration

Elephant Hawkmoth 5th instar larva

Bedstraw Hawkmoth (Hyles galii) larvae

Puss Moth larva threat display

Mature Buff-tip larvae

Fourth instar Hummingbird Hawkmoth larva

Aberrant Jersey Tiger

430 Yponomeuta plumbella adult

361 Phyllonorycter trifasciella

2917.1832 Yponomeuta plumbella backlit fif OK

Bordered Straw Heliothis armigera

1365 Pyrausta despicata

939 Aethes tesserana

1257 Cydia nigricana

Five-spot Burnet from Curry Rivel

1064 Celypha rosaceana Jul 2011

Silky Wainscot

Orange Moth

Gypsonoma sociana

Four-dotted Footman

Buff Footman larva

Beautiful Golden Y

Beautiful Carpet

BC and SMG event

Apotomis turbidana

Rannoch Looper ex Mount Fancy upperside

Rannoch Looper upperside

Rannoch Looper underside

225 Triaxomera fulvimitrella

332a Firethorn Leaf Miner Phyllonorycter leucographella

186 Psyche casta male

391 Cocksfoot Moth Glyphipterix simpliciella

Brown Argus male

Lime Hawkmoth male

Muslin Moth male aberration

Brindled Beauty 1st instar larva

Acleris umbrana wing detail

Acleris umbrana

Brindled Beauty pair

2064 Ruby Tiger Phragmatobia fuliginosa mature larva

2179 Pine Beauty Panolis flammea

288 Caloptilia stigmatella

2237 Grey Shoulder-knot Lithophane ornitopus

Cream-spot Tiger aberration

1659 Yellow Horned Achyla flavicornis

1502 Platyptilia isodactylus 2

1502 Platyptilia isodactylus 1

1061 Acleris literana 24 Feb 2011

Death's Head Hawkmoth adult Acherontia atropos - detail

Death's Head Hawkmoth adult Acherontia atropos

Merveille du Jour Langport Nov 2010

4th instar Death's Head larva on Woody Nightshade

3rd instar Death's Head larva on Woody Nightshade

Death's Head Hawkmoth pupa

Hummingbird Hawkmoth roosting

2373 Webb's Wainscot MV QV

1452 Phycita roborella MV QV

1451 Pyla fusca MV QV

1001 Lozotaenioides formosanus MV QV

873 Blastobasis adustella MV QV

730 Apodia bifractella Combe Hill

642 Batia unitella MV QV

470 Orthotelia sparganella MV QV

147 Nemophora metallica Combe Hill

Death's Head Hawkmoth larva

1794 Sharp-angled Carpet Euphyia unangulata

2191 Double Line Mythimna turca

2305 Euplexia lucipara Small Angle Shades

1197 Eucosma campoliliana

1064 Celypha rosaceana

1992 Small Elephant Hawkmoth nectaring on Honeysuckle QV

1827 Freyer's Pug QV

1233 Pammene aurita QV

1083 Hedya nubiferana QV

2441 Silver Y nectaring on Red Valerian

1820 Pinion-spotted Pug adult

332 Phyllonorycter corylifoliella

1879 Seraphim adult

1792 Dark Umber moth larva

150 Adela reaumurella near Chard

1750 Water Carpet Langport

Scarce Prominent Bournemouth

1939 Ringed Carpet Bournemouth

Scarlet Tiger larva CR

Drinker Moth larva CR

1st instar larva of December Moth

2295 Marbled Green larva

1631 December Moth Poecilocampa populi (eggs)

1631 December Moth Poecilocampa populi (female)

985 Cacoecimorpha pronubana (Carnation Tortrix) female

1041 Acleris sparsana 31 Oct 2009

Buff Arches 31 October 09

290 Caloptilia semifascia

Rusty Dot Pearl Udea ferrugalis

Leek Moth adult

1479 Indian Meal Moth Plodia interpunctella

Leek Moth cocoon

Leek Moth larva

Damage caused by Leek Moth larvae 3

Damage caused by Leek Moth larvae 2

Damage caused by Leek Moth larvae 1

Leek crop with Leek Moth infestation

Striped Hawkmoth male

430 Yponomeuta plumbella

366a Cameraria ohridella

263 Lyonetia clerkella

Mature Eyed Hawkmoth larva on Apple

640 Batia lunaris

946 Aethes rubigana

1495 Marasmarcha lunaedactyla

1445 Pempelia formosa

1441 Oncocera semirubella

1439 Trachycera advenella

851 Dichomeris alacella

518 Coleophora mayrella

246 Tinea semifulvella

Brussels Lace larva 2

Brussels Lace larva 1

Eyed Hawkmoths mating

143 Nematopogon metaxella

Large Elephant Hawk nectaring on Honeysuckle

Figure of 80 male

1212 Rhyacionia pinivorana (Tortricidae)

1485 Phycitodes maritima (Pyralidae)

954 Eupoecilia angustana (Tortricidae)

1133 Epinotia bilunana (Tortricidae)

Painted Lady basking

1011 Pseudargyrozota conwagana

Red form of Dark-barred Twinspot Carpet

2030 Yellow-tail larva on Wistaria

431 Yponomeuta sedella

Reduvius personatus nymph feeding

Unidentified Parornix sp.

Female Muslin Moth on Daisy flowerhead

Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet upperside

Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet underside

Brimstone Moth larva

141 Nematopogon schwarziellus

Mature Lappet Moth larva

436 Pseudoswammerdamia combinella 2

5th instar larva of Mottled Umber

Moth nights 2009

Mating Emperor Moths

Female Emperor moth

Male Speckled Wood

436 Pseudoswammerdamia combinella

1643 Male Emperor moth

Fishers Lane with Hart's Tongue Fern

1052 Acleris umbrana Langport 2

1050 Acleris boscana Langport

1932 Spring Usher male 2

1932 Spring Usher male 1

1044 Acleris ferrugana

2289 Acronicta rumicis (Knot-grass) larva

2203 White-speck Langport

Male Four-spotted Footman

Garden Tiger - flash colouration

Sturmia bella puparia with dead Peacock larvae

1421 Large Tabby Aglossa pinguinalis

Delicate Mythimna vitellina

Final instar Emperor Moth larva

Fourth instar Emperor Moth larva

Seond Instar Emperor Moth larvae

Mottled Beauty form conversaria

Mottled Beauty with plain underwings

0533 Coleophora anatipennella Pistol Casebearer

1640 5th instar Drinker Moth larva

0925 Phtheochroa rugosana

1643 Newly-hatche Emperor Moth larvae

1652 Peach-blossom moth at rest

822 Scrobipalpa acuminatella adult

0130 Incurvaria masculella

1919 Purple Thorn (male)

1633 Small Eggar Eriogaster Lanestris egg-mass detail

1633 Small Eggar Eriogaster Lanestris egg-mass with rain damage

1633 Small Eggar Eriogaster Lanestris egg-mass

2260 Conistra rubiginea (Dotted Chestnut)

Scarlet Tiger moth larva

Frosty morning on Westhay Moor

1052 Acleris umbrana Langport

2469 Herald Moth underside

2469 Herald Moth upperside

321a Phyllonorycter platani empty pupa

321a Phyllonorycter platani adult

2194 White-point Mythimna albipuncta

1976 Privet Hawkmoth 1st instar larva resting

1976 Privet hawkmoth newly hatched larva eating eggshell

1976 Privet Hawkmoth egg about to hatch

FSC Hawkmoth chart

2418 Cream-bordered Green Pea Earias clorana

1458 Thistle Ermine Myelois circumvoluta

Micropterygid moths

2026 Vapourer cocoon and newly hatched larvae

2058 Cream Spot Tiger male

2043 Orange Footman male

1633 Small Eggar larvae basking on web

1633 Small Eggar 3rd instar larvae feeding

1633 Small Eggar 3rd instar larvae on web

1633 Small Eggar 2nd instar larvae on web

1936 Waved Umber

1927 Brindled Beauty male

2068 Scarlet Tiger larva

1781 Small Waved Umber

2111 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing larva

2003 Pebble Prominent male

2019 Chocolate-tip Langport

2057 Garden Tiger larva 5th instar

2067 Jersey Tiger larva 5th instar

2063 Muslin Moth - threat display

2063 Muslin Moth (male)

2425 Nut-tree Tussock

2169 Powdered Quaker

2279 Sycamore Moth larvae 2 forms

2469 Herald Moth larva

2462 Mother Shipton larva

2452 Red Underwing larva

2289 Knot-grass larva

2284 Grey Dagger larva

Early Grey larva

2221 Mullein Moth larva

2179 Pine Beauty larva

Broom Moth caterpillar

Dot Moth larva

2030 Yellow-tail larva

Pale Tussock larva

2026 Vapourer larva

2008 Coxcomb Prominent larva

2007 Swallow Prominent larva

2006 Lesser Swallow Prominent larva

2003 Pebble Prominent larva

1997 Sallow Kitten larva

1991 Elephant Hawk larva brown form

1984 Hummingbird Hawk larva

1983 Broad-borderd Bee Hawk larva 5th instar

1983 Broad-borderd Bee Hawk larva 2nd instar

1976 Privet Hawk larva

1972 Convolvulus Hawk larva

1961 Light Emerald larva

1944 Pale Oak Beauty larva

1941 Mottled Beauty larva

1931 Peppered Moth larva (Birch form)

1923 Feathered Thorn larva

1740 Galium Carpet

1673 Small Emerald larva

1634 Lackey larva

1631 December Moth larva

2186 powdered Quaker

1980 Eyed Hawkmoth larva

2221 Mullein Moth

1633 Small Eggar female

1633 Small Eggar male

2243 Xylocampa areola (Early Grey)

2275 Dusky Lemon Sallow

2375 Large Wainscot

1771a Cypress Carpet

Lunar Underwing being eaten by pond skaters

2247 Merveille du Jour female

1972 Convolvulus hawk detail showing warning colours

1972 Convolvulus hawk - detail showing spines on leg

2293 Marbled Beauty Cryphia domestica

1972 Convolvulus Hawkmoth Agrius convolvuli

2051 Four-spotted Footman Lithosia Quadra

2452 Red Underwing

2195 Delicate

Convolvulus Hawk 14 Sep 06

Orthonama obstipata (Gem) 8 Sep 06

2135 Xestia agathina (Heath Rustic)

Palpita vitrealis 22 Aug 06

1823 Netted Pug

Cypress Pug

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