Sending Micro-moths for ID in the post

Recently a number of members have sent micro-moths to me for identification. In most cases these have been sent in small pot/s inside a 'Jiffy' bag or envelope which the Royal Mail class as a 'Small Package'.

With the cost of a small package (second class) currently at £2.80 this can prove to be an expensive ID.  Another problem with this method of posting is that pots in a 'Jiffy' bag or envelope seem to attract attention and on a couple of occasions these have gone missing leaving both the sender and myself annoyed and disappointed.

To avoid the high cost of postage and the possibility of loosing an important specimen I have described below a method of sending (dead) micro-moths in an ordinary small envelope at the minimum cost of a second class letter.

Basically it's by using a thick piece of cardboard with small apertures cut into it to contain the moth/s which is then sandwiched between two thinner pieces of card secured with Sellotape.  Done carefully at least half a dozen small micro's can easily be sent by this method without damage to the insects or mixing them up. It also allows for the moth data to be written easily next to or on top of each aperture.

I hope the attached drawing explains this method clearly.


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