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Gracillaria syringella Gordano NNR (13.08.21)

Ypsolopha sequella Godano Valley (13.08.21)

Four-spotted Footman Gordano NNR (13.08.21)

Webb's Wainscot Shapwick Heath (11.08.21)

Stathmooda pedella Shapwick Heath (11.08.21)

Pinion-streaked Snout Gordano NNR (04.08.21)

Clouded Magpie Gordano NNR (04.08.21)

Sallow Kitten Gordano NNR (31.07.21)

Dioryctria abietella Gordano NNR (31.07.21)

Devon Carpet Gordano NNR (31.07.21)

Antler Moth Gordano NNR (31.07.21)

Nephopterix angustella (Clevedon)

Dog's Tooth (Clevedon)

Broad-barred White (Bob Fleetwood)

Crescent small dark plain one (Gordano Valley NNR)

Crescent small dark one (Gordano Valley NNR)

Crescent light one (Gordano Valley NNR)

Crescent dark one (Gordano Valley NNR)

Small Purple-barred (Brean Down 21.07.21)

Hoary Footman 21.07.21 (Brean Down)

Devonshire Wainscot (Brean Down 21.07.21)

Crescent Dart (Brean Down 21.07.21)

Chalk Carpet (Great Breech Wood 19.07.21)

Onocera semirubella (Great Breech Wood 19.07.21)

Athrips mouffetella (Great Breech Wood 19.07.21)

Ostrinia nubilalis (Great Breech Wood 19.07.21)

European Corn-borer (Great Breech Wood 19.07.21)

Ethmia dodecea (Walton Moor 09.07.21)

Nemapogon clematella (Failand)

Mocha (Failand)

Beautiful Golden Y (Failand)

Scallop Shell (Gordano Valley NNR)

Red-necked Footman (Gordano Valley NNR)

Moraphaga choragella

Pammne suspectana (probable)

Toadflax Brocade (Clevedon North Somerset 19.06.21)

Dark Spectacle (Clevedon 07.06.21)

White Satin (Clevedon 28.06.21)

Green Silver-lines (04.06.21)

Lobster Moth (Gordano Valley NNR)

Toadflax Brocade (Clevedon North Somerset)

Little Thorn

Pammene Argyrana

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