The Somerset Moth Group Committee comprises:

Mr Keith Brown (President)
Mr Rob Grimmond (Chairman)
Mr Paul Newman (Treasurer and Membership Secretary)
Mr John Connolly (Secretary)
Mr Chris Iles (County Macro Moth Recorder)
Mr Neale Mellersh (County Micro Moth Recorder)
Dr Sue Davies (Newsletter Editor)
Committee Members:
Mr Robin Clatworthy, Mr Malcolm Cotterill, Mr John Bebbington, Mrs Liz Marsden, Mrs Jenny Vickers

(as elected December 2019)

Our postal address for general correspondence is:

The Chairman
Somerset Moth Group
Motcombe House
Combe Wood Lane
Combe St. Nicholas
Somerset TA20 3NH

Or by email to the Chairman at:


Electronic Records (MapMate) and Hub for Records

The Somerset Moth Group MapMate Hub CUK is 6my - please Synchronise to this CUK.  For any help or further details please contact .  We have a group licence and any member wishing for a complimentary copy of the program should just ask.

Electronic records not in MapMate, and Paper Records

Please send any non-MapMate electronic records by email, or paper records, to our recorders:
Macros - Chris Iles, email address

Postal address:Arborfield, Holcombe Hill, Holcombe, RADSTOCK BA3 5DH
Tel. no.: 01761 414798

Micros - Neale Mellersh, email address

Postal address: 40 Carlingford Terrace, Radstock BA3 3QA

Tel. no.: 01761 753297

Mentors for new members or those wishing to improve their skills

We have a number of experienced enthusiasts at various locations across the county that are willing to help.  Please contact our Secretary using the group contact details for general correspondence as above and we will put you in touch with someone in your area.

Help with identification and verification

We will endeavour to identify specimens and verify any new or dubious records for you.  If you need help identifying or verifying a specimen then please get in touch (contact details below).

Macro-Moths: Chris Iles, email address

Micro-moths: Neale Mellersh, email address

Both Chris and Neale would prefer pictures by email, but please ensure that the specimen is properly in focus, that the white balance on the camera is set correctly for the ambient light, and the background is more or less the same colour as the specimen. For anything difficult to identify or verify it is always best to keep the specimen (at least until this can be confirmed).  Moths keep, without harm, in a fridge for several days.

If in doubt do ask.  As a general guide: anything not on our list, or with no recent records, or with a Status of 'Very Local' must be verified.  Browse our Species Index (Macro species) or Species Index (Micro species) to see status at the top of each map.

Membership enquiries

New members are always welcome.  Membership is £10 for single members or £15 for joint members (two people at the same address). Requests to join the group, or any further questions about membership, should be sent to the Membership Secretary:

Mr. Paul Newman
Membership Secretary, Somerset Moth Group
Hill View, Street on the Fosse, Pylle, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6ST  01749 838624

Or, email Paul on:


Subscriptions should be sent to the Treasurer:

Mr. Paul Newman
Treasurer, Somerset Moth Group
(as above)


Other contact details

Mr K. Brown
President, Somerset Moth Group
The Barn House
Cheriton Hill

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