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68 photos.

Plutella porrectella 1

Plutella porrectella Pen Elm

Parsnip Moth Depressaria radiella

Early Moth Theria primaria

Scrobipalpa costella

Dark Chestnut x2

Acleris schalleriana 1

Acleris schalleriana 16

Acleris schalleriana 2016

Pink-barred Sallow 2

Pink-barred Sallow 2016

Acleris sparsana 2016

Carcina quercana 2016

Cydia amplana 16

Cydia amplana 2016

Ash Bud Moth 2016

Gem 2016

Scallop Shell 2016

Orthotelia sparganella 2016

Gypsonoma dealbana 2016

Carpatolechia fugitivella 2016

Aethes rubigana 2016

Lesser-spotted Pinion 2016

Scoparia basistrigalis 1

Scoparia basistrigalis 2016

Psyche casta SC 2016

Large Tabby 11 6 16

Nematopogon swammerdamella Taunton 2016

Unidentified Acleris sp

Tebenna micalis 2015a

Tebenna micalis 2015

Vestal in the pink

Convolvulus Hawkmoth 2015

Delicate 2015

Nephopterix angustella 2015

Clifden Nonpareil Taunton

2015 Dewick's Plusia

Bordered Beauty 2015

Dewick's Plusia 2015

Mompha propinquella 31st July 15

Mompha propinquella 31 7 15

Unidentified Amphipoea sp. 27 7 15

Unidentified Amphipoea sp.

Eucosma obumbratana

1200 Eucosma hohenwartiana

1187 Epiblema costipunctana

Ni Moth

Ancylis achatana

Coronet camouflage

Dioryctria sp.

1274 Dichrorampha alpinana

Two Bordered Straw

My first Alabonia geoffrella

Two Pinions

A Lunar Thorn

Chamomile Shark

Bordered Straws

Bryotropha basaltinella

Possible Swammerdamia caesiella.

White-pinion Spotted

Scalloped Hazel

Acleris literana 12th April 2015

Ypsolopha mucronella

Pine Beauty

Gem x2

Blair's Mocha

Cedestis subfasciella

Dyed Frosted Orange

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