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Brown-tail 1st July 17

Small Marbled 1st july 17

Rhodophaea formosa

0152 Cauchas rufimitrella 2

0152 Cauchas rufimitrella

Esperia sulphurella Male an Female

0247 Tinea trinotella 20.4.17

Tinea trinotella 0247

Twin-spotted Wainscot

Brown-veined Wainscot

Suspected 27.7.16


Round-winged Muslin

Royal Mantle 11.7.16

Riband Wave

Phtheochroa rugosana


Six-belted Clearwing

Puss Moth 7.5.16

Small Eggar 2.4.16

Spring Usher

Oak Nyteoline 26.11.15

Palpita vitrealis 11.11.15

Gem 30th Oct 15

Yellow Dung Fly

Remains of moth 15.10.15

Merveille de Jour 15.10.15

1316 Catoptria falsella 20.9.15

September Thorn 20.9.15

2400 Scarce Bordered Straw. Sept 2015

1517 larva of Adaina microdactyla. aug. 2015

1517 Hemp-agrimony Plume

Monopsis weaverella

Straw Underwing


Bordered Straw larva

Bordered Straw 17.8.15

Bulrush Wainscot 9.8.15

Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet 9.8.15

Southern Wainscot 9.8.15

Dingy Shell 23.7.15

Clouded Magpie

Gold Swift

Small Rufous


Welsh Wave

White Satin Moth LM1

Purple Hairstreak

Minor Shoulder-knot (LM1)

Minor Shoulder-knot 4.7.15

Minor Shoulder-knot

Scallop Shell 4.7.15

Scallop Shell from Cheddington Wd.

925 Phtheochnoa rugosana

White-line Dart

Pauper Pug - underside

Pauper Pug

Lunar Thorn 6.6.2015

Broad-barred White

Purple Hairstreak caterpillar

Striped Hawkmoth 4th June 15

Mount Fancy Devon Carpet

Broken-barred Carpet

Alder Kitten

746 Chrysoesthia drurella

Lime Hawkmoth

Mocha 7.5.15

Twin-spotted Quaker

Dark Chestnut or Chestnut

Winter Moth

Winter Moth 16.12.14

Brick. 30.10.14

Mervielle du Jour 25.10.14

Large Wainscot 25.10.14

Deep-brown Dart

Dark Spectacle

Dusky-lemon Sallow

European Corn-borer

Orange Sallow

Acleris emargana

1397 Madder Pearl

Northern Rustic

Autumnal Rustic

1632 Pale Eggar 29.8.14

Hedge Rustic 2177

Anaomalous 2394

Twin-spot Carpet

Dotted Carpet

Endotricha flammealis 1424

Long-tailed Blue

Small Scallop

Large Ear


Oak Nycteoline 25.7.14

Scalloped Hook-tip

2169 Barrett's Marbled Coronet 11.7.14

2329 Confused 11.7.14

2104 Northern Rustic 11.7.14

2206 Devonshire Wainscot 11.7.14

1689 Mullein Wave 11.7.14

Barred Red

1924 Orange Moth

1665 Grass Emerald 21.6.14

2059 Clouded Buff

Bloomers Rivulet

Barred Hook-tip

Puss Moth 8th may 2014

Small Yellow Underwing

Waved Umber

May Highflyer

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Depressaria heraclei (Parsnip Moth)

Shoulder Stripe

Dotted Chestnut

Red Sword-grass

Pale Pinion

Small and Common Quaker

Hibernating Heralds

Early Moth

1637 Oak Eggar caterpillar

Choreutis pariana 2

Choreutis pariana 1

Aethes beatricella 2

Aethes beatricella 1

Ypsolpha scabrella

Hedya salicella 2

Hedya salicella

Calmotropha paludella

Pammene aurana 2

Pammene aurana

Nephopterix angustella

Choreutis pariana 2nd

Choreutis pariana

Bumble Bee collecting pollen 27th Nov 2013

Mottled Umber 27th Nov 2013

Acleris logiana 31.10.2013

Possible Goldenrod Pug caterpillar


Oak Nycteoline

Cocoon and Knot Grass


Knot Grass and cocoon

Knot Grass Cocoon

Choclate Tip 20.05.13


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